8 Adapting

Jon calmed down for a moment. Recalling what happened. Devil fruit? What kind of Devil fruit did he eat?

He asked. He saw Rahul's hand transform into the drill. There was no nature or animalistic character. So it must be paramecia type.

' That shit is even more annoying. ' Jon thought. He checked his pistol. He didn't think this will be useful in this battle.

Rahul vanished using Soru, he dropped his sword. Jon looked around, he didn't see any shadow this time.

Jon panicked. He hated Soru not because of its speed but because he was never able to replica that technique. Kicking the ground ten times in a matter of seconds was hard.

The sound of the drill came from Jon's back. Jon trusted his instinct and sidestepped, narrowly avoiding the blow. Rahul appeared in front of his place with a drill on both hands spinning madly.

" Drill person perhaps? " Jon questioned.

" Correct. " Rahul smiled.

' His reaction is far greater than mine unless I can move faster than his eye can catch the fight will drag in for a long. ' Rahul thought about a pirate. He was stressed greatly. The one thing he had the advantage of was his strength, devil fruit and Soru.

Jon sheathed his dagger. He dropped his cloak and took a running stance. Focusing all of his attention on Rahul.

He rushed forward. One step, and then he moved to the left. Two steps.

To the right.

Three steps.

His speed was increasing. Jon thought about it since he can't kick the air ten times, he will build up this force by moving.

Now the final step, toward Rahul.

Jon moved using acceleration. He disappeared.

Rahul's eyes widened with surprise. He covered in case of some unseen attack. But the vegetable stall behind his back was crushed by something.

Jon was laying among the vegetable. He laughed. Finally the glimpse of Soru.

He looked up and saw.

[ Five steps Soru (0℅)]

' Although it is not full Soru, I can develop my style with this. ' Jon stood and unsheathed his dagger.

Without any words, he dashed toward Rahul. The drill connected with his dagger. The spark scattered around them. Jon cursed.

At this rate, his dagger will damage. Jon kicked forward at Rahul's chest. Jon took the first step.

He slashed at the drill. Blood splattered across Rahul's right arm, and now both of his arms were injured.

Jon stepped under Rahul's left side. Two steps.

He punched at his liver with a left hook. Rahul sent across the middle of the street.

Jon jumped. Three steps.

He raised his knees. Rahul's jaw broke. Jon landed on the ground rolling. He quickly got up and he was beside Rahul's sword.

He grabbed the longsword and took another step.

Four steps.

He pointed the tip at the ground and dashed forward to Rahul who was struggling to get up.

Final step.

Jon disappeared. Within a blink of an eye, Rahul's chest was slashed by Jon. Blood flowed from his chest. The cut was deep.

Rahul fell to the ground with the side of his face losing consciousness. Jon was painting, grasping his breath in his chest. He can hear his heart thumping in his ear. He smiled.

He stood up. The battle was not that long but it consumed too much stamina from his. His legs were aching from the stress he put on.

He looked at the longsword and decided to take it. He kicked Rahul. He flipped, revealing the wound he caused.

" I will let you live, tell the navy my name. "

Jon walked toward his cloak and picked it up. He didn't wear it cause he was sweating. He ran toward Raven.

A lot of marines laying on the shore unconscious. Each had a bloody nose and arms broken. Seeing all of this, Jon smiled.

He looked into the sea and saw Raven waiting for him. He jumped into the sea and swung Amon saw his captain, swimming at their ship. He threw the rope.

After a few minutes, Jon arrived at the ship. He saw the rope floating. He grabbed it and used it as support to climb.

He lay on the deck and started laughing. The sky was bright and clear of clouds. The wind eases his sweaty body.

Amon came holding a medicine bag. Besides him was Reime. There was no sight of Ray.

" He is holding the steering wheel right now. " Amon said sensing Jon's thought. " Stay here for now, I will patch up your wound." Amon turned toward Reime.

" Rei, can you please bring a bucket of flesh water for me? " He asked.

Reime nodded and ran inside the ship cabin.

" Was it worth it? " Amon asked.

Jon nodded and smiled. " Yeah. I managed to increase my strength and look at that I got a new sword for me. I saw the mess you made. Did you use your Flame? "

Amon shook, " No. I use my punch and kick. And. I realized I am faster without the Flame. Man, you need to see me kick their ass. " Amon punched at the invisible marine.

" Want to fight with me? I got a new technique. " Jon teased.

Amon is silent, losing his confidence.

Ray walked toward them with a bucket beside him was his sister.

He put the bucket down and sat.

Amon soaked the towel and cleaned the wound.

" You guys are already my crewmates. " Jon said.

Both Ray and Reime exclaimed. " What? "

" I told the navy. " Jon told.

" You can't do that " Ray scolded. " Now, we can never travel in peace. You defeat the captain, right? "

Jon nodded.

Ray scratched his head. Reime was quiet although she was angered a bit after thinking it was not that bad. They were already criminals.

After Amon patched Jon's wound, Ray calmed down. He accepted his fate. Jon laughed, patting Ray's shoulder.

" Don't worry, you see my strengths right? I am not just a normal pirate. I am going to become the greatest. You are lucky. "


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