One Piece: Emperor of the Seas

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters depicted in this story nor the images used as cover arts. All rights reserved to their respective creators. ---------- Ace D. Goldstein was an avid fan of One Piece before dying because of an unnamed disease. Given another chance at life, he was transported into the body of a character he knew and loved. How would the son of the King of the Pirates change and develop if he suddenly woke up with memories of a different future? Would he do things differently? Would he become even stronger before setting out on his life changing journey? What will his goal be? Follow the story of Gol D. Ace in his journey to become someone that surpasses them all! A pirate whose name is widely known and feared! To become the most notorious man in the world! Follow the rise of the Emperor of the Seas!

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Chapter 98

Hepha was on her way back to the Ashen Dragon when she recognized a familiar face. She was currently riding on top of a Rabuka bull's head like Ace. Being in that position offers the advantage of having a good view of your surroundings which soon came in handy for her.

The one who caught Hepha's eye was an enormous man. He was alone, but the normal Yagara bull was too small for him. So, he was riding a Rabuka bull instead despite being alone. A smile grew on Hepha's face when she saw him.

"Oi! Kuma! Is that you?"

Kuma turned his head to see Hepha waving at him. He offered a small wave and a big smile in return. He led his Rabuka bull closer to Hepha.

"Hepha-san!" Kuma greeted.

"It really is you!" Hepha said gleefully. "Long time no see, Kuma!"

"It's been years, Hepha-san! I'm surprised to see you here!"

"Well, this and that happened," Hepha said as she scratched the back of her head. "Hey, what say you and I go get a drink for old times sake?"

"I'd be delighted to."

Hepha then turned to the Doubles accompanying her. She suddenly remembered she had a task to do.

"Ahh, I really almost forgot. Sorry, Kuma. I'll have to drop by our ship first."

"'Our' ship?" Kuma asked. "You're traveling with people, Hepha-san?"

"Yeah." Hepha answered proudly. "I'm a pirate now!"


Vash and Augur stood in front of Hepha and Kuma. They stared in disbelief at the sight in front of them. Kuma was welcomed on their ship by Hepha.

"You've got to be kidding me," Vash said as he slapped his forehead. "You two are friends?"

"Ohh? You guys met already?" Hepha asked, seeing how Vash and Augur reacted.

"More! More! More! More power!" 

The sounds of Burgess training like a maniac filled the silent gaps. He was sensible enough to keep his distance from them, but not enough to make him shut up. The ship was big enough to accommodate his insane training routine a distance away from where Vash, Augur, Hepha, and Kuma were talking.

"Yes, this is not our first time meeting," Augur answered.

"What a coincidence!" Kuma said with a smile. "I'm glad we didn't resort to violence!"

"Ohh? You guys almost fought?" Hepha seemed amused at the scene she imagined of Kuma, Vash, and Augur fighting.

"No, but we did keep our guard up," Vash said. "Can't help it. Kuma is… something else."

"I get what you mean," Hepha said with a nod. "If you two fought him then… can't say who'll win. But it'll be a difficult fight. And a fun one!"

"Oi, why do you look like you want to see us fight?" Vash asked.

"Why not? I think it'll be a sight to see!" Hepha said with a wide smile, something Kuma noticed. He hid a small smile.

"Look for Terzo," Vash said to Hepha. "Or Ace. Those guys are always looking for a fight."

"Hmmm. That's a good idea," Hepha said before shaking her head. "Anyway, I got distracted. Me and Kuma here are gonna go for a few drinks in town. You two wanna come along?"

"I am afraid I must pass," Augur said. "Captain assigned me to guard our ship."

"I thought so," Hepha said to Augur, not really disappointed he turned down her invitation. "What about you, Vash?"

"If you want to go, be at ease," Augur said to Vash before he could answer. "I am perfectly capable of guarding our ship on my own."

"Well… fine," Vash said. "This is the second time I've been woken from my nap, anyway. Must be a sign I should get off my ass."

"That's the spirit!" Hepha put an arm around Vash's shoulder and dragged him along. "Let's go, Kuma!"

Doppol arrived at Dock 1, where the premier shipwrights of Galley La were working. After asking around, it was easy to find where it was.

Once again, Doppol was surprised by how much adoration the people of Water 7 had for the shipwrights working at Galley La Company. The way they described the shipwrights were as if they were talking about actual celebrities.

"Let's see what these shipwrights are made of," Doppol said. "Man… I hope they can teach me what I need."

Doppol clenched his fists in hopes of success. Coming to this city was his idea, after all. If it turns out that it was all for naught…

Doppol really didn't want to disappoint his crew. A part of him blamed himself for having to rely on other shipwrights. They wouldn't need to come here if he was knowledgeable enough about ship-building, after all.

'If only I studied more!'

'If only I listened more to my parents!'

'If only I was as serious about my craft as Hepha!'

Doppol had to take a deep breath to shake such thoughts away. There was no use dwelling on 'what if' scenarios. The reality was that he still isn't the best shipwright he could possibly be.

What matters now is that he puts in effort to correct the mistakes he made in the past. That's why they went here. That's why he's currently standing in front of the doors leading to the path that could potentially make him improve as a shipwright.

"Alright… let's do this!"

Doppol walked forward and pushed open the large doors. Some people who were passing by saw this and they were flabbergasted.

"Look! He opened it!"

"That door is huge!"

"Only the shipwrights can open that!"

"That man must be strong!"

Doppol didn't pay attention to the people shouting behind him. He opened the door and walked inside.

The sight that greeted him was a prelude to a beatdown.

"Isn't that right, boys?"

"Yes, Captain! HAHAHAHA!"

Doppol was at sea long enough to recognize that the group of men he was looking at were either bounty hunters or pirates. He put his money on the latter.

"So… let me get this straight. You won't be paying us for your services?"

"That's right! We don't have any money, you see. Spent it all on booze and whores! HAHAHAHAHA!"

"What a shame."

As Doppol expected, the shipwright that was being harassed reacted as a shipwright who won't be receiving any payment would. He destroyed the piece he was working on.

"Hey! That was going to patch up our rear hull!"

"You bastard! What do you think you're doing?"

"He did what we are about to do!"

Doppol looked to the side to see another shipwright. Other shipwrights were converging on the location of the pirates.

"Hey, Captain! These lousy shipwrights aren't respecting us at all!"

"Teach them a lesson, boys!"


The pirates charged towards the shipwrights. Their battle cries surged out as they ran. It was loud enough to garner attention from the other side of the gate where Doppol came from.

"Everyone! Look! Another pirate crew is attacking Dock One!"

"Again? We're in for a show!"

Like the people on the other side of the gate, Doppol decided to watch and see what the shipwrights of Galley La were made of. Watching for a few seconds was enough for Doppol to make an assessment.

The shipwrights were strong. They were easily stronger than the pirate crew that attempted to skip out on paying them.

In less than a minute, the pirates were all beaten black and blue. More time was spent on tying them up than actually fighting them.

It was at that moment that one of the shipwrights noticed Doppol. It just so happened that it was the shipwright that was being harassed. He was a blond haired man with a lit up cigar hanging on the side of his mouth.

"You there!" The shipwright called out to Doppol, calling the other shipwrights' attention at the same time. "You one of these guys?"

'Ahh. Now, why did he think that? Do pirates really emit a stench?' Doppol thought before answering.

"No, I'm not!"

"Then, you a customer?"

"No! I'm a shipwright, too!" Doppol then walked closer to the shipwrights. "I was hoping to join your company!"

"Are you now?" The man who spoke to Doppol looked at him from head to toe before offering a hand in greeting. "For your sake, I hope you're not lying. The name's Paulie!"

"I'm Doppol! Pleased to meet you!" Doppol shook Paulie's hand. 

"Hey, tell you what," Paulie said to Doppol before leaning a bit closer to whisper. "If you pay me 100,000 Berry, I'll be able to put in a good word for-"

Whatever Paulie was about to say was cut off. He was swatted away by a hammer to the face.

Doppol turned his gaze to the one who knocked Paulie away. It was a man wearing a hat with a pigeon on his shoulder.

"Sorry about that, mister!" The pigeon said to Doppol.

"The pigeon talks?!" Doppol was surprised to see another animal who can talk. He was still coming to terms with having a talking lynx on their crew, after all.

"I'm Rob Lu- ahh, no. That's this human here, Rob Lucci!" The pigeon used his wing to point to the man who's shoulder he was perched on. "I'm Hattori the pigeon! Nice to meet you! Coo coo!"

"Ohh… nice to meet you, too," Doppol said, taking in the fact that the pigeon was talking in stride.

"Oi, Lucci!" Paulie got up and shouted at Lucci. "The hell was that for?"

Doppol was impressed that a hammer to the face was like nothing more than just a slap to Paulie. Once again, it was a testament to how strong the shipwrights working here were.

"You'll have to forgive Paulie, mister," Hattori said to Doppol. Both Lucci and Hattori ignored Lucci. "He's been gambling more recently. Too bad he's so damn bad at it and his debts are piling up! Coo coo!"

"You're really running your mouth huh, Lucci!"

Paulie was about to smack Lucci when a voice stopped him.

"That's enough, Paulie."

Everyone turned to the man who spoke. Doppol only had to look at him for a second to know that he was a man in charge. The way he was dressed and the woman walking a few steps beside him spoke of his position.

"Iceberg-san!" Paulie and the other shipwrights greeted the man, letting Doppol know his name.

"He's our President," a long-nosed man said to Doppol in a whisper. "My name's Kaku, by the way!"

"What's going on here?" Iceberg asked.

"Coo coo! Good news, Iceberg-san!" Hattori the pigeon said. "We have someone new wanting to join!"

Iceberg then turned his attention to Doppol. Truth be told, Doppol was slightly unnerved at the stare the man was giving him. It was as cold as his name.

"Nice to meet you, Iceberg-san!" Doppol didn't forget his manners, however, and offered a handshake.

Iceberg looked at Doppol's extended hand for a moment before shaking it. Their handshake allowed Doppol to know the man in front of him a bit better. Iceberg's hands were rough and calloused like a shipwright.

Doppol was glad to know that the President of Galley La Company was not the type to just order his men around. By the feel of his hand, it was obvious to Doppol that Iceberg should be a renowned shipwright in his own right as well.

"Doppol, huh?" Iceberg then turned to the woman behind him. "Kalifa! Are we free anytime today?"

"Are you asking me out? That's sexual harassment," Kalifa said as she adjusted her glasses.

"I just asked you a question…"

Nevertheless, Kalifa still did her job as secretary. With the binder in her hands, she quickly perused the schedule of Iceberg.

"We're free right now for the next twenty minutes," Kalifa said to Iceberg. "I assume we shall be interviewing Mr. Doppol?"

"Yes, that's right," Iceberg said. "Thank you, Kalifa."

"...are you flirting with me?"

Iceberg just sighed at his secretary's antics. Doppol was amused at how nonchalant everyone were, which could only mean that the strangeness he was seeing was a usual sight around here.

"Brighten up, everyone!" Iceberg said to the shipwrights. "We have a potential new member of our team here. You all know what to do."

"Yes, Iceberg-san!"

Doppol watched the shipwrights for a moment. They all went off in an orderly manner. He had a clue as to what would happen soon.

"I guess I'll be tested?" Doppol asked Iceberg. The man grinned in response.



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