One Piece: Getting Stronger by Writing a Diary

In the world of One Piece, Arton, a sketch artist, suddenly finds himself face-to-face with a Celestial Dragon—and not in a good way. Lucky for him, he awakens a system that allows him to gain strength by writing in a diary. Fired up for some payback against the Celestial Dragons, Arton embarks on a journey, and not just for retribution but also to meet beautiful girls such as Nami, Robin, and Hancock—characters he's drawn a million times before. As his journey unfolds, Arton starts scratching his head, wondering why women like Uta, Vivi, and Hancock are lining up to join his crew. Nami throws him a compliment, "Thanks, Arton, you're the best." Carina playfully proposes a trade, "Nami, you keep the treasure, and I'll have Arton, okay?" And Nico Robin teases, "Arton, you're into more mature women, aren't you?" ***This is a translation*** original: https://b.faloo . com/1299406.html

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Chapter 81 – Different styles

Uta, Keya, and Carina are all different; Peach Rabbit arrives at Xiluobu Village

In the photo, three women of different styles are standing in a row, slightly bowing their heads toward the front. It looks as if they are awaiting someone's selection. The clothing scattered on the ground, combined with their partially revealed skin, invites many interpretations from those holding the diary copies.

Nami: "Is Carina really that tolerant? She's posing with two other women? She usually doesn't take action unless it's beneficial. Is being around Arton that good?"

Nojiko: "Three women? With these three around, can I really offer myself as a trade to get Arton's help for Cocoyasi Village…?"

Whitey Bay: "This is complicated. Can I really convince Arton to help me alone?"

Charlotte Smoothie: "Winning Arton over will take more effort."

Vivi: "Does it really require going to such lengths? If it can save the kingdom… it's worth it."

Boa Hancock: "Does this man only indulge himself?"

Gion: "Arton seems to be enjoying himself. Does that mean he's dealt with Kuro? Hope he doesn't leave too soon."

"Could you... stop staring, Arton?" asked Kaya, blushing and covering her front with her hands.

"Aren't you already wearing the clothes I got for you?" Arton replied. "And if you were fine with it earlier, what's stopping you now? I still need to check if the outfit fits."

Arton rested his chin on his hand, examining Kaya dressed in lace underwear.

"Okay, stop teasing Kaya. If you keep staring at her, she won't be able to put on her jacket," Uta interjected, stepping in front of Arton to shield Kaya.

"Wow, looks like you've grown quite close while I was away," Arton remarked with a smile. "That's great. It means the four of us can enjoy our time together."

"Of course, we connected over our shared experience," said Uta. "Also, please use the door next time, not the window. And remember to knock!"

Uta stamped her foot and pouted at Arton.

Even after quickly changing into her new clothes, she couldn't help but think about the embarrassing photo that Arton uploaded of her, Carina, and Kaya. The thought that other diary-holders would see it and misinterpret it made her wish she could give Arton a good beating.

Despite the 5 points she earned from the photo, it wasn't enough to turn her embarrassment into joy.

In fact, she did try to attack Arton. After realizing what had happened, she had jumped on Arton's back and playfully punched him, trying to make him feel guilty. However, the punches were so light that Arton seemed to treat them as a gentle back massage.

Seeing that Arton didn't care and even looked back at her with a mischievous smile, Uta quickly tidied up her scattered clothes.

"Got it, got it," Arton replied. "You have the Elizabeth template, who's a pretty open-minded and easygoing girl."

"Why is it that you still have such an unnecessary sense of shame?" he added with a playful shrug.

"Uta, you should strive to become more like Carina—embrace your inner Elizabeth!"

"Hmph!" Uta crossed her arms and looked away, her lips in a pout.

As the holder of the Elizabeth template, Uta knew that Elizabeth was a free-spirited and romantic character. Arton seemed to expect her to embody those traits, allowing him to take more photos and videos.

Arton's cheeky attitude implied that he liked capturing these "special" moments, but Uta wasn't willing to let him have his way so easily. She might have a soft spot for Arton, but she wasn't ready to let him get away with taking suggestive photos.

"Arton, could you give me a break?" she grumbled, turning her back to him.

"Arton-san," Kaya said softly as she joined the group, dressed in the clothes Arton had bought for her with Carina's help.

"Nice, really nice," Arton replied, clearly impressed by her new attire—a tight top and a short skirt. He grinned, taking in the confident aura Kaya now exuded.

Short skirt, with two restless, graceful, and fair legs beneath. The adorable face, now tinged with a hint of blush, looks even more charming.

If Tsunade is a fully ripened apple, then Kaya at this moment is like an apple that's still turning from green to red—a sweet mix of innocence and emerging maturity. This type of girl often captivates the heart.

At least, Arton found himself inspired to create several doujinshis with Kaya as the new muse.

[Photos: The rebirth of Kaya, angle a!]

[Photos: The rebirth of Kaya, angle b!]

[Photos: The rebirth of Kaya, angle c!]

Arton captured ten photos, recording them in the diary. Naturally, this drew envy from other diary holders.

Even Uta and Carina shared the sentiment.


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