4 Body strength

Mark was shaking his head as he was sitting in his personal bedroom.

He whispered to himself indifferently.

" The range isn't increasing at all. "

It's been more than 5 months since Mark's last visit to Charlos's house.

He has been training his observation Haki non stop, but the range didn't increase in the slightest.

" This is my limit, at least the current limit, my body is what holds me back, I am turning four in a few months, and I am no big mom to punch legendary giants at five, my body is of a normal healthy human, but that's totally not enough. "

Now Mark had few ways before him, all of which can solve his current problem.

" I can eat a devil fruit, but I don't want to eat one, anyone with a speck of sense wouldn't want to, that thing is more than likely man made, and which man made super weapon doesn't have backdoors attached to it? "

Mark was sure the curse of the sea as they called it, was a part of precautions taken during it's creation.

Why would someone manufacture a power anyone can use and not have a defence mechanism built in, that's crazy talk.

" Like come on, a devil fruit user loses the ability to command his powers, his complete energy is drained and he becomes so helpless he can't even move, that's obviously an emergency shutdown mechanism. "

Mark was very wary of devil fruits in general.

You can't tell him people who can create powers that change the very concepts of reality, can't get rid of a stupid weakness.

And Mark wasn't willing to eat one to check if they had even more backdoors built into the thing.

" When Luffy starts his journey, I'll be 23, so within my lifetime he is going to become king of the pirates, and if there is anything wrong with devil fruits, it will surface during that time, I will be affected as well if I eat one, so no, that way is out. "

Mark decided to let devil fruits be for now, he is still very interested in their powers, but he as of now has powers of his very own he hasn't even touched.

Haki, observation, armament and conqueror, all three of them were amazing in their own right.

" So now that devil fruit is out of the question, I have two more ways remaining, Haki and Rokushiki. Which one do I choose? "

Wondered Mark, but he didn't want to waste time wondering something he doesn't need to.

Now that Mark was almost four, he has his own section of the house, with his own maid servants, so he simply clapped his hands.

* Clap calp *

Immediately the door opened and a woman of considerable grace bowed to him.

" Please command Saint Mark. "

Mark nodded to her as he gave his words.

" I am interested in methods of promoting strength, bring me a copy of all such methods available in the sea. "

A hardcore request for many, but to celestial dragons who ruled the world for eight hundred years and still going strong, this was as easy as it got.

" I'll be right back Saint Mark. "

Nodding his head he waved at her.

" You are dismissed. "

Immediately leaving Mark's room, the maid got to work, as Mark kept on practicing his Observation Haki again.

This time around he was sensing the maid as she was doing her job in the most efficient way possible.

Not only her, even the librarian had rushed to collect everything he could find on the topic.

" An efficient bunch, mother and father have selected the best of the best. "

Understanding this, Mark stopped observing the library as he began to now observe his mother and father, who were currently discussing about economical state of Rose family.

Mark knew that because he could read their lips, not because he has activated the ability to listen to voices.

Coby had something like that but it was very random and was traumatizing him when he kept hearing people dying.

" Hmm, well everything is going well. "

Mark was relieved seeing they were in no financial crisis, sure it was basically impossible because they were celestial dragons, but didn't hurt to check.

" Now let's see if I can activate listening to voices effect of Observation Haki, I don't need the voice of all things, just give me voice of somethings. "

Mark didn't want to unlock something like that abruptly, so he decided to keep slowly practicing, attempting to awaken abilities by controlled training, not randomly in the middle of a fight.

Unless you have thick plot armour named destiny, it is very difficult to go from getting bodied by a yanko to the yanko getting bodied by you in a matter of weeks.

" I am a regular man, I have no awesome fate helping me around, I swear this fate thing of D's almost feels like a conceptual weapon's effects. The fate fate fruit maybe. "

Mark decided to not care about that anymore, in law's words, he will use Haki to overpower it, if it is indeed the effects of a devil fruit.

If not, then also strong haki will help, not having it and having it makes a big difference in higher tire fights.

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