76 Massacre


"Help me...."

"Fire... please help me!!!"


Ordinary samurai could not resist the terrifying sea of ​​flames at all; they could only utter a shrill scream before being swallowed by the ​​flames and burned to ashes!!

But after all, it is Wano, a country full of samurai. Many of them show their skills by cutting off the flames, jumping into the air, or working together to cut a passage in the sea of ​​fire...

Kaido's flame, which was strong enough to burn a mountain, can only burn less than a thousand samurais to death.

But such destructive power, in the eyes of this group of samurais, is terrifying.

"Is this the strength of a dragon? We lost a third of our samurais in one blow."

"Weird... monster!!"

"Damn it!!"

"To kill my best friend, that dragon must be killed!"


"For the glory of the Kozuki Family, charge with me!"

Under the leadership of Kin'emon, Denjiro, Ashura Doji, and other daimyo retainers, they raised their swords, took the lead, and rushed to the forefront without fear.

"Hiyahohoho, Boss Kaido, you kill too much at once."

Chinjao touched his head while looking at the sea of ​​fire in front of him with a smile.

"That's right!"

Queen raised his hands and said dissatisfied: "My weapons haven't even been displayed yet."

Gion didn't say a word; her eyes scanned the rushing samurais as if she were looking for an opponent worthy of drawing her sword.

"Wo ro ro ro ro..."

The green dragon hovering in the sky gave an inspiring laugh.

"Come on!!"

"Kill them!"

King and Bullet rushed out first.

There were more than 2,000 samurais on the opposite side, but these two little guys went forward without fear.


While running, Bullet turned into a six-meter-tall white bear (the Devil Fruit development has improved again), revealing his dense, sharp White Fang as he roared!

King's body is entwined with raging flames, like a burning man, which is intimidating.


Kin'emon rushed to the front, and with a cold light flashing in his eyes, he used Foxfire Style that could cut off flames to slash toward King.


But at this moment, a sword blocked Kin'emon's attack, and sparks flew everywhere when their sword collided.

Kin'emon raised his head unwillingly and met a pair of cold eyes.

"Don't bully the trainee crew of our pirate group. I will be your opponent."

Gion looks at Kin'emon coldly.



The huge white bear and King rushed into the samurais, showing unmatched strength.

The bear's paw slapped the sword with terrifying force, flattening the sword with the samurai's chest.

King's flame was even more terrifying. The golden flames around him turn all the swords that slash towards him into molten iron. 

"This flame... ah ah ah."

The samurai who got a little closer felt extremely hot; his skin was prickly like a needle, and his internal organs felt like they were on fire, making him extremely uncomfortable.

That is simply the effect of high temperature.

Samurai who don't know Armament Haki can't get close to King at all.

"Kin'emon, we're here to help you!"

At this time, after only a moment of fighting, Kin'emon has already fallen into an obvious disadvantage.

Kin'emon has just become a swordsman, so how can he be Gion's opponent?

Just a few collisions made Kin'emon feel the breath of death.

At this moment, he already had several cuts on his body, and his clothes were soaked in blood.


Denjiro and Ashura Doji shot at Gion at the same time.

Gion's complexion remained unchanged; her eyes were cold, and she was not disadvantaged in one against three.

"Don't back down! Follow along and keep charging! For the great Kozuki family!"

As if sensing the fear of the samurai, Daimyo Shimotsuki Ushimaru stepped forward. Then, he rushed out with a sword in his hand, but before the samurai could react, Shimotsuki Ushimaru's body flew back at a faster speed.

The samurais looked up and saw that the person responsible for it was a man five meters tall, with a long awl head that was as black as ink and a ghostly aura exuding from his body. 

Beasts Pirates, Chinjao the Drill!

"Great Kozuki Family? Hiyahohoho, you're just a group of vulnerable guys!"

Chinjao taunted unceremoniously, then, with a grin, he rushed towards the group of samurai in front of him...

"Hasshoken Secret Art: Drill Dragon Nail!"



The seemingly sharp samurai sword is no match for the tip of Chinjao's head.

Under the violent impact, dozens of samurais with shattered swords flew up high while spitting out blood from their mouths before falling down one by one like dumplings.

"Mu Ha Ha Ha Ha, group of idiots, try my plague bomb!"

With a cigar in his mouth, Queen pulled out a Gatling Gun from nowhere and fired at Samurais excitedly.

"Da da da!!!"


There were screams from countless samurais!

Blood sprayed out everywhere.

Severed hands, broken feet, organs, and human heads kept rolling to the ground.

The entire battlefield fell into huge chaos.

But that's not the scariest...

The most creepy thing is that those samurai who survived had green stripes on their bodies as they kept screaming in pain.

Then, a samurai who wanted to rescue the wounded was instantly infected with the virus.

Then from one to two, ten, hundred...

In less than ten minutes, hundreds of samurais were infected.

This virus is just like its name, a plague.

It's so contagious!!

"See, this is the power of science!"

Queen proudly showed off in Chinjao and others' direction.

Indeed, in terms of the number of kills, no one except Kaido can match Queen.

For Queen, the results of the weapons he developed are even more fulfilling than killing people with his own strength.

This is the pride that belongs to a scientist!!


Kaido's huge body hovered in the clouds, and with every gesture, he brought down terrible disasters.

Dozens of thunderbolts fell from the sky, instantly turning the center of the battlefield into a sea of lightning.




None of the hundreds of samurais was spared, and they were all bombarded by lightning.

In the face of this horrific natural disaster, they didn't even have the power to resist at all, and their shrill screams disappeared into the air along with the rumbling sound of thunder...


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