One Piece: Gambling to The Top

A young man finds himself in a dangerous world with a system that allows him to play his chances in a lottery game. What will he do, with luck that varies, and only his head to bet on?

blazuki · Anime & Comics
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246 Chs

OP GTTT: Chapter 226

Baccarat guided Josh to a very tall building, and they entered the evaluator. Josh was here to meet Tesero, and act nice to take his money and girl. To be honest, if not for his plan to take Baccarat, he would have taken everything. But, one can't leave a girl that can make his life better.

Being alone in the elevator that was heading to the highest floor, the atmosphere was quite shaky with a man and a woman alone. Feeling a bit of heat, Baccarat waved her hand on her chest and spoke in a mixed French-like accent. (She uses French words in the movie, and she spells the 'R' letter like French people.)

"It's quite hot here, isn't it."

"You may have a cold, mind if I check you," Josh said as he walked around her, examining her. "They call me, Doctor Sins."

"Wow, a man like you walked like a doctor." Baccarat lifted her eyebrows. She knew he was lying, but she took it as a flirt.

"Who knows. I may add every job to my resume. Now, let's check on your heat."

"Hmm…" Baccarat leaned her back as Josh extended his hand. At first, it started climbing the tall woman, starting from her curves, to the skin of her chest. When they jiggled, Josh closed his eyes and swept his hand on the exposed skin of the large cleavage.

"It's a critical stage," Josh said.

"Ah…" Baccarat was getting aroused. "You must be a good doctor."

"I should be," Josh said. He let his hand then reach her smooth tanned neck. It was really smooth and pleasant to touch. Feeling how gentle his touch was, and knowing how strong he is, Baccarat felt like giving in and letting a strong exhale, moaning softly. The touch, plus her arousal, had worked on her like magic, and she leaned more on her back, getting to Josh's height. Opening her green eyes, she was met by Josh's blue eyes. After she looked at his lips and him at hers, they made eye contact again. Her hand reached the back of his neck, and Josh started approaching.

"Guess I need to check on your lips, and everything will be good," Josh said, putting his finger on her bottom lip, before holding her chin. Baccarat felt a twitch on her body as she liked being cornered.

"Take care of me, Doctor sins." She played along with his doctor play.

Josh closed his eyes, and his lips smashed against her full lips. Willingly, Baccarat opened her port for his tongue as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Soon, his tongue and hers started dancing. Josh was sucking her breath, and not wanting to back away, Baccarat started sucking back. Once her tongue tries to escape, his lips try to catch it, and then, when his tongue tries to escape, her lips try to grab it back.

*Muah* *Slurp*

One must say that one of the two got faster — time or the elevator because they reached the highest point. With a slight blush on her cheeks, Baccarat stopped the kiss and stood up as the door started opening. Josh had a slight smirk, and Baccarat smiled back.

"Let's meet my boss." She said, extending her hand forward. She was in the heat, but she had to keep her cool temper in front of her owners. Still, it was a fun experience, and Josh doesn't feel as scary as he was in the beginning.

"Ladies first." Josh extended his hand.

"Not only a good doctor, but you know good manners."

Baccarat walked in front of him. Josh nodded, staring at her perky butt above her long legs. Heart-shaped, big, full and firm.

Everyman should thank the gentleman who invited 'Ladies first'.

Walking behind her, Josh stopped once Baccarat opened a door and stood on the side.

"Mister Tesero, I have him here."

"Gambler San. No need for formalities. Come in." Came a respectful voice.

Josh nodded as he walked. Turning his head, he gave Baccarat the last wink, before her boss order her to close the door, and she did.

Tesoro was having his head on his crossed fingers. He was staring at Josh, with a slight smirk. Standing up, Tesero pointed to Josh to sit down, and Josh nodded in approval.

"Nice Casino you have there." Josh looked over the window. A big city covered in gold, shining in the night that it makes you forget to sleep.

"Thanks for the flatter. I've heard you had one in the past."

"Two." Josh corrected.

"Oh… then you must understand what managing it feels like," Tesoro said. "Although, managing a full city is harder."

"Not really. My casinos were a trap for pirates to hand their money and bounty. Also, the nobles were coming to have a good time."

"How do you deal with cheaters then," Tesoro said. He had to admit, Josh was similar to him. Tesoro's casino isn't really different. It's a trap to make the riches slave to him and to steal pirates before taking their bounty. It's one of the most profitable strategies to make money.

"Cheat to make them lose." Josh turned his head to Tesoro. "If you are the strongest in your place, you are the predator, not the provider."

Tesoro smiled, understanding the message. Tesoro isn't the predator in front of Josh.

"How about we put that to the test." Tesoro lifted his hand and was about to flick his fingers.

"Before you manage to flick those fingers of yours, you will lose your head," Josh said. "If you could see the future, you wouldn't think about doing it again."

Tesoro opened his eyes widely. He was just about to use his ability to see if he can freeze Josh with his ability while pretending to be joking.

"Guess we are quite similar." Tesoro lowered his hand and waved it with a joking smile. "No need to take things seriously, I was just testing."

"Now that we know what type of people we are," Josh put his legs above the table. "We can go directly to the negotiation."

"What do you have to offer," Tesoro said, not seeming to take offence to Josh's behaviour.

"Road Poneglyph, and the other two," Josh said. "The Emperors would kill to get it, not to mention the World Government. Think, how much money you can make them pay you to get it."

"And you aren't going to fight for it." Tester asked. He started forming a plan in his head. If he can copy the writing on a paper, then he can sell it to Kaido before selling the original to the Celestial Dragons.

"I'm not a pirate in the first place, how am I going to be their Emperor," Josh replied.

Tesoro stood up and walked to the corner. Picking up a few cigars, he lit up a one. "And how much do you want for it."

"Make me an offer."

"20 Billion for all of them," Tesoro said as if it is nothing.

"Sounds cheap to me," Josh said. "Guess some underworld boss will appreciate them."

Tesoro smiled, knowing what Josh is doing. "Right, right. I shouldn't have done that, but you can't blame me for trying to get it for cheap."

"Again," Josh said. He was offering a way to Gol D Roger's treasure. Moreover, there is a certain tribe in the world that can read the Poneglyph, those who has three eyes. Tesoro can get one of them, despite them being rare, with his money and connection in the slave market.

"45 Billion. I'm offering you a very huge portion of my wealth."

Josh smiled. "I'll take it gold."

Right. Better taking it gold than cash.

"How about diamond, Jewelry. They are more precious and don't misunderstand me. I need gold, to keep my control over the city." Tesoro opened his hand, gold started dancing above it, shrinking and expanding at his will. He demonstrated how much he needs.

"It's okay," Josh said. Tesoro extended his hand for a handshake, and Josh shook it.

"We have ourselves a deal. Have a rest for tonight, and tomorrow, we'll do the exchange."

Josh and Tesoro agreed. Tomorrow, Josh will bring the Poneglyph, and Tesoro will pay his part of the deal. After that, everyone will go on their own way.

"Baccarat, take care of our guest."

Once Josh turned to leave, he found Baccarat opening the door for him with a smile. "Fantastic. You should celebrate making a deal. Let me take you for a good bar."

Josh nodded. "Please, show me around."

"Alright." Baccarat put her hand on his back and guided him outside.

Once they were back in the elevator, Wingman acted like the angel of love — despite being a demon — and spiked the atmosphere. The two were horny, and Wingman made Baccarat realise that more. All of the way down, they were kissing, and Josh could admit that he was having fun playing with her large curvaceous body while sucking her breath.

Josh then went with Baccarat, passing by the casino his girls are in. They seemed to be in lose of track of time as they were playing, happy. Josh decided to let them have fun, while he works. He turned to Baccarat. Yes, he will work and have fun.

Baccarat stared at how his eyes were staring deeply into her soul. Around Josh, there was that aura. Something that drives her instincts, not to mention he is an Emperor, someone so powerful and young. She felt attracted, really.

"You know, Ms Baccarat." Josh took with her hand. "Tesoro doesn't seem like a worthy boss for you. Working for a previous thug." He put his finger on her hand. "Why don't you try joining me. You will have money, a strong status, and I promise you, a really good time." While saying 'good time,' he put his hand on her hip, caressing it so softly.

Baccarat was taken by his smooth words. She thought of them, and she found it a good offer.

Actually, a very good offer. What's the safest place in the world than being on a Yonko's side.

Besides, working here and having to keep a check on every pirate, every citizen, and managing this city was really tiring for her.

Suddenly, she started seeing everything bad Tesero, a lazy man who messes around.

"What will you say," Josh said, touching her in a more gentle way.

"I have to test your last offer."

"I'm a man of my word."

"I'm talking about the part when you said ' I promise you, a really good time.'" Baccarat said, her hands on his shoulders.

Josh smirked. "You have all of the right to test my offer to you." She walked until she was behind him. Her hands on his shoulder, she pushed him to walk with her.

"I know a really nice place." She smiled as she leaned forward and smiled at his face.

"I won't be nice, though." Josh gave her a quick kiss, and Baccarat only smiled.

"Ara Ara."

Meanwhile, Josh was ignoring the small shadows in the night. He patted his coat, and an energy creature flew above him. Baccarat didn't notice Wingman, who understood what Josh wanted with his nod.

Wingman turned to Josh and lifted his fist. 'Have a good time, buddy. I'll deal with those annoying spies.'