One Piece Gold List: The Strongest Teacher!

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Chapter 111: Victory—

[Admiral Kizaru: She put her sword back in its sheath, is she planning to give up?]

 [Tashigi: Miss Nami is already very strong, but it's a pity that she is facing red hair. ]

[Bone Brook: Yohohoho~, she is really a powerful female swordsman, so impressive!] 

[Dark King Rayleigh: Wait… no, she is not planning on giving up! Something is wrong, Nami's posture is it?!]

 [Hawkeye Mihawk: That is Rifan's start-up style of slashing the sea. Has this Nami mastered this trick?]

Thinking that he had been defeated by[Sword Domain], and [Six Realms Five Rings - The Divine Figure of Kurikara] is higher-ranking swordsmanship than [Sword Domain], Mihawk couldn't help being more interested in what going to happen next.

[Smile: Miss Nami's previous swordsmanship is already above mine. If Miss Nami can do that trick, maybe who will be the victor and who will be defeated will be a question mark.]

Just as everyone was puzzled, they saw the huge amount of Conqueror Haki that was forming like a vortex and the majestic giant appearing behind Nami and Shanks respectively.

The next second, Shanks dragged the shocking Haki energy towards Nami.

"Let the stronger become the last standing!" Shanks, who had already gathered energy, didn't plan to wait for Nami to be ready and rushed directly to Nami.

He still remembered that the giant would turn into a huge sword of light to swing at the enemy.

However, Shanks had just rushed two steps, and the giant behind Nami moved.

It raised its four hands and cut at Shanks at the same time! Shanks quickly blocked with his sword. 


The sword skills collided, and the deafening sound spread all over the world through the golden list.

"It's so powerful! But I can do it!" Shanks narrowed his eyes, and when he pushed the four giant swords on his head forward, the giant suddenly turned into a giant lightsaber in Nami's hands.

"Chop!" Nami yelled, struggling to chop off towards Shanks. 

"Come! Let me see how powerful this trick is!" At this time, Shanks showed why he is one of the Four Emperors, and the arrogance of the top swordsman broke out completely!

At this time, he could no longer keep his hands.

Shanks stepped forward with his right foot, pulling his body straight back toward a slingshot.

After reaching the limit, the sword in his hand swung forward violently.

A black-and-red long sword made of Conqueror Haki and armament Haki, which was not inferior to Nami's sword skills, slammed into Nami's sword of light.

Chi Chi Chi Chi—

An ear-piercing sound like electric humming came out, and the spilt light and dark energy swirled around Nami and Shanks, making people unable to see the two of them for a while.

"It's heavy!!" Nami clenched her teeth and made a creaking noise with her sword-raising hands.

"Sink it down for me!" Shanks' forehead was stretched, his hands pressed hard.

Slowly, the lightsaber in Nami's hand was pressed by the black sword in Shanks's hand and approached her body little by little.

Although Nami tried hard to resist back, she still couldn't resist the strength in Shanks's hands.

What worries Nami even more is that she clearly felt the erosion from the black sword.

The energy of the lightsaber in her hand is constantly being weakened, just like her own physical strength.

Nami's body kept receding, and even her sword was almost pressed down to her face.

'Damn it, am I going to lose!?'

Bell-mère's gentle face flashed in Nami's mind, and the memory of Bell-mère's sacrifice flashed across.

A feeling of weakness and anger towards herself enveloped her heart.

'Don't give up, don't forget, you are my disciple.'

'Just like when you train the breath of thunder, as long as you don't give up, you will surely be able to bear fruit!'

Suddenly, the words Rifan told in the epiphany room sounded in Nami's mind.

Nami's eyes lit up, and the thought of almost giving up was ignored.

"Yes, I can't admit defeat!"

"How could I admit defeat?"

"I want to bring Bell-mère back!"

"I am, Teacher Rifan's number one disciple!"

Along with Nami's sharp cry, she suddenly clenched the light sword in her hand.

Blood came out of Nami's mouth because of excessive force.

But at this moment, Nami no longer felt the pain, and her brain was plunged into nothingness.

[Golden Lion Shiki: This time, the game should be over. Although Nami can use this trick, her power is far worse than Rifan's, and Shanks can't be defeated by this. ]

[Momousagi Gion: Although it is the same swordsmanship, different people use different powers, but no matter what, Nami's kendo level is admirable. Sire Rifan's teaching level is even more admirable. ]

[Hawkeye Mihawk: It's a bit strange. This trick is different from what Rifan uses. It seems to be a little bit different. But if she can execute this move against Shanks without being hindered, maybe Nami can win. ]

The sharp-eyed Mihawk noticed the difference, but also believed that Nami had no chance of winning.

But as Nami's teacher, Rifan didn't think so.

"The game is over. Nami won this battle!" Rifan's mouth curled up and his face was relieved.

"Nami won? Really!? It's great, Belle-mere, we can really see you again!" Nojiko looked at Rifan in surprise.

Even though it seems that Nami is in a stalemate and even on the losing side against Shanks, but out of absolute trust in Rifan, Nojiko still believes in Rifan's judgment.

"Look carefully." Rifan raised his head and motioned Nojiko to look up at the golden list, "Sure enough, fighting is an important means of promoting human growth.

"Now is the moment when Nami becomes the true flower of war."

"No, it's weird!" Shanks frowned.

Others didn't find out, but Shanks, who was closest to Nami, did quickly feel that something was wrong with Nami.

"—Three prayers with swords, breaking through infinity, and reaching the realm of zero!" Nami's eyes were calm, and she muttered.

The sword of light that had been suppressed by Shanks began to gradually push the black sword toward Shanks.

"Empty is nothing, this is the sword that can cut off mindlessness!"

"The swordsman drew his sword, dazzled! This sword is my Sky's Path, my proof!"


The sword of light in Nami's hand suddenly exploded, and the powerful energy and Haki on Shanks' sword were also destroyed.

The sword of light and darkness dissipated at the same time.

Nami kept holding the sword in both hands. After a second, the scattered light particles gathered in Nami's hand again.

It formed a lightsaber that was much smaller than before, but more condensed.

"Take it, Four Emperors Shanks!"

"This is the true form of The Divine Figure of Kurikara! TAKE THIS!"

Nami swept forward with the sword in both hands, and a 1.6-point condensed brilliance swept straight towards Shanks.

Shanks clenched his teeth and condensed his armament and conqueror haki to its limit on the famous sword Griffin, trying to block Nami's blow.


The lightsaber and Griffin crossed by, and there was a faint wind blowing beside Nami and Shanks.

"It's over." Nami stood up straight, took a deep look at Shanks who was in the blocking posture, turned her back to Shanks and walked away.


Suddenly, with a sound like broken jade, the Griffin in Shanks's hand broke in two.

"Haha, I lost." Shanks stood up straight, smiled bitterly, and looked at the broken blade at hand.

The next moment, Shanks's body exploded with a blood mist, and a huge sword mark that penetrated his entire chest suddenly appeared.

Shanks' eyes darkened, and he fell to the ground.


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