One Piece: Emperor of the Seas

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters depicted in this story nor the images used as cover arts. All rights reserved to their respective creators. ---------- Ace D. Goldstein was an avid fan of One Piece before dying because of an unnamed disease. Given another chance at life, he was transported into the body of a character he knew and loved. How would the son of the King of the Pirates change and develop if he suddenly woke up with memories of a different future? Would he do things differently? Would he become even stronger before setting out on his life changing journey? What will his goal be? Follow the story of Gol D. Ace in his journey to become someone that surpasses them all! A pirate whose name is widely known and feared! To become the most notorious man in the world! Follow the rise of the Emperor of the Seas!

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Chapter 80

Ace walked out to the deck of the Ashen Dragon to get some fresh air. Although it was frigid, Ace wasn't bothered at all. With his Devil Fruit, both heat and cold couldn't bother him.

Augur and Enel were currently resting on their beds in Vash's clinic. Ace successfully administered both of them a dose of the medicine Vash found. He ordered them to lie down and rest so that Vash could take a proper look at them once he returned.

Now, Ace had a headache to deal with…

"Oi, you tall and lanky fool," Ace said, kicking Aokiji lightly on the shins to wake him up. It was effective.

"Oww, that wasn't necessary!" Aokiji said as he sat down leaning on the Ashen Dragon's main mast, clutching the shin Ace kicked. "Geez, you're just like your grandfather."

"I'm busy," Ace said, cutting any chance of Aokiji to make small talk. "Either you get out of here, or I make you."

Aokiji looked up at Ace's eyes that were aflame with rage. But, Aokiji wasn't a fool. He knew that he wasn't the target of that rage.

"Edward Teach," Aokiji said. "He brought me here."

"Tch! What a crafty bastard," Ace said, clicking his tongue in annoyance. 

"Yes, exactly." Aokiji stood back up. "You invited a rather foul guy in your crew. Didn't you know he's undyingly loyal to his old pops?"

"I don't wanna hear about it," Ace said. "Let's make this quick. You never answered my question. Why are you here?"

"A favor," Aokiji answered. "I owed your grandfather one, and he took it. He wanted you to have a chance to survive."

"Go on."

"A trap is waiting for you, Gol D. Ace," Aokiji said. "Haven't you wondered why your bounty hasn't increased? You destroyed a military outpost of a World Government affiliated kingdom in Bounty Plains, you killed pirates and undercover marines in Jackstalk Island, your crew also smashed a Buster Call fleet in the same island, and kidnapped a Navy Vice Admiral that you're hiding in this ship's brig, just to name a few crimes."

"What's your point, Aokiji?" Ace asked with a smirk, seeing Aokiji's glare at him get stronger at every mention of the crimes he and his crew committed.

"I'm saying, you were too arrogant," Aokiji said. "Announcing that you're the son of the King of the Pirates? The Navy and the World Government are scrambling to get their hands on you."

"HAHAHAHAHA! I'll take that as a compliment!"

"If you continue on your path, you and your crew will pay for the crimes you've committed," Aokiji said. "Go home. That's what your grandfather asked me to tell you."

"Are you done?" Ace asked. "I heard you. Your message has been delivered. You can go and fuck off now."

"...both of you are such a headache," Aokiji said with a sigh. "Fine, I'm going now. Garp-san only asked me to warn you, not convince you."

Aokiji stood on the Ashen Dragon's railing. He was about to jump off, but then he stopped.

"Ahh. I almost forgot."

Aokiji suddenly appeared right in front of Ace. He didn't seem to be emitting a murderous feeling, so Ace didn't attempt to retaliate and continued hiding his true presence and strength with his Haki. Ace was glad that Garp showed him how it was possible before he started his journey.

With a fist covered in ice and Haki, Aokiji landed a solid punch on Ace's gut and made him kneel. Aokiji went on one knee and turned his head closer to Ace's ear.

"That was for Vice Admiral Nimbus and all the other marines you've killed. I promise you, when we meet again, you won't be hurting any more innocent people."

"Innocent?" Ace asked through gritted teeth. "Don't play the hero card on me now, Aokiji. You Navy Marines are just the bitches of the World Government, bending down with your ass towards them at their every whim."

Aokiji remained silent, not offering any response to Ace's last remark. Wordlessly, he stood up and jumped off the Ashen Dragon towards his bicycle and rode off into the vast and unforgiving sea.

With Aokiji gone, Ace had one last thing he needed to do. Feeling Aokiji's ice spreading on his stomach, Ace turned into fire and burned it off. He stood back up with little effort and flew away.

Ace flew around Karakuri Island and spread his Observation Haki, desperately looking for Teach. He soon realized that Teach's presence was no longer in Karakuri Island. So, Ace realized where Teach must have gone. Ace turned his attention to the sea around Karakuri Island.

Ace flew away, his Observation Haki cranked up to the highest level he could do. He flew away until Karakuri Island was nothing more than a speck in the distance. Ace circled around, looking for any clues of Teach's presence…

Ace found none.

"Damn it!" Ace screamed at the sky. His flames roared and burnt away the snowy clouds. "Where are you?"

Ace didn't want to believe it. Teach got away. Teach slipped from his grasp. Ace felt very much like a failure. A loyal member of his crew was hurt and dying because of his terrible mistake. It was just one slip-up, but Ace felt like the consequences were too great to believe.

Ace flew around searching for Teach in the sea until he felt he was running out of breath. With no other choice, Ace had to accept the bitter fact that Teach got away successfully. To where? No one knows.

Ace flew back to Karakuri Island. Coincidentally, he arrived at the docks the marines used. It was where Teach built his raft and started his devious escape plan. Although, it wasn't a complete success since Aokiji didn't come with an intent to harm Ace and the crew. It was a small victory, but Ace was grateful for it.

Something sparkled at the edge of Ace's vision as he flew down towards the docks. He looked to where the sparkle came from. He narrowed his eyes and looked closer to find a very familiar weapon.

Enel's Nonosama Bo.

Among the weapons he was familiar with, Enel's Nonosama Bo was one of the more unique ones. It was an expression of Enel's creativity, power, and control over his Devil Fruit. The Nonosama Bo was a gold rod that changed its shape according to what Enel wills it to be with his electricity.

At the moment, Enel's Nonosama Bo was in the shape of a sharp trident. Its edges and points glinted in its sheer sharpness. It was stabbed into the ground. Ace could see blood on it. He then remembered that Enel and Augur arrived with Teach's severed arm where he wore his claw weapon.

"You fought with all your strength huh, Enel?" Ace talked to the Nonosama Bo. With a slightly shaking hand, Ace took out the Nonosama Bo from the ground. "Let's get you back to your owner."

When Ace flew back to the Ashen Dragon, he arrived to find his crew all gathered around on the upper deck.

Except for one.

Vash was leaning on the door that led to the lower levels of their ship with his head hung low. 

Terzo was sitting on the Ashen Dragon's railing with his back to the crew and his gaze on the sea. 

Hepha was carrying a sobbing Eri in her arms with Kotatsu curled up on her feet. Mihar stood a few paces behind her, listening to Eri's sobs.

Doppol, despite his face being green from feeling seasick, stood beside Tanya who was standing frozen in front of Vash. 

Soma was busy punching the main mast hard and long enough for his knuckles to bleed.

Augur was slumped on the wooden wall beside Vash.

Ace's arrival barely stirred them. Hepha had the most visible reaction. She handed Eri to Mihar and walked to Ace.


Hepha punched Ace. The punch carried no Haki, but Ace felt how that punch seemed to be the most painful one he ever received. Ace gladly took the punch and fell on his back. Hepha got on top of him and straddled his stomach before raining down punches on Ace's face.


"Don't interfere!" Ace shouted, interrupting Vash's attempt to call out and stop her.

Ace let Hepha's punches fall on him. Eventually, the strength behind every punch slowly faded. Ace's face was beaten and bruised, but he didn't care. He knew he wasn't in the most pain, after all.

Hepha's tears fell on Ace's blank face. Despite having one side of her face covered by a black patch, Hepha's single eye shed enough tears for two.

"What the hell were you doing, Ace?" Hepha shouted, her voice strained and hoarse. "We promised, remember? We knew Teach would betray us, right? It was your turn to watch him!"

Hepha punched Ace one last time.

"I… I trusted you!"

The dam holding back Hepha's emotions broke. She rested her hands on Ace's chest and closed them in frustration, her nails digging into Ace's bare skin.

"...I'm sorry," Ace said. It was all he could say.

"Don't apologize to me, you fool!" Hepha said. "I'm not the one you should be apologizing to!"

Hepha's words froze Ace. With his head still on the ground, he turned his gaze behind Hepha. His eyes locked on Tanya, still standing frozen in front of Vash. She stood there without moving a single muscle, her eyes locked on Vash.

A new wave of shame and regret, much stronger than anything else he ever felt washed over Ace. He wasn't a fool. He realized what happened.

Memories of the crew when they were whole and much happier surfaced in Ace's mind. None of them knew each other longer than a year, but each of their presence gave them something all of them deeply yearned for.

A family.

Ace, who lost both parents in both lifetimes in different ways.

Vash, who was looking for his missing brother and still mourning the loss of the mother he loved dearly to a life of violence.

Terzo, whose parents disapproved and never supported him in everything he aspired to be.

Hepha, who had everything she knew and loved taken away by a force she couldn't hope to fight.

Doppol, whose sheltered life that knew no other company, finally found somewhere else he could belong.

Soma, whose past is still shrouded in a veil of secrecy, ashamed of the family he came from.

Augur, who never knew what family was in the first place.

Mihar, Eri, and Kotatsu who only had each other for the longest time finally felt what it was like to be welcomed and loved.

And Tanya, whose only other family was responsible for the death of her parents.

The more you yearn for something, the more you want to have more of it.

Towards the end, Tanya was still harsh towards Enel. Although, it was obvious to the crew that Enel was trying to reconnect with his niece. Still, Tanya rejected him every single time.

Now, Tanya stood there frozen, not knowing how to react. For the first time, Ace felt like he doesn't deserve to be captain.

Ace was shaken from his thoughts by a heavy weight that suddenly landed on top of him. His arms unconsciously wrapped around Hepha's strangely delicate waist. He felt his neck moisten at the tears she shed.

The tears everyone shed.


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