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Chapter 236: Big News—

"Bonney, the Big Eater? You took Sabaody Archipelago down?"

Although they don't know how Bonney suddenly appeared behind them, Kid and Killer were not afraid.

"With your strength, how can it be possible to take down Sabaody Archipelago?"

"I see, either those people are not your subordinates, or your subordinates are lying."

"Also, when do you want to hold my hand!?"

When the words fell, Kid suddenly tried to withdraw his hand from Bonney.

However, to his surprise, no matter how hard he tried, Bonney's hand remained motionless.

'This woman is so strong!' Kid seriously looked at Bonney.

Just when Kid wanted to activate his devil fruit ability and get rid of Bonney, Bonney's abilities were the first to be activated.

In just an instant, Kid became an old man.

With the rapid loss of physical strength, the metals controlled by Kid landed at the same time.

"Kid!" Killer screamed and rushed towards Bonney.

"Qi Cannon!" Bonney raised her hand at Killer, as a flash of golden light hit Killer's entire body as it was evaporated by the high-intensity qi.

"This is?!" Kid widened his eyes, "You, you just said, Qi Cannon?!"

"You became a disciple of Rifan?!"

Bonney sneered and looked at Kid mockingly.

"I said that I just got this site, and there was someone already making trouble."

"If you really make a big fuss here, Rifan will say that I am not good at it and won't cook for me, that would be bad."

"You don't have to go to Rifan's Impel Down, just go to another world."

After that, Bonney raised Kid and threw him into the sky, then sent a Qi Cannon that sent him to another world.

Click, click--

'Big news, big news again!'

'Bonney, The Big Eater Pirate, not only drove Aokiji and Kizaru away but also made Sabaody Archipelago into her own territory!"

'She even plans to expel and kill other pirates on the island!'

'By the way, Rifan's previous disciple took Impel Down, and now another disciple Bonney has taken Sabaody Archipelago!'

'Rifan must be planning to let his disciple handle the Sabaody Archipelago so that those pirates cannot coat their ship in the Sabaody Archipelago and go to the New World through The fish man island!'

'That Rifan must also be a righteous man!'

'[Rifan, who is more majestic than the World Government and more powerful than the Marine, intends to take over Marine's business!], such a title will definitely cause a sensation in the world!'

'No, I have to send this information to President Morgans now!'

After taking pictures of Bonney killing Kid and Killer, the reporter who previously recorded the general process of Bonney taking down the Sabaody Archipelago put away the camera, turned and ran towards his residence.

What he didn't see was that after he turned around, Bonney happened to look at his back.

'A Reporter? Forget it, as long as he doesn't make trouble on the island, I don't need to kill him.'

Bonney stretched her waist and greeted those who chose to stay at Sabaody Archipelago and then flew towards Rifan's dojo.

Several hours later, Marine Admiral Aokiji and Marine Admiral Kizaru finally returned to Naval Headquarters.

"Admiral Kizaru, Admiral Aokiji, you are finally back." A Marine soldier trotted to the two of them.

"Marshal Sengoku explained that after you two come back, please go to his office immediately, where he is waiting for you."

Hearing that, Kizaru's face was about to twist together.

"Yeah, yeah, we just came back. Marshal Sengoku sent someone here to wait for us. Is there any task?" Kizaru shook his head, "This should be considered overtime.

"Perhaps, something happened." Aokiji looked at Sengoku's office in the distance, "Let's go, Borsalino, you'll know when you go."

"Marshal Sengoku!" As soon as he walked into the office, Aokiji saw Sengoku's extremely solemn expression.

Sengoku raised his head and handed Aokiji a newspaper in hand.

"Look at this, Kuzan, Borsalino."

Upon hearing this, Aokiji and Kizaru looked down at the newspaper.

"Rifan's new disciple appears, Big Eater Bonney!"

"The woman who inherited the No. 18 martial arts inheritance repelled Admiral Kizaru and Aokiji!"

"Under the instruction of Rifan, Bonney took the Sabaody Archipelago away from Marine, and planned to guard the Sabaody Archipelago personally and prevent the pirates from going to the New World through the Sabaody Archipelago?!"

Aokiji widened his eyes and looked at the contents of the newspaper.

Below the text in the newspaper, there are various photos of Bonney repelling himself and Kizaru, as well as her killing Kid and Killer.

"This guy Rifan shouldn't do these things like the newspaper said."

Kizaru rubbed his chin and said.

"Regardless of whether Rifan's intention is real or not, the photos of you two "fleeing from the wild" were taken." Sengoku said solemnly, "As a Marine Admiral, facing the pirates, you chose to run away, although I know you must have your own reasons. But you were too careless and had your photo taken by the reporter."

"Ordinary people who see such photos don't think so much. Marine's prestige will definitely decline further."

"This guy Morgans brags in the newspaper that Rifan is a righteous person, and his disciples took Impel Down and Sabaody Archipelago as "just" acts."

"Now, there are even people in some places who support Rifan instead of Marine."

Having said that, Sengoku sighed long.

"That fellow Morgans actually dares to even write such a thing in his newspaper now?" Aokiji frowned.

"Probably, that guy wants to please Rifan." Sengoku shook his head.

"Rifan taking away Impel Down from us and Sabaody Archipelago are labeled as "justice". In this way, those who originally supported the Marines might change their minds."

"In short, this time Marine is facing a huge public relations crisis, in order to prove that you have the ability to frighten big pirates."

"During this time, you must catch some big pirates and come back."

"It's better if it's Bullet, who escaped from Impel Down, but if you can't find him, those few big pirates are enough."

When Sengoku said this, Kizaru's face immediately collapsed.

"I can do it, but Marshal, where should we lock the pirates after we capture them?" Aokiji asked with a serious face, "Also, what's the situation with Teacher Zephyr now?"

[Ps: Btw, the Next World Rifan will go is the Naruto World. What are your thoughts about it?]