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Chapter 11

Title: Half-Truths...

The captain of the Saber Pirates was a big man with two giant sabers on his back almost as big as his body. He had black hair and dark eyes, the most distinct thing about him was two long scars running along his face.

He narrowed his eyes and smiled showing that most of his teeth were missing. "Sahahahah, Pegasus, what a coward, he didn't even come himself to handle me!"

"Captain, should we send the signals to shoot?" Asked his 2nd in command, "All of the ships have turned around and their cannons are aimed."

Sabre was about to answer when suddenly something landed on his ship.


He looked back and saw a giant bear had squashed five of his men, turning them into red mushes on the ground. 

"Hello there." The bear spoke in a casual voice. Sabre recognized that he wasn't a normal bear, as they usually have short back legs, this one's were long, it seemed more like a fusion between a human and bear. Also… the talking, yeah, that also gave it away.

"Men!! Attack!!" He yelled out.


Suddenly Max had disappeared from his previous place, only a gust of wind was felt as Captain Sabre felt a fist sink into his gut, causing the man's stomach acids to spew out.

That one punch threw the man on overboard, though he wasn't out of the fight yet. Max didn't pay any more attention to him, instead, he turned towards the crew. 

"Yo, so if you wanna live, kill one of your crewmates," Max ordered with a malicious smile on his face. "If you don't… well… let's see how that goes."

At first, no one did anything, until one man slashed another in the back.

"Jack, what the hell!!"

"Didn't you see how easily he took down the captain!! I don't wanna die!!"

Someone else went to attack the betrayer, but Max flickered a small piece of wood at the attacker the wood pierced right through their heart.

"Anyone who attacked someone who has already killed one of their crewmates, then he will die no matter what." Max put in another rule, this was so he could sow discord within the crew. He didn't have time to deal with them. "Ray!"

Suddenly Ray came down, with dark wings coming out of his back. Max looked at him and touched the 'his' chest casually, with a thoughtful look. "So you were a girl."

Ray only blushed at that. Thinking that she was doomed now. When she flew Max over, the back of his head had touched her chest, and as soon as he had felt softness he understood what was going on. 

"S -Sir… can you please not touch me so casually…" Ray tried to refute.

"Hmmm~" Max on the other hand gave them a squeeze. "Bigger than they seem…"

"SIR I SAID STOP!!" She attempted to punch him away, but he casually dodged, but also let go of Ray's chest.

"Don't worry, Ray? Is that your name? Anyway, I won't tell anyone about this. You have your reasons to keep your secrets." Max smiled at her.

She nodded. "Thanks, by the way, my real name is Raynare."

"Very cute name." He compliments her.

She only blushed in response before picking Max by his hands and flying off towards another ship. 

The other crews were all small fries and easily taken care of. Though they had shot cannonballs at their marine ship, Negan had been able to handle a couple of them which would have hit the ship. Plus most of the canons were now aimed at allied Pirate Ships, as none of them knew what was happening, and were shooting amongst themselves as Max turned some ships to do so or he would kill all their crew members. 

This was his strategy, originally, while he could kill them all. He wouldn't be able to stop them from killing all the other Marines except him and Raynare. But this way, the only casualty would be Prince, who had drowned to death.

Captain Sabre was missing, and most thought he was dead. But Max didn't believe that, because the only reason he had been able to win so easily was that he had used <Soru> to increase his speed and take the captain off guard.

And as he was returning to his Marine Base with the prisoners, he couldn't help but contemplate that Sabre had been smart to run away when he could. Because while he didn't have a Devil Fruit and even had a bounty of over 80 million, that meant nothing, because while in water Max would have shot him dead with his cannons and guns if he caught sight of him.

The crew had celebrated together and currently, they were having a feast on their ship with the 'confiscated' things from the Pirates. Each of them had earned quite a sum because Max had written off that some of the pirate's treasure had been lost at sea. But he had filled his men's pockets and made them all quite rich, especially Negan, Raynare, and himself. Raynare had been reluctant to accept, but with Max's insistence, she had accepted.

As Max looked at the Marine Base who was finally within his sight, it was in the middle of the night and his men were cleaning any traces of their feast. Negan had blacked out drunk and was sleeping on the floor.

At this time Raynare approached him with an unsure look on her face. "Sir… Do you think we did the right thing? We are feasting with stolen goods from pirates and taking their money… how does this make us any different from them?"

Max thought about this carefully. He contemplated killing Raynare, after all, unlike Negan or Max, she was a good person and didn't want to do things that go against her beliefs. But decided against it for the time since she had so much potential. "Raynare… do you know where all of this money goes once we give it to the Marines?"

"Invested in the community and Marine Force." She answered as if it was obvious. "New orphanages would be built and citizens who have suffered from Pirate Attacks would be compensated for their pain."

Max took all of this in and was surprised by how informed Raynare is. But that didn't last long as the young girl didn't know of the cruel truth in this world, so he decided to explain it to her. "Nope, all of that is what we tell everyone else. In reality, all of the money goes towards the Heavenly Dragons, also known as the World Nobles. Trash amongst trash, they use this money to buy their slaves, kill people, and rape women. I don't care what you think, but I in no way am I contributing to that!!"

Seeing the angry look on Max's face, who usually was always smiling made Raynare realize that the world wasn't all that it seemed to be. She also knew how the World Nobles were. "S -Sorry sir, I misunderstood." 

He smiled at her. "Don't worry Raynare, just make sure to spend as much money as you can. Because this way, at least we are putting less money in the World Nobles."

"Yes sir!" She saluted him, before going to get her share of money which she had planned to leave behind.

Max's smile widened. What he said was true, just not the whole truth. Obviously, some money goes to the World Nobles, but even if he didn't bring any money, it wouldn't matter since the World Nobles' main source of income wasn't pirate treasures but the tributes from the countries part of the World Government.

'Dear Raynare, she has a kind heart. But people like her are the easiest to manipulate.' Thought Max, while taking a small sip of the beer bottle in his hand. He winced. "Tch, even in a whole new world, and alcohol still tastes just as bad." 

He then threw the bottle overboard. Max never liked alcohol, not only because of the bad health risks, but also its taste. 


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