One Piece: Freedom's Song

Ending up dead as a simple laboratory rat, now he has a second chance in a world of infinite possibilities with his only desire, to explore the seas starting with a land full of samurai. -------------------- Neither One piece or the art shown in the book is mine. This is my first book that im writing as an experiment, I haven't written anything before and my first language isn't English so there might be a few grammatical errors. If you see any mistakes or you want to help me improve, please leave a comment or review For some scenes I'll leave some links to music to try to improve immersion.

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Rain is falling down the skies, people rush to their homes while others more young play on the streets, in the background always present there's a castle on top a beautiful Sakura tree with one giant branch in the form of a crescent moon.

Among all the activity on the streets, a lone samurai with a sword on his hip, black hair picked up in a bun and black robes is trying to not get wet with all the cover his hands can provide while cursing under his breath.

"Fuck!, Fuck!, Fuck!, I should have guessed that it would freaking rain with all the black clouds up the sky, but nooooooooo!, why would I take the umbrella, umbrellas are for children while grown, responsible and stupid samurais cover themselves with their hands!, great work Shimazu!"

After running through the streets, the samurai finally reaches his home, but a little basket with a blanket covering whatever was inside at the front of his door stops him from entering, curious as to why someone would leave a basket wiht outside his door, he kneels moving to the blanket to the side and immediately he feels his blood running cold.


Inside the blanket, there's a little baby, with hair as white as the moon and skin as pale as the snow, he's shaking from the cold, steam is coming out of his mouth, who knows how much time he's been out here under the freezing cold of the rain.

Without a second thought Shimazu takes the basket in his hand and brings it inside his home, leaving the basket on the table the samurai picks up a near blanket, throwing away the cold one on the baby Shimazu wraps the baby trying to keep him warm.

Looking at the baby right in front of him he can't help but sigh thinking about what to do with the baby, he is not a father, yes, he might be a samurai, but he knows he is not cut to be a father.

It isn't uncommon to leave babies alone, sometimes the family can't provide for the baby so they leave it in the care of others, other times they just don't want to take the responsibility of a baby, so they just toss it.

Still, he can't just let the little child die because he wants a carefree life.

'Sigh'"What am I going to do with you?" Placing a hand on his face he can't help but wonder.


Shimazu puts his hand away seeing that the baby is laughing with his innocent voice and his eyes open which draws the attention of the man, his eyes are almost completely white, in fact, if one was far enough they would think that there's nothing more than a white sea in there.

His Iris and pupil are almost a perfect white, only with a touch of blue in it, wishing he's wrong Shimazu moves his hand from side to side without any reaction from the baby.

Taking the baby, still wrapped around the blanket, in his hands, he starts to think again about what to do with the baby, the orphanages here will hardly take a blind child and if they do he will probably be treated very badly.

Coming to a conclusion a smile appears on his face.

"Well, I guess you're stuck here with me"

The baby starts to laugh again, but Shimazu has no time to enjoy it when at the corner of the back of the baby he sees something that catches his attention.

Gently turning the baby to the side Shimazu is shocked seeing two vertical scar running along his back.

"What the hell did this to you?" Shimazu mutters unable to comprehend who would be such a monster to cut the back of a baby this way.

Out of the corner of his eye Shimazu sees a little note in the basket that was covered by the baby.

Picking up the note he starts reading before looking at the baby again.

"Yasu Mochizuki huh?, so that's your name, I like it"

I know this chapters are short but please bear with me, hopefully chapters will get longer as the thing goes on

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