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One piece: Far past


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Jon was reincarnated into one piece world. But soon he realized that he was in the time before the story start. From there he will make a pirate career that will shake the world. Facing the new pirate he never heard about it. There will be a lot of new pirate crews. And new Admirals. The first chapters will be slow cause you need to build up my personality and his crew. But not that slow. A whole lot of new cast and I won't use a single OC. The navy is far stronger than the one he knew. The underworld was messy place. Facing all new Emperors. He will have rivals that had the potential of Emperors. **** Have system. ( But Jon never used because he relied on his own path.) No harem. ( It may change who knows.) This story is way before the actual story happened. So there will be an entirely new story. I will only use some elements. And the new cast. No straw hat. It all happened 200 years before the cannon happens. Please go read my other novel. ( Villain life: reincarnate into the fantasy world.) This book has a proper story to follow. And will have an ending. I have written one piece of fanfic before so I know have experience. Not that I am proud of that fanfic but hey, I got a really good idea there. My discord name -goffyboy#3701 You can talk to me there. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=47913147


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