5 Chapter 5 X Drake

Chapter 5 Something of your very own

Heading back into town after recruiting my first subordinate was nice, I'm not sure if I was a loner in a previous life but after being pretty much on my own for two weeks isn't near as fun as having a companion. Talking with Mori gave me a few ideas on how to move forward, for a guard in a Kingdom I've never heard of, he's surprisingly smart and informed. He told me that right now there are only two or three pirates in the North blue worth more than 100 million, making it probably the best time for a novice bounty hunter to start out. Meaning we can pretty much go forward without much worry as long as we avoid them until we're stronger. I at least know for sure one of them is Doflamingo, it's still like 11 years till canon and I know for sure he only ruled Dressrosa for 6 or 7 of those years.

Still, that's way higher than I thought their bounties would be considering Luffy was only 30 million after taking out a multitude of decently strong enemies but I guess when you consider he didn't stick around in the east blue for long, his threat level was never raised there.

Also, the Great Age of pirates is only a decade in, the marines definitely have their hands full in paradise not to mention the clusterfuck that is the New World. The absolute best time to start making a name for yourself and catching newbie pirates with fresh bounties.

Finally making our way into the bounty office, Old James looks at us both before raising an eyebrow.

"Um partner, usually when you turn in a bounty it's customary to have em hog-tied and at least beaten a little, now it's not required mind ye but we've got an image to uphold around these parts" He lectured me with a scrutinous eye.

"Oh don't worry about that old man, I've decided to pay off his bounty, he works for me now" I reply with a smile sliding 250,000 onto the counter, he seems mildly surprised for a moment before he shrugged.

"Usually hunters build a little more renown before building a crew, but hell who am I to tell ye what to do" He told me with a smirk before sliding the cash under the table and removing all Moris posters from the wall.

"Anything else I can do for ye Silver?" James asked while retaking his seat.

"Anybody else close?, and what's the best place around here to purchase a ship?" I asked curiously.

"Well you're in luck I was going to give this to ye the next time ya came in, have a looky here, he was spotted landing on this island's north port just this morning" He said before handing me a bounty poster.




'Isn't it a year too soon for them to pop up around here, so much for me having a few months to decide what to do with the Law situation. Do they already possess the Ope Ope no mi? It'd be a real problem if they were able to contact the marines now. Should I just let it go and see what happens? I can't for two simple reasons, I have like 4 quests that can be completed after just a run to the north side of the island. Not to mention Barrels himself is complete Fodder, the only one I'd have to worry about is teenage X Drake and honestly from what I saw when he abandoned his father and crew from hate of pirates I highly doubt the kid would intervene.' I debate for a solid five minutes looking at this ugly bastards bounty poster.

"I'll take it, thanks James I'll head over there in an hour or so." I answered, stuffing the poster into a jacket pocket,






"No problem and I'd recommend stopping by Rodgers shipping yard, it's the large warehouse on the Eastern Dock." He said waving me off and pulling out a magazine. Returning the wave, Mori and I head towards the shipping yard.

"Your name's Silver? Not much thought there,guhahaha" He jabbed eyeing my silver hair.

"Shut the hell up, it's Kal, Silvers just my code name. Couldn't think of anything else on the spot" I said with a mildly annoyed expression while I lit a smoke.

"What kind of ship are you looking to get?"

"Ideally a new full-sized Caravel!" I answered him with excitement.

"Hmm that's gonna cost ya a pretty penny" he replied as we finally made our way in. Seeing a few small repair projects going on but nothing crazy, it doesn't take us long before we're approached by an old man with greying hair and a toolbelt hooked to his hip.

"Welcome to my shipyard, what can I do for you?" 'Rodger' asked.

"Hi there, I was hoping to commission a ship."

"What kind of specs are we talking about?" He asked me while pulling out a notepad and pen.

"A full-sized Caravel with ideally 10ish rooms, a built-in kitchen, decent cargo hold and armed with 8 cannons?" I finished, a little unsure of the number of cannons that can be within a Caravel.

"Hmmm ok, that's pretty easy and would you like anything specific for the figurehead?"

"Oh that's an easy one, a hawk with its wing spread preferably"

"Ok just give me five minutes and I should have an estimated price for you, oh, and quick question, would white sails be fine?" He asked innocently. 'Ha, that's a nice way to ask someone if their a pirate'

"Yes, that works perfectly" I reply with a smile before he heads off to what I can assume is his office to run the calculations.

"Why a hawk?" Mori asked curiously.

"It's a surprise, I'll tell ya when the ships finished"

"So, any Idea how strong this crew is? It seemed like you knew them with how long you stared at the captain's photo" Mori asked, sensing something off with the situation.

"Well what James didn't inform us about was that Diez used to be a lieutenant in the Marines, word has it he somehow got his hands on one of the strongest Devil fruits in the world. Why the idiot hasn't eaten it himself is a mystery, my guess is he wants to sell it. I would prefer if he didn't if you catch my drift." I finished a part of my info dump with a smirk just as Rodger came back.

"Alright sonny, it'll be 5.5 million berries. Yard rules are half now and half when it's finished, any problems there?" He asked with a salesman's smile. 'Could probably haggle it for cheaper but I'd like to get the Northern docks as fast as possible, eh it's my first ship anyway hopefully he'll make it nicer for the extra cash.'

"No that's fine" I said, pulling out a red briefcase from nothing, opening it and counting out the berries.

"Here, it should be 2.75 million if my math is right. When do you think it'll be ready?" I asked in excitement, handing over the literal mountain of money.

"I'd say if everything goes well 5 days, 7 if there are any problems. Is there an Inn or something you live at, I can send one of my workers over to let ya know it's finished" Mori asked while counting the money.

"You can send him over to the Embassa city tavern and inn"

"Alright then looks like everything is in order, I'll see you when it's ready" Old Rodger said with a smile before walking off to oversee one of the other projects going on.

"Alright let's head out, I want their ship in my sight within the hour" I ordered taking off into a run with Mori following close behind.

"Got it boss"

"Oh yeah and to answer your question about the crew's strength, they're really not anything to worry about, even the Captain. I'll take the captain one on one while you'll go full Zoan and take out his lackeys, a word of warning though. The captain's son Dory is pretty strong, he might just give you a run for your money if you let your guard down but more than likely he'll decide to not get involved. Kid hates pirates."

"Some good old family drama huh? Sounds entertaining, Guhahaha" Mori said with excitement about our first job.


Emerging from the edge of the jungle we get our first look at the run-down port town with a single ship in the dock. Moving closer for a little recon we can tell that there's only a few mooks left behind to 'guard' it, at least they probably could if they weren't drunk as all hell.

"Well shit this might be easier than I thought, alright Mori let's take these idiots out and commandeer their ship, bastard will have no choice but to confront us once we take their ride out of here, haha" I laugh as I jump on deck sword already mid swing slicing a pirates head clean off mid swig.



"What the he.."




The other pirate next to him doesn't even get to finish his final words before his head falls right next to his buddies. Mori finally joins in as a big ass panda appears on the scene with surprising agility jumping up to kick an entire row of pirates that were sitting on the edge into the sea like falling dominos.

It's only three minutes later before every single pirate is either dead or destined to drown at sea, at least that's what I thought before the cabin door opens. Out walks a young man about the same age as me, short orange hair and a large cross-shaped scar marking a strong chin while dressed in a blue hoodie and black pants. The future Supernova as well as future undercover pirate, 'Red Flag' X Drake.

"What the hell are you dumbass pirates making all this noise for, I swea.." The kid for now named Dory was about to chew out the already dead pirates before Mori with surprising grace grabs the boy up in a headlock ending his complaints. The young man's eyes widened in realization looking at me and the blood-stained blade with apprehension.

"What about this kid boss?" Mori asked, remembering the warning I gave him. 'He's turning out to be a good asset, taking down the strongest member of this crew with a headlock of all things'

"Just tie him up, I got a few questions for him while we wait for his dear old man" I ordered with a smirk as Mori increased the pressure on his hold just enough to knock him out for a while, It's not 2 minutes later before he's tied up and awakens with a start.

"Hey there bro it's nice to meet ya,names Kal, bounty hunter" I greet him with a lazy wave before lighting a smoke.

"What the hell do you want?" Dory asked, mildly pissed, realizing he was tied up with no chance of escape.

"This is a pirate ship ain't it?" I joked receiving nothing but silence.

"Huh? Tough crowd I guess, well anyway I just wanted to ask you a couple of questions feel free not to answer"

"Fuck you, I ain't answering shit"

"Well hold on now it's an easy one, I'm looking for a heart-shaped fruit marked with black swirls, ya seen it?" The small twitch he gave was all the prompting I needed before pulling out my compass.

"Never seen it," he said before going silent. 'Jeez all I did was tie him up whys he so angry'

"Yeah sure, you should really work on your lying skills". I replied to him with a smirk, tossing my cigarette away as the compass finally finished spinning, pointing directly at the kid. Walking over to him as he flinches back probably expecting torture, I merely pat him down for less than 30 seconds before finding my prize in his left pants pocket. Slowly pulling out what looks like a heart that's been frozen for eternity.




'Well shit, this is absolutely broken. Is it really worth giving it to someone just to join my crew? I don't know. ' I think to myself seriously debating my old stance on not eating it, but just like the other fruit, I have no reason to eat it right at this moment.

"H-how did you know?" Dory asked in surprise.

"I was a ninja in my past life, learned to read people like a book" I told him as his eyes lit up in interest.


"No you idiot, you jerked almost a whole foot when I described its appearance," I said with a sigh.

"GUHAHAHAAH" Mori burst out laughing seeing the guys stupid question.

"Whatever it's not like a trash bounty hunter like you will be able to use it well!" the teenager shot back in embarrassed anger.

"Jeez kid you're just a ball of anger huh? What's your issue with bounty hunters, we take care of the little guys that get overlooked by the Navy. It honestly seems like an honorable profession to me?"

"Yeah right, you only do it for the money. The Marines are heroes that do it for the people while not expecting anything in return." He said with pride. 'Oh you poor sheep, you've fallen for the Marine's propaganda

"HAHA, that's a really funny one there. Let me hit you with some knowledge kid, if I was a marine you would already be drowning in your own blood. You do realize you're technically a pirate considering the company you keep." I said with a laugh as the Teenager went deathly silent realizing the truth of my words.

"Yeah but that's because of my sperm donor, I'm not in this shit hole by choice!" He shoots back after finding something to say.

"So are you going to explain that before or after they start shooting at you?"

"Fine I get it, you win ok, the Marines aren't perfect. They're still the only law around keeping pirates at bay."

"You're not wrong about that but let's continue on, who do you think runs the Navy?" I ask him curiously, getting ready to make some cracks in his view of the navy.

"Obviously the Legendary Fleet Admiral Sengoku!"

"No, it's the World Government"

"No way, that makes no sense" he completely disagreed without even thinking.

"It actually makes a lot of sense, where do you think the navy gets their funding? Donations, HAHAHA. No, but seriously man, just go to the library it's not some big conspiracy, it's just not well-known to regular people like you. Oh and while you're there read up on everything you can find on Celestial Dragons, especially verified recounts of sightings. You'll learn the darkness of the navy pretty quickly. But hey, if you wanna just join up blind go for it, just remember that shitty bounty hunter warned ya, HAHAH" I finished my lesson as Mori begins yelling at me,

"Hey boss we've got fifteen targets heading towards us, I got a confirmation on our mark!" He yells over to me holding up a spyglass to his eye.

"Alrighty then kid I'll be right back" I tell him with a smile

"Remember Mori the captain's mine, you should be fine taking out everyone else" I told him before jumping down directly in front of the ship.

"Got it boss, don't worry about my end" Mori said before jumping down already in Panda mode.

It's only a minute later that the band of fodder shows their faces, weapons drawn with wary expressions on their faces.

"Now that's unlucky, the one time a pair of decent bounty hunters showed up my damn son's nowhere to be seen" Diez Burrels walked forward with angry veins popping from his forehead.

"Yeah if the only kid didn't go exploring, we wouldn't have to deal with this bothersome situation" The man closest to Diez replied.

"Hey Idiots, the kids tied to the center mast" I decided to sow discord amongst them, not that it was needed of course, more for entertainment than anything All of their faces pale noticing the absolute massacre on the deck, heads and limbs lay everywhere and sitting dead center was Dory their strongest fighter and safety net till this point. Without even giving them a second to process the situation I give Mori the signal to charge in, in seconds 5 pirates get bisected into pieces while another five get crushed by Mori's newfound strength.



With a smirk I charged at the now lone Captain, without a second thought I jumped into a double kick hitting him right in the chest, sending him flying into a building 30 meters away while also separating our 'fight' from the others.

Giving a nod to Mori and telling him to keep his fight away from ours I charge towards the pile of broken pieces that used to be a building. At least until I come to a surprised halt as the debris explodes outward, a large bipedal Lion rises from the ashes anger shown through his twitching muscles.

'He has a devil fruit! This wasn't shown in the show!' I think in surprise remembering the scene where Doflamingo just shoots him with a pistol.

"NOW YOU'VE PISSED ME OFF!" Diez Barrels yelled in anger, charging at me with his claws poised to remove my head. With insane speed he's inside my guard, knowing I have no chance of dodging at this speed I have to just take it. 'TEKAI' I internally yelled before being blasted backwards in a flip for 5 meters. A small trail of blood falls from my lips as I land back to my feet. 'Phew, that was close,I barely got Tekai up in time. A few moments later and I'd be down for the count.' I think to myself while nursing my bruised abdomen. The Lion Zoan looks down at his hand in surprise while turning to me that's standing fine.

"What the hell are you made of, that felt like punching an iron door, grrrr" Barrels finished his question with a growl before going into another forward charge. Barely keeping up I manage to parry a powerful swipe from his left paw, being sent back a foot mildly dazed. I'm a second too slow to evade his other paw. Deciding to forgo defensive I decide to go for a stab.


I fell to the ground in pain as his claws hit my chest leaving me reeling in pain, quickly checking the wound to make sure it isn't fatal I struggle to my feet.


Looking down at my now swordless hand I turn to Barrels and a shocking scene, Shigure stabbed hilt deep in his thigh stuck in the ground, watching him struggle to get himself free I can't help but smile.. 'Well shit, I lost my blade.' I thought to myself before jumping on my toes flowing seamlessly into a boxing stance.

Deciding to be the one to charge this time I rushed in with reckless abandon, as soon as the Zoan got the sword free I'm already in his guard. Pushing all my strength into an uppercut, I hit him squarely, forcing him a few feet in the air. I'm able to pull my sword free from his thigh. Turning the moment in a slash I managed to remove one of his forearms. A good clash if you don't consider the massive punch that hit me square in the jaw sending me rolling back to where I started.


"FUCKING BASTARD, JUST DIE!" I yelled forcing myself to stand just one more time, looking down I noticed my now dislocated left arm. 'Of course, I should've known this wouldn't be easy, son of a bitch has a higher bounty than Arlong and he's in a stronger sea. I shouldn't have let my guard down'



"FUCK YOU, YOU CUT MY FUCKING HAND OFF!" Barrels yelled nursing his now useless right arm. 'Losing an arm and still ready to fight, damn Zoans!'

My legs are fine, my speed hasn't decreased, unlike him he won't be charging like that anymore and I only need one arm to swing my sword. 'Yes everything is fine, I have the advantage' I thought to myself before charging in trying to take his head off. He snarls in anger before parrying my slash with his claw.


Parry into a horizontal slash, quickly ducking into a stab that he proceeds to slip past with only a scratch, turning his claws quickly and taking a swipe into my right forearm. Jumping back from his following attack I charge back in with fury slashing downwards which he blocked easily with his claws. Losing myself in a fit of anger and fear for survival I continued slashing downwards trying and failing to break his defense, he smirks from under my blows knowing I'm almost out of stamina.

"BOSS, JUMP BACK I'll TAKE HIM!" I turned to see Mori yell in worry and conviction a few meters away. 'Fuck that, I'm killing this bastard, this is my god damn FIGHT!'

Sidestepping the Zoans' surprise Kick I continue beating my sword against his claws like a hammer.

"JUST GIVE UP!" I roared in fury unknowingly unleashing a small silver sphere of power, looking down with silver lightning coming from my eyes. I noticed him stagger and lower his arm for a second, I screamed in triumph as I took his head with a near-perfect horizontal slash.

"Huff....huff....huff" Relishing in my victory for a little longer I slowly stagger to the bastard's fallen head, not taking any chances I send it straight into my inventory. Turning to my left I can't help but be confused seeing Mori forced to knee looking to be scared of something, streams of sweat falling from his forehead hunched downward as if the gravity around us increased.

"Don't..worry man, I…won" I finished in barely a whisper smiling like a fool before falling face first from exhaustion and my accumulated injuries.


"Fuck, why does my everything hurt" I woke groggily nursing my aching head. Pulling a cigarette from my front pocket I lay back lighting it up and enjoying it for a few moments before a voice decides to answer me.

"Maybe that's because you almost lost?" Mori said condescendingly. Turning to look at him with a scowl on my face I notice he doesn't have a scratch on him. 'Fucker, he had the easy job'

"No way, he just got lucky. I wasn't expecting a Devil fruit user, won't let that happen again" I said in conviction, turning to get my bearings I realized we were back on the deck of the ship. Noticing something missing I can't help but think for a moment before I realized the problem.

"Mori, where's the prisoner?" I asked, wondering where the hell X Drake went.

"Steering the ship" He answered in a low voice.

"Ok? Why couldn't you do that"

"I don't know how," he said, embarrassed.

"Really dude?" I asked him, trying to hold in my laugh.

"Fuck you, I bet you couldn't either" He shot back. 'Hmm, it can't be too different from steering a car can it?'

"Yeah you got me there, I'm fine just go watch em, make sure he doesn't crash us into the island or something" I shoo him off. He sighs before leaving me to finally get a look at the after-fight rewards.



+15,000 XP +3 GACHA COINS

"Hell yeah!" I yell out. 'Finally have two stats over a hundred' I thought to myself deciding to pull up my status before accepting the quest rewards.

LVL 7 (30,900/32,000XP)










'Jeez I need to read a damn book, or at least do some math problems, that 5 Intelligence makes me feel like an idiot' I thought to myself with a chuckle before accepting the rewards for the Barrels quest.






"Well, this would've been helpful earlier," I said with a tick mark catching a dark blue dagger that appeared out of thin air.



"Still, I'm not going anywhere without this" I whisper to myself as I slide the dagger into an inner part of my cloak. 'Shit man, that was way too hard. Was that guy really only worth 22 million with his strength? My power scaling might have been slightly off, If I was Wanted I couldn't be worth more than 25 million. That's decent considering Luffy before the Grand Line was worth 30 million, plus he had a mythical Zoan the whole time. The 'Plot plot no mi' is more like it.' I finish the thought with a laugh before getting up with difficulty.

'Jeez I feel like a bum, Deiz Barrels of all people forced me into this state. I mean I know I've been here barely a month but I've trained like a crazy person' I intoned before heading towards the upper deck. Walking up I see the surprising scene of Dory and Mori laughing together about something.

"Hey what's going on guys, how far are we from Embassa?"

"About four hours if I had to guess, we just have to follow along the shore, but this island has so many curves that the travel time is worse. You guys should've just walked back, it would've been faster" Dory said not as angry as usual, guess he's happy he's not a pirate anymore. Looking over to Mori and seeing his smirk I guess it's time to ask him.

"Hey Dory, why don't you join us? We could use a Helmsman" I asked him as his eyes widened in surprise at the sudden question. He seems to be thinking it over for a minute, before his eyes narrow in mild suspicion.

"Why do you want me? You don't even know if I have any talent after your friend beat me in under a second." He asked skeptically about my actual reasons. 'He's sharp, obviously it's because you have supernova potential'

"Obviously you have potential, you were literally the strongest on your crew I think? I don't know though, your pops was stronger than I expected. Plus I actually do need a helmsman on my crew." I said honestly.

"No Barrel used to be a lot weaker, he found that Zoan fruit about 2 weeks ago. He's been kicking my ass for about a week until you guys showed up. I honestly don't know how you beat him." Dory said with a sigh, before going through an eternal debate again. 'He's slipping, now it's time for the carrot'

"Alright man you don't have to decide now but if you decide to say yes I'll give you this, I'll need a strong crew if I want to take out big-name pirates after all" I said with a smirk pulling out a dark brown pineapple. Both of their eyes widen seeing a fruit they've never seen before, Dory seems on the verge of accepting seeing the potential power up.

"Which fruit is that?" Mori asked, probably wondering why I didn't offer him a choice between this and the Panda fruit. 'Sorry man I didn't have this at that exact moment'

"Yeah, it looks kind of sinister," Dory added, giving the pineapple a skeptical look.

"Ryu Ryu no mi Model:Pterodactyl, Ancient Zoan. Almost as rare as a Logia, I was lucky to find this one."

"What kind of dragon is a pterodactyl?" Mori asked, confused. 'Yeah I guess dinosaurs aren't a very known thing'

"It's a lot to explain," I said, grabbing my forehead and sighing before going into a spiel on theorized ancient animals and the fact that there are devil fruits based on them proves that they're real.

"So in conclusion it's basically the precursor to modern-day birds, maybe. I'm not an expert or anything but it's very powerful so that's my guess as to why it's under the 'Dragon' line of fruits" I finished my 10-minute-long teacher moment with a good conclusion.

"Woah, that's honestly awesome. I've never read about these 'dinosaurs', but to think theirs a whole subclass of devil fruits based on them is fucking awesome, this was never covered in the devil fruit encyclopedia! I don't know Dory, this sounds like a good deal.`` Mori advises him honestly.

"Yeah, almost too good…." He said cryptically, obviously not believing I'd give him something so good just to join my crew.

"Jeez kid it's not like I'm asking for your firstborn or something crazy. What's your deal?" I asked, getting mildly tired of his suspiciousness.

"No it's nothing like that, it just doesn't make sense why you haven't eaten it yourself" Dory finally asked the big question. It seemed to intrigue Mori a lot with the way he focused on me waiting for my answer.

"Hmm, that's honestly another hard question to answer. Let me give you a short version, I have a lot of knowledge about fruits and their strengths and weaknesses. This fruit doesn't interest me enough to eat it and give up others, hell I know where the Lightning and fire Logias are right at this moment." I answered honestly, possibly giving away too much information but I really want X Drake on my crew. Both their eyes widen comically at this revelation. 'I think I have about 6 years before Enel eats the Lightning logia and the fire fruit might not have spawned on Sixis yet but still, I know where it's going to be. I should probably look into if there's a known user of it, if not it has to be there.'

"How could you possibly know all that?" Mori asked not sold about my 'information'.

"If I told you I'd have to kill ya" I answered him honestly to which he flinched. "But it's good info, once we leave the North blue I'll be able to prove it."

"Screw it I'm in, but if I find out you lied about the Marines I'm out. Are those terms fine with you?" Dory finally relents to which I throw the fruit over to him. 'Hah! I wish I could say something good about them other than things Garp himself has done, Akoji's a decent one but he did just sit back and watch Ohara get obliterated eight years ago'

"Hey, fair warning they're fucking nas…."


"AHHHH, WHAT THE HELL! IS THIS JUST A POISON?" Dory yelled in disgust immediately coming to the conclusion it was poison at least until his body starts getting slimmer. A large horn-like structure sprouts from his head then weird skin starts connecting his arms to his torso forming wings. Finally, his arms and feet turned claws as his face turned more angular and he gained fangs. 'Huh? He looks like he fused with an Aerodactyl'

"Holy shit, that's awesome!" Mori complimented Dorys' first transformation. I can't help but feel mildly jealous I didn't eat it myself.'I guess I could fly with Geppo if I learned it, but that kind of looks goofy'

"This is so cool, I feel so powerful! I can fly!" Dory yelled out before taking off like a rocket before I could stop him.

"YOU FUCKING IDIOT!" I yelled out to him. 'What kind of moron decides it's a good idea to fly for the first time over the ocean, as a damn devil fruit user'. Like I was a Physic about a minute later his wings fail him and he goes crashing toward the ocean.

"God fucking dammit, what an Idiot!" I yelled, throwing my clothes off in a hurry and diving into the ocean to save my newest crew member.

(A/N: Just FYI I'm going with the Wiki timeline for everything in this fic. Here are some ages of characters and big events to give you a better idea of the time period)

Roughly 11 years until episode one.

6 years before Enel overthrows Gran Fall.

8 years since Oharas destruction.

Obviously 10 years since the Pirate Kings' execution.

Luffy age 4-5

Ace age 7-8

X Drake/Dory age 16 (maybe dead? Who knows, maybe Kal didn't make it in time)

Trafalgar Law age 11

Nico Robin age 16

Roronoa Zoro Age 7-8

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