One Piece: Getting Stronger by Writing a Diary

In the world of One Piece, Arton, a sketch artist, suddenly finds himself face-to-face with a Celestial Dragon—and not in a good way. Lucky for him, he awakens a system that allows him to gain strength by writing in a diary. Fired up for some payback against the Celestial Dragons, Arton embarks on a journey, and not just for retribution but also to meet beautiful girls such as Nami, Robin, and Hancock—characters he's drawn a million times before. As his journey unfolds, Arton starts scratching his head, wondering why women like Uta, Vivi, and Hancock are lining up to join his crew. Nami throws him a compliment, "Thanks, Arton, you're the best." Carina playfully proposes a trade, "Nami, you keep the treasure, and I'll have Arton, okay?" And Nico Robin teases, "Arton, you're into more mature women, aren't you?" ***This is a translation*** original: https://b.faloo . com/1299406.html

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Chapter 94 – Buggy Pirates

East Blue.

On the Sylvan.


Arton rubbed his nose, frowning slightly.

"Strange, I shouldn't be catching a cold."

"Is someone speaking ill of me in their heart?"

"Could it be Carina and the others?"

Arton muttered to himself, closed the navigation diary system, and stepped out of the cabin, returning to the deck.

His appearance immediately caught the attention of the three who were playing.

"Hey, having fun? Can I join?"

Arton raised his hand and waved at the three, smiling.

"Hmph, this is girl play, the captain can't join in."

Carina said with her hands on her hips, smiling at Arton.

"In that case, how about we play a game that everyone can enjoy?"

Arton didn't mind what Carina said and walked over to the three.

"Arton, I feel like you have bad intentions. What do you want to play?"

Carina raised an eyebrow and asked.

"Well," Arton looked at the morning sun in the sky and said with a smile,

"In the burning summer, it's not good for the skin."

"Why don't we play a game where we apply sunscreen to each other?"

Carina immediately showed an expression of "I knew it":

"Hmph, dream on!"

Kaya blushed at the same time.

Arton smiled and said,

"Don't be so quick to refuse. When I fused with Kaya, I discovered that Tsunade's knowledge includes making excellent sunscreen."

"Not only that, her knowledge also includes face creams, serums, and various cosmetics."

"Don't you want to take this opportunity to try it out?"

"Think about Tsunade's skin, and then think about her figure."

"Aren't you tempted?"

Carina and Uta's eyes immediately turned to Kaya, then involuntarily fell to her chest.

"Do you mean, if we use these things, we can also have a figure like Kaya's?"

Carina and Uta muttered involuntarily.

This made Kaya blush even more, and she couldn't help but raise her hands to cover her chest.

"In that case, the three of us can apply it to each other."

"We don't need Captain Arton, do we?"

"After all, Kaya can also make those products."

Carina smirked at Arton.

"That won't do, as the captain, I must help you."

"Besides, if I don't help you, how can I ask you to help me apply sunscreen?"

Arton shook his head, speaking righteously.

"Did we ever say we would help you apply sunscreen, Captain?"

"Besides, Arton, you're a man. Do you really need sunscreen?"

Carina shook her head and said.

"Even though I'm a man, I also care a lot about skincare."

"Moreover, Carina, you are my maid."

"Kaya and Uta aside, are you really not going to help me with skincare?"

"That truly makes me a bit sad."

As he spoke, Arton put on a disappointed expression.

Seeing this, Carina sighed softly.

"Alright, I get it. I'll help you apply it."

"But before that, shouldn't we deal with those guys over there first?"

Carina said, pointing to two pirate ships on the distant sea.

"Is that... the flag of the Buggy Pirates?"

Kaya blinked and said in surprise.

"Are we going to fight, Captain Arton?"

Uta's lips curled into a smile, and she said excitedly.

"I didn't expect to encounter them here."

"In a way, it's kind of fate."

Arton murmured.

"Arton, do you know them?"

Uta asked curiously.

She understood that as a transmigrator,

Anyone Arton remembered would likely leave some mark on this world.

"Yes, I do know them."

"Uta, don't forget, I know a lot about this world."

"That Buggy has a bit of a connection with you too."

Arton smiled.

"A connection with me?"

Uta blinked, becoming more curious about the Buggy Pirates.

"Let's put it this way, in Shanks' eyes, Buggy is someone he can call a brother."

"Though Buggy himself hates Shanks."

Arton smiled mysteriously, looking at the approaching Buggy Pirates.

"Anyway, let's sail over there first."

"Since we ran into them, it's good to meet in person."

"And it gives Kaya a chance to practice."

Arton said, placing a hand on the surprised Kaya.

"A-Arton, do you want me to fight?"

"But isn't he someone who can call Shanks a brother?"

Kaya looked worried.

"Don't worry, Shanks is Shanks, and Buggy is Buggy."

"Besides having luck, he isn't that formidable."

"Feel free to handle it, and gain some combat experience."

"And if anything happens, remember, I'm here too."

Arton patted Kaya's shoulder, giving her a reassuring look.

Seeing this, Kaya let out a slight breath and her eyes gradually became determined.


"Buggy, there's a pirate ship approaching."

On Buggy's pirate ship, a slender woman with a smooth, exposed abdomen came up to Buggy.

"A pirate ship? Daring to come towards me?"

"Which pirate crew is it, Alvida?"

Buggy turned his head, looking at the woman in front of him with some confusion.

"Never seen that pirate flag before. Probably some newbie pirate crew."

Alvida shook her head.

"Now this is interesting."

"Boys, bring out my Buggy Cannon."

"And fire it hard at them."

Buggy was surprised at Alvida's words, but when he saw the approaching pirate ship, a cruel smile appeared on his face.

He was still angry from being sent flying by Luffy.

Facing challengers, he had little patience left.

The Buggy Pirates' crew immediately set up the special Buggy Cannon, capable of smashing an entire street, and aimed it at Arton's pirate ship.


A loud explosion sounded.

The Buggy Cannonball shot out, speeding towards Arton's pirate ship.

Buggy's grin widened, imagining the enemy ship being torn in half by the cannon.

But soon, Buggy's smile froze at the sight before him.

A small, cute girl with golden hair leapt from the opposing ship, kicking the cannonball away just as it was about to hit the ship.


"That woman kicked away Captain Buggy's special cannonball?"

"This is a joke, right? That cannonball could blast through an entire street."

"Is that woman a monster?"

The Buggy Pirates' crew members were stunned, their jaws nearly dropping to the deck.

Buggy was no better off, his wide eyes were proof enough.

"Oh no, the cannonball is coming this way!"

Buggy watched the cannonball heading towards his own ship and instantly clutched his head in fear.

Other crew members ran around the deck in panic.

"Damn, we've run into a tough one."

Alvida sighed, leaping in front of the falling cannonball just as it was about to land.

She reached out with both hands to catch the cannonball, then spun her body, guiding the cannonball to slide into the sea beside the Buggy Pirates' ship.


The cannonball hit the water, creating a huge splash and causing the Buggy Pirates' ship to rock violently.

However, this didn't upset the Buggy Pirates.

Instead, they raised their hands in excitement.

"Great, I'm still alive."

"As expected of Alvida-sama."

"She managed to deflect the cannonball to another place."

"Truly impressive for the Slip-Slip Fruit user."

Alvida landed back on the deck, looking at the sea with a serious expression.

"Don't let your guard down, they're coming."

Hearing Alvida's words, everyone looked towards the sea.

The next moment, their eyes widened again.

"What a joke, that woman is running on the sea?"

"Is there something wrong with my eyes? No, I must be dreaming."

"Fool, it's real. Get ready to fight."

The pirates, either panicked or serious, picked up their weapons, warily watching the approaching Kaya.

Soon, Kaya crossed the sea and leapt onto the deck of Buggy's ship.

"A Devil Fruit user, huh?"

"So, you came alone?"

Buggy squinted, looking past the crowd with a sinister smile at Kaya.

"Up close, you're quite a beautiful girl."

Alvida, holding her spiked club, looked at Kaya with great interest.

Alvida was very confident in her appearance.

At least after obtaining the Slip-Slip Fruit, she didn't think anyone could be more beautiful than her.

But seeing Kaya, she felt a slight sense of threat.

Especially Kaya's figure, which made Alvida feel somewhat inferior.

"Phew, unfortunately, I don't have much time right now."

"So, let's get started."

Kaya took a deep breath, recalling Arton's earlier words, and then stomped the ground with her right leg, instantly cracking the sturdy deck.

Using the recoil, Kaya charged towards Alvida at high speed.

Alvida was still shocked by Kaya's powerful stomp, and before she could react, Kaya was already in front of her.

Facing Kaya's incoming punch, Alvida instinctively raised her giant spiked club to block.

However, her strength couldn't compare to Kaya, who was using Tsunade's abilities.

With a loud bang, Alvida's body was sent flying.


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