One Piece: Getting Stronger by Writing a Diary

In the world of One Piece, Arton, a sketch artist, suddenly finds himself face-to-face with a Celestial Dragon—and not in a good way. Lucky for him, he awakens a system that allows him to gain strength by writing in a diary. Fired up for some payback against the Celestial Dragons, Arton embarks on a journey, and not just for retribution but also to meet beautiful girls such as Nami, Robin, and Hancock—characters he's drawn a million times before. As his journey unfolds, Arton starts scratching his head, wondering why women like Uta, Vivi, and Hancock are lining up to join his crew. Nami throws him a compliment, "Thanks, Arton, you're the best." Carina playfully proposes a trade, "Nami, you keep the treasure, and I'll have Arton, okay?" And Nico Robin teases, "Arton, you're into more mature women, aren't you?" ***This is a translation*** original: https://b.faloo . com/1299406.html

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Chapter 93 – Pin-up photos

Extra chapter


"Whitey Bay, do you think Ace will lose?"

Marco frowned.

"Of course, I hope Ace will win."

"But Teach is just too dangerous."

"At the very least, Ace shouldn't go after Teach alone."

Whitey Bay said anxiously.

"But we can't stop Ace's decision."

"By the way, why did you suddenly contact Thatch? Do you know something?"

Marco asked suspiciously.

"I heard from..."

Whitey Bay excitedly wanted to explain that she learned about Ace and Teach from Arton's diary system.

But this action made Whitey Bay clutch her chest, and cold sweat quickly dripped from her forehead.

The pain calmed her down from her excitement.

"Marco, there are some things I can't fully explain."

"But my source of information is absolutely reliable."

"That man doesn't lie."

"So, no matter what, Ace must be stopped from facing Teach alone."

Whitey Bay said sincerely.

"Trust him, Marco."

At that moment, a somewhat tired voice suddenly spoke.


Whitey Bay exclaimed.

"It's me! Whitey Bay, did you learn this from the man you wanted to set sail to find?"

"Y-yes, it's him. He knows a lot of things."

"In that case, I trust your judgment of men! We'll figure out Ace's situation. If there's a chance, bring that man you're talking about to me."

"I understand."

Whitey Bay's eyes were firm.

Even without Whitebeard's urging, Whitey Bay would find Arton and bring him back to the Whitebeard Pirates if possible.

After learning about what happened to Thatch, Whitey Bay became increasingly worried about Ace and the potential impact of the Yonko's turnover on Whitebeard.

And to ease her worries, Whitey Bay felt that finding Arton might be the only solution.

"Even if I can't make Arton a member of the Whitebeard Pirates, if I can stay by Arton's side like Carina and Uta, I will surely become stronger like them."

"When that time comes, even if something happens that affects the entire Whitebeard Pirates, my abilities will be able to help the old man more."

At this moment, Whitey Bay's desire for power grew immensely.

Meanwhile, on the Moby Dick.

"Old man, what do you think of the man Whitey Bay mentioned?"

Marco frowned, curiously looking at the tall man in front of him.

"The man Whitey Bay mentioned reminds me of the fortune-teller on Fish-Man Island."

"Fortune-teller? You mean Madam Shyarly! Are you saying that the man Whitey Bay mentioned also has the ability to foresee and saw the outcome of Ace chasing Teach?"


"But if that's the case, why didn't Whitey Bay explain things clearly?"

"There must be some kind of restriction, just like that little girl Shyarly; her divinations also have significant limitations."

"So what should we do? Should we send someone to help Ace? Ace plans to handle Teach's betrayal alone as the Second Division Commander."

"In the end, this isn't just Ace's problem. Since Whitey Bay has a bad feeling about it, making some changes to our plan is acceptable. Marco, send some of our pirate crews who can move quickly to assist Ace."

"I understand, old man!"

Meanwhile, elsewhere.

In the women's Marine group chat.

[Doll: A traitor from the Whitebeard Pirates becoming a Warlord of the Sea in the future? That's big news.]

[Ain: Yeah, if I hadn't seen it in Arton's sailing diary, I wouldn't believe it.]

[Hibari: So...what should we do next? Should we stop Teach from becoming a Warlord of the Sea?]

[Sadi: Why stop him?]

[Hibari: Isn't the Warlord of the Sea position already full?]

[Sadi: Hehe, in the end, the Warlords are still pirates. If one of them gets replaced, it doesn't matter to the Navy.]

[Sadi: Besides, I'd personally like to see a Warlord thrown into Impel Down. I wonder if such a good thing will happen in the future.]

[Domino: I have a feeling this isn't simple at all. Why would a Warlord position suddenly become vacant? And how did Teach manage to become a Warlord?]

[Domino: Additionally, Teach managed to stay hidden within the Whitebeard Pirates for so many years. I don't think his intentions as a Warlord will be good either.]

[Sadi: Hehe, that guy probably became a Warlord to avoid the Whitebeard Pirates' revenge. Maybe Ace will be killed by Teach, who would then use our power after becoming a Warlord.]

[Gion: Thatch's death, Ace chasing Teach. If Ace gets defeated by Teach during the chase and Teach hands Ace over to the Navy, with a Warlord position conveniently vacant, the Navy might indeed grant the Warlord title to Teach.]

[Gion: I think I know who the pirates participating in the Marineford War will be.]

[Doll: I think I know too.]

[Tashigi: Vice Admiral Gion, Vice Admiral Doll, can you tell me what you guessed?]

[Doll: Arton mentioned that Teach is the one responsible for Ace's death, but he didn't say Teach killed Ace directly. So, Teach might have captured Ace and handed him over to the Navy in exchange for the Warlord title. If the Navy gets their hands on Ace, they might publicly execute him at Marineford.]

[Doll: At that time, the Whitebeard Pirates wouldn't just sit idle; they would sail directly to Marineford and engage the Navy in battle.]

[Gion: Certainly! Marineford is the Navy's headquarters. It's highly unlikely that pirates would willingly come to Marineford to fight the Navy. But if the Navy forces the pirates to come to Marineford for a battle, then it's very likely to happen.]

[Hina: Hina understands now. So, the pirates involved in the Summit War would be the Whitebeard Pirates. But why would the Revolutionary Army get involved in the Summit War? If the Navy is using the public execution of Ace to force the Whitebeard Pirates into battle, it shouldn't involve other major forces.]

[Kujaku: That's true! The Whitebeard Pirates are powerful. If the Navy publicly executes Ace, they wouldn't want to simultaneously fight other major forces.]

[Gion: Since it involves the Whitebeard Pirates, perhaps the Revolutionary Army wants to take advantage of this opportunity.]

[Doll: This is quite troublesome. If the Revolutionary Army gets involved, who knows if other Yonko will join too? Arton is really stingy; can't he just write everything down at once?]

[Gion: Arton's diary style is inconsistent when recording past and future events, besides his daily life. He writes about past and future events when he encounters people related to those times in the real world.]

[Sadi: So, if I appear in front of Arton, he might reveal something about my future in his diary. Oh, I really want to meet Arton now, so I can know my future.]

[Sadi: I envy you female Marines outside of Impel Down for being able to move more freely. By the way, could you guys catch Arton and bring him to Impel Down?]

[Gion: Capturing Arton is no easy task! However, if I can have a friendly chat with him, I'll mention you, Sadi. That way, he might record something about your future in his diary.]

[Sadi: That's true. How about I take some pin-up photos and give them to you? If he sees them, he might be more likely to mention me in his diary. Maybe he'll even come to Impel Down to meet me?]

[Tashigi: Th-this is a bit too much, isn't it?]

[Hibari: Such... such a bold woman!]

[Gion: Perhaps, this is a good idea. Since Arton can see through my disguise, approaching him in disguise is not easy and will likely be seen through.]

[Gion: This might even make him wary. The result could be worse than approaching him directly as ourselves. So, showing him your photos shouldn't be a problem, as disguises are not effective and might backfire.]

[Kujaku: And if we give Arton some of our pin-up photos, it might attract him enough to sway his heart towards us in the Navy.]

[Hina: So, are we going to take pin-up photos?]

[Sadi: I don't mind at all, hehe.]

[Gion: Those who are willing can start preparing. For now, we need to determine where Arton will go next.]

In the medical room, after leaving a message, Gion took out a sea chart and looked at the islands around Syrup Village.

She wanted to determine where Arton might be heading.

"Vice Admiral Gion, please lie down and rest."

"Your injury still needs to heal."

Seeing Gion's actions, the nurse hurried over.

"It's okay, I'm feeling much better."

"But your wound is near your heart."

"Although it's near the heart, it didn't injure the organ. I'm fine."


"Alright, don't worry. I'm just looking at the sea chart; I'll be fine."

Gion shook her head and said.

Seeing this, the nurse could only step aside helplessly.

Gion sighed, raised her hand to her bandaged chest, and couldn't help but think about Arton's final strike.

"That man, I don't know if he did it on purpose or not."

"He actually struck my chest like that."

Gion shook her head, thinking helplessly to herself.


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