One Piece: Emperor of the Seas

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Chapter 7

With the three of them becoming brothers, Ace, Sabo, and Luffy spent all their time together. They trained and studied to be prepared for the day they become pirates. Although, only Ace and Sabo were enthusiastic about the studying part.

"I don't need to know everything! That's why I'll have great friends in my crew! They'll have my back!" Luffy argued. Ace and Sabo relented, but only after Luffy was properly educated in the bare basics.

Luffy was more enthusiastic about getting stronger. Ace and Sabo made Luffy follow their training routine. They were surprised that Luffy could keep up. They thought Luffy was just as strong as them, but no. Luffy just had unbelievable endurance.

Sabo guessed it was because of Luffy's Devil Fruit. Since Luffy's muscles are also rubber, that means his muscle fibers are much more difficult to break. Luffy would have a much more difficult time getting stronger, so they asked for Garp's help. Ace told Garp that they were training to become marines.

Garp was overjoyed to hear those words. He didn't even try to see if they were serious. The next time he came home, he gave them low quality seastone cuffs for Luffy.

"What is this? I feel kinda weak," Luffy complained after Garp put on the seastone cuffs on his hand.

"That's seastone, Luffy. With that, Devil Fruit powers are negated. You're just a normal boy now," Garp laughed.

"Woah. That's so cool!" Sabo stared at the seastone cuffs in wonder. He assumed that there was no way to negate Devil Fruit powers. He was surprised to know that he was wrong. "The world is really big!"

Garp gave Ace the key. He knew that Ace was the oldest of them.

"Alright! Whenever we aren't training your Devil Fruit powers, you'll wear those cuffs. Got it, Luffy?"

"But I feel so weak!"

"Quit complaining!" Garp said. "Those are the lowest quality seastone cuffs. You can still move around properly with those on."

"See? Are you that weak, Luffy?" Ace teased Luffy. He knew getting Luffy riled up was the best way to motivate him. That, and food.

"I'm strong! These cuffs are nothing!"

With that, Luffy was able to get stronger quickly. Eventually, his body got strong enough to perform the techniques that Ace and Sabo knew. Along with his developing Devil Fruit powers, Luffy learned to use Flicker, Air Jump, Finger Lance, and Iron Body.

While Luffy was training, Ace and Sabo didn't slack off. When Ace figured out how to use his Armament Haki, he showed it to Sabo. He tried seeing if Sabo could learn it. He was surprised that Sabo did. Now, Sabo can use both Observation and Armament Haki.

Ace also trained using his Conqueror's Haki on the animals of Mount Colubo. He tried testing its numerous applications. Conqueror's Haki is basically exerting your will on less powerful individuals. Ace guessed it could be used to dominate others and make them submit to you, not just make yourself stronger or make others with weaker wills go unconscious. He tested it out on smaller animals first, and was delighted to see that it worked.

Those he subjected to be under his will obeyed his every command. Ace practiced using it on bigger and bigger animals until he could even put the giant bear and tiger under his will. The two giant beasts of Mount Colubo are now Ace's lackeys. He lets them do what they want. They're good training dummies for Sabo and Luffy.

'I wonder if I can use this on people too?'

Ace tested it out on people. It worked. Whenever he appears in front of those he 'marked', they will immediately act like he's their boss. It's like he made them develop a whole new personality that seems natural for them, like Shisui's Kotoamatsukami.

'Conqueror's Haki is scary! No wonder the marines prioritizes pirates with this Haki!'

One day, on a total whim, the three brothers decided to make their own hideout. To build it, they needed materials. Sabo was studying the basics of being a shipwright, so designing a treehouse hideout was easy for him.

The three brothers collected the materials they needed at the Gray Terminal. That was when a little adventure of theirs began. Along with collecting materials, Sabo, Ace, and Luffy continued stealing from people to grow their pirate fund.

Unintentionally, they stole from the Bluejam Pirates. When the three brothers spotted a small group of pirates trying to track them down to get back what was stolen from them, they started a war. The three brothers against the Bluejam Pirates.

Needless to say, the pirates didn't stand a chance against the three brothers. Unlike in the canon, Ace, Sabo, and Luffy were much stronger. Luffy even started learning Observation Haki. Ace used the same technique Rayleigh used in the anime. No food for Luffy until he avoids a hundred attacks.

But, Luffy was still a child. Ace set up checkpoints. Avoid 25 attacks first, then 50, then 75, and finally 100. Luffy can currently avoid 25 attacks without losing focus.

The final battle against the Bluejam Pirates happened at the Cove of Pirates between the Gray Terminal and the base of Mount Colubo. They didn't pose much challenge. They were a normal pirate crew from East Blue. Ace and Sabo left Bluejam, who was stronger than the rest of his crew, to Luffy. It was good training and experience for the rubber boy.

Just when the three brothers thought the battle was over with their victory, they were quickly surrounded by people carrying rifles and wearing a familiar uniform. They were soldiers of the Goa Kingdom.

Ace and Sabo felt them earlier with their Observation Haki. But the soldiers felt so weak that the two of them thought they were residents of the Gray Terminal who were only watching the fight.

The soldiers were led by a familiar man. Outlook III. He had one of his arms wrapped with a cast.

"You still haven't healed yet? That was months ago! Man, you're weak," Sabo insulted his biological father.

Outlook III paid no attention to Sabo's insult and just ordered the soldiers. He pointed at Ace and Luffy.

"Men! Arrest those two children!"


The soldiers circled in, not leaving any room for Ace, Sabo, and Luffy to retreat. They didn't need to. Ace found it funny that they thought they can beat the children who took down a pirate crew by themselves. Just when Sabo was about to snap, he felt Ace put a hand on his shoulder.

"Let me show you guys what I've been working on," Ace casually said to Sabo and Luffy, not at all seeing the situation as something to be worried about.

Ace went forward and approached Outlook III head on. The man unconsciously took a step back. Then, Ace released a controlled burst of his Conqueror's Haki as he approached him. Sabo and Luffy felt nothing while Outlook III felt his knees go weak. He fell down on his ass. The soldiers, however, simply just collapsed. If they didn't have masks that covered their heads, they could be seen foaming at the mouth.

"What the-? What happened?" Sabo looked around confused.

"Did you do that, Ace? Teach me!" Luffy said with stars in his eyes. He really respected Ace's strength.

"No way, learn it on your own!" Ace stuck his tongue out at Luffy. In reality, it was difficult to teach someone how to awaken and use their Conqueror's Haki. Ace had no idea how Rayleigh taught Luffy, which just made him respect the man even more.

"Cheapskate," Luffy booed Ace.

Then, Ace used Flicker. He reappeared right in front of Outlook III, scaring the man even further. Ace held the man by his collar.

"Sabo, should I kill him? I don't think he'll just give up on you."

Sabo was silent for a moment before grinning at Ace.

"Let him go. He's not worth it. Let him come. We'll send him packing every time."

Ace grinned in return and let Outlook III go. The man was humiliated.

"Don't think I'll forget about this!" Outlook III shouted at Ace. "You're corrupting my son and you threatened the life of a noble! The whole Goa Kingdom will want you dead!"

Ace looked the pathetic noble dead in the eye before marking him with his Conqueror's Haki. Ace used the Domination aspect of Conqueror's Haki to overpower Outlook III's spirit. Outlook III instantly lost his will to defy Ace.

"Get out of here. Never show your face in front of us again."

Outlook III ran away as fast as he could.

"What a weird dude. Your dad is so uncool, Sabo," Luffy commented.

"He really is."

Then, the three brothers went back to collecting materials for their treehouse hideout. They were done with it quickly. It only took a month for them to collect the materials and build the treehouse itself all on their own. The other bandits were aware of where they were and what they were doing, so it wasn't technically a hideout.

The day they finished building their hideout was also the day they named their brotherhood. Even if they were separated, they'll always be the ASL Pirates. They made a pirate flag that symbolizes their brotherhood and hoisted it on top of their treehouse.

After that, they played around in their hideout pretending to be pirates. They took turns pretending to be the captain since all of them wanted to be one. When they were done playing, they heard Dadan call out to them from the bottom of the gigantic tree they build their treehouse on.

"Ace! Sabo! Luffy! Someone is here to see you!"

Curious to see who it was, the three brothers stuck their heads out the window. Luffy's eyes lit up in recognition. Ace recognized who it was too, but pretended he didn't.

"MAKINOOOOOOO!!!" Luffy shouted as he jumped straight out of the window to hug Makino.

"LUFFY!!!" Makino shouted, but for an entirely different reason. Luffy just jumped out the window. It was clear she was afraid for Luffy's life.

But at the last second, Luffy used Air Jump to cancel his momentum. He landed safely on the ground, much to the surprise of Dadan, Makino, and Mayor Woop Slap whose small figure was hidden under Dadan's huge shadow.

"MAKINO! I MISSED YOU!" Luffy tightly hugged Makino. She was the one closest to being his mother figure. Dadan was like an aunt.

"I missed you too, Luffy! It's been months! How have you been?" Makino returned Luffy's hug after quickly collecting herself.

"I'm doing great, Makino! Ahh, that's right! You don't know them yet! Ace! Sabo!"

Luffy didn't need to call Ace and Sabo. They already jumped down the moment Luffy hugged Makino. They used the same method Luffy did to get down.

"Makino, this is Ace and Sabo! They're my brothers!"

"I know. I heard from Garp-san," Makino smiled sweetly before greeting Ace and Sabo. "It's nice to finally meet you, Ace, Sabo!"

Ace and Sabo blushed. Makino was a beautiful young woman. They don't interact with other people much outside of beating their asses, so they had no idea how to act around someone like Makino.

"What the? Are you guys shy?" Luffy laughed at Ace and Sabo after he saw them being silent and blushing red.


Makino laughed at the three brothers' antics. Her voice was like the gentle ringing of small bells to Ace and Sabo's ears which instantly made them go quiet.

"I'm glad I guessed right. Tadah!" Makino took out clothes from the basket she brought. "I brought you guys clothes! Let me take your measurements too so I can adjust the size of the ones I'll bring next time!"

"Yay! New clothes!" Luffy said, clearly happy at Makino's thoughtfulness. He was the kind of boy that appreciates kindness, no matter how small or big the gesture. Ace and Sabo were the same.

As Makino was taking Ace's measurements, Ace blurted out an excuse to spend time with Makino. He won't deny that he has a crush on her.

"Makino-san! You look kind. Can you teach me how to show respect to someone?"

"What for?" Makino asked.

"Luffy told us how his hat was from a cool pirate named Shanks. When I go out to sea someday, I want to go see him and say thanks!"

Makino's eyes slightly widened before smiling sweetly at Ace.

"I see! What a thoughtful boy you are! No problem, I'll come by often to teach you."

Ace grinned in success.

"Makino-san! Teach me too! I also want to meet Shanks someday!" Sabo piped in. Ace had a tick mark on his head and snapped at Sabo.

"Go away! I'm sure you already know everything Makino-san would teach!"

"No, I don't! I ran away, remember?" Sabo lied through his teeth. Makino chuckled.

"Don't fight, you two. I'll come by and teach both of you, how about that?"

"No problem!" Ace and Sabo said, the fires of competition lit in their hearts.

"But, we'll start studying next time. For now, we have a little gift for you," Makino said as she observed the treehouse the brothers built. "I don't think we'll fit in your treehouse. Let's go to Dadan-san's house! I'll cook for all of you."

"Really, Makino?" Luffy asked excitedly. "Yahoo! Your food is always delicious!"

"Thank you, Luffy," Makino smiled at Luffy's compliment. Luffy is a born natural at making people happy…

Dadan led the group back to their house. The bandits were very hospitable. Makino's kind smile made them treat her like a goddess.

"How come you guys aren't this proactive with me?" Dadan complained at how her subordinates were much more efficient and obedient with Makino than her.

Ace, Sabo, and Luffy were the only ones who reacted by laughing at her. Then, the preparation for the small feast continued. Makino led the other bandits to help her cook an amount that would easily satisfy everyone's belly, including the big eaters.

It was already evening when the food was done and served. The bandits, Woop Slap, and the three brothers sat around the table filled with food. They patiently waited before they started eating.

"Everyone! Feel free to eat and enjoy!" Makino's words were like gunfire in their heads.

"Thank you for the food, Makino!" All of them thanked Makino before they started eating. The scene quickly became chaotic, but it was much more civilized compared to the usual dinners that happened in the house.

"DELICIOUS!" Sabo said between mouthfuls. "Meals should be at least this good when you're on a ship. I'm gonna get the best cook first thing when I go out to sea!"

"I'm the oldest so I'll be the first one to set out," Ace quickly interjected. "I'll get the best cook before you do, Sabo!"

"That's not fair, you two!" Luffy complained. "In that case, I'll become a pirate before you two!"

Ace noticed that Dadan and the rest of the bandits choke on their own saliva at what Luffy said.

'Wait… this scene feels familiar.'

Ace turned around. Seeing who was there behind them made him choke too.

'What the hell! Gramps is here! How the hell is he here! Sabo and I should've definitely sensed someone as strong as him! How is he hiding his presence! Ahh, right! He has Conqueror's Haki too!'

Ace panicked and tapped both Sabo and Luffy's shoulders. They turned around too before reacting the same way Ace did.

"Here I thought you three wanted to be marines! You idiots are really breaking my heart," Garp said as he grinned darkly much to Ace, Sabo, and Luffy's dismay. "Can't you three understand that you must become Navy soldiers?!"

Garp then gave the three brothers a Fist of Love. At least, he tried to. With the training the three brothers did, they managed to react in time and avoid Garp's fist.

"Let's run! Sabo! Luffy!"

"You don't need to tell me!"


The three brothers jumped out the window and ran into the night forest. They weren't afraid at all. Mount Colubo was their home. They were more afraid of the angry grandpa behind them.

"You can't get away!" they heard Garp shout behind them. Hearing their grandpa's angry shout only motivated them to run faster.

But, they clearly underestimated their grandpa. He was easily able to chase the three of them. He didn't even give them time to try and scatter.


Garp punched at Ace. He rolled away to avoid the blow. Garp's punch easily blew a hole in the ground.

"Take this!"

"And that!"

"Ora ora ora ora!"

Ace, Sabo, and Luffy were barely avoiding their grandpa's wrath.

"What the hell! I thought we were strong now! Just how strong is Gramps?" Sabo complained, not at all happy with feeling so helpless despite training so hard and learning many techniques.

"Don't think about it! Let's just run!" Ace said.

"AHH! DON'T HIT ME!" Luffy was just panicking.

Eventually, Garp was done playing and easily caught the three of them. He gave them a good dose of his Fist of Love before leaving to join the feast at the house.

"Hmph! You kids got a little stronger, but not much! That's it for today! I'll be harsher tomorrow!" were Garp's parting words.

'Damn it! I definitely won't leave this island until I can run away from Gramps!'



Ace was double checking everything on the small sailboat he'll be using to leave Dawn Island. After checking that all the tools and provisions he needed to sail were there, Ace turned around to say goodbye to those who came to see him off.

Not much happened in the last seven years. The three brothers didn't stop training until each one of them could effortlessly deal with the two giant beasts of Mount Colubo without using Haki.

Yes. All three of them, even Luffy, could use Observation and Armament Haki. Luffy was the last one to master the two. Still, it was very impressive considering how he learned Haki much earlier than he did in the canon.

Now, Luffy was focused on developing his Devil Fruit powers to combine it with his Haki and raw physical strength. It was the edge he had over Ace and Sabo. But not for long…

The three brothers didn't stop there. They made it a challenge to run away and hide from Garp when he was angry. So far, only Ace could do it.

Ace figured out how Garp hid from Observation Haki. He used his own Conqueror's Haki to mask his presence by disrupting Ace's Observation Haki the moment it came to touch him. Garp was effectively 'killing' Ace's Observation Haki whenever it tried to see through him.

Ace was once again reminded why Conqueror's Haki was so rare. It was simply terrifying and powerful! It had such a mysterious aspect to it that made it the most versatile of the three kinds of Haki.

Ace took two years to use his Conqueror's Haki like Garp did. He was eventually able to hide from Garp using what he learned. But his celebration was short-lived. Garp still found him. Ace took a long time to figure out what Garp did.

"How the hell can you still find me, Gramps?" Ace shouted at Garp in frustration. The old Hero of the Marines just laughed at him.

"Easy! You're so busy looking at everything else that you forgot to look at yourself!" was all that Garp said.

Ace remembered that Conqueror's Haki can be infused on your body along with Armament Haki to dramatically increase the power of your strikes. What if Conqueror's Haki can also be infused with Observation Haki?

Ace tried it and was surprised to see that it worked. His Observation Haki felt immensely stronger and he can 'see' things much clearer. He remembered what Garp said so he looked at himself with his Observation Haki.

He was shocked. No wonder Garp could still find him. Ace was like a beam of light in the dark. His 'presence' was so strong that it overpowers almost everything else around him. It was the same reason why people can instinctively judge the strength of others with just a look. Souls feel other souls. So, Ace learned to hide his strength so that he can't be figured out at first glance.

First, Ace learned to 'kill' Observation Haki. Second, Ace learned to infuse Conqueror's Haki with Observation Haki. Lastly, Ace learned to use Conqueror's Haki to hide his presence. These three lessons were taught to him by Garp as discreetly as he could.

'That old man is such a tsundere.'

The past seven years were truly fruitful for the three brothers. Their goals were still the same. Once they were 17, they were to set out and become pirates. Although, Sabo now had a slightly different goal.

A few years ago, the three brothers came to know of the existence of the Revolutionary Army through a talkative and drunk Garp. He told them how it was Luffy's dad who was leading it. He talked about how the Revolutionary Army is not as evil as the World Government is painting them to be.

"Then, if they don't actually want to destroy the world, what's their goal?" Sabo asked the drunk Garp. He was the most curious about the Revolutionary Army.

"There are countless corrupt kings out there, Sabo. The World Government itself is ruled by those Celestial Scumbags who don't even do anything! They just parade around the fact that their ancestors did something incredible," Garp sighed. "The Revolutionary Army's goal is to eliminate corruption by beheading the head of all corrupt snakes. The Celestial Dragons!"

Sabo had that look in his face. Ace knew, from that night on, Sabo admired the Revolutionary Army.

"So you believe in their cause, Gramps?" Sabo asked, which made Garp laugh.

"I don't know. Unlike my son, I'm pretty dumb. I can't say for sure if what they're doing is good. But," Garp looked up at the starry night sky. "I'm proud of my son. He's being a hero in his own way! Just like me! BWAHAHAHAHA!"

Since then, Sabo's goal changed slightly. Along with going on a grand adventure to write a book about it, he was also determined to set out at sea and become a pirate that aligned with the Revolutionary Army's goal. A pirate that kills corrupt rulers that oppress people. A pirate being a hero in his own way.

Ace shook himself off from dazing at the memories of the past seven years. He focused on the now, at the people waving goodbye at him. He saw Sabo and Luffy at the front, leading the group. Makino was there along with Mayor Woop Slap. The bandits were there too, but Dadan was nowhere to be found. No doubt being emotional alone back at the house. Ace raised his hands to wave goodbye at his loved ones that were there.

"Take care, Ace!"

"Yeah! See you, Luffy! Sabo! Everyone! I'm going now!"

"You better not slack off on your training, Ace! Unless you want me to be stronger than you when I leave here in three years!"

"As if that would happen, Luffy!" Ace shouted to Luffy before turning to Sabo. "You sure you don't wanna come, Sabo?"

"Nah, I'm good! I'll be 17 in three months! We'll all set out on our own!"

"If you say so," Ace said. He already expected that answer.

"Good luck, Ace!" The bandits wished him luck as they waved him goodbye.

"Don't catch a cold, Ace!" Makino said.

"When I come back, I'll marry you Makino!" Ace blushed as he confessed.

"I'm sure you'll meet lovelier girls out there, Ace!" Makino politely rejected Ace. And just like that, Ace was rejected by his first crush.

But, he got over it soon. It was a very exciting day and nothing would ruin it. Finally, the day Ace would set out to sea and become a pirate was here.

Ace turned around and faced the endless ocean that continued father in the horizon in front of him. He took one last look at himself. He looked very similar to Roger when he and Rayleigh first met.

Ace was wearing an unbuttoned button up shirt with black trousers. On his hips were a set of high quality standard flintlock and cutlass that pirate captains usually have. He bought the weapons from a weapon shop in Goa Kingdom using his cut of the pirate fund they collected over the years. The rest of his cut was in a big sack on the sailboat with him. But, the most important things in Ace's possession were the red beads around his neck as a homage to Dadan who took care of him like a mother and his signature hat.

Ace raised his fists and made a declaration once again. He was finally here.

"Watch me, everyone! I'm gonna become the Emperor of the Seas!"

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