92 Byrnndi World


There was a violent sound of breaking through the air as a black object galloped across the sea.


Kaido snorted coldly, and then his figure suddenly appeared on the coast of the deserted island 100 meters away.

"Thunder Bagua!"

Kaido's gaze was fixed on the incoming object as he swung his lightning-filled mace.

The electric current crackled as the powerful attack ripped through the air, leaving a destruction trail in its wake. 

The force of the attack blasted a gully on the sea surface while facing the incoming shell!



A violent explosion occurred when the lightning collided with the cannonball above the sea!

Then, the flames soared high into the sky, and a deep hole appeared in the sea below. At the same time, seawater surged and undulated wildly in all directions.

"What happened?!!"

The pirates on the island, who were in a frenzy of slaughter, were all awakened by the huge noise and stopped their actions one by one.


"What exactly is that?"

"Quick, furl the sails and turn the rudder to steady the boat.

"The waves are coming..."

The huge waves caused by the explosion affected various ships in the sea area.

On the contrary, Erebus, which is the nearest pirate ship to the center of the explosion, only swayed a few times because of its huge size.


"What is that..."

At this time, someone pointed to the direction where the shell was shot just now.

There, a medium-sized pirate ship was heading towards the island at a fast speed without being affected by the turbulent sea.

"That...that flag is...."

"World... World Pirates!!"

"Oh my God, it's that madman, World Destroyer, Byrnndi World!"

"Quick, get out of here. That lunatic will attack all ships that appear before him."

"Why is that mad dog here?"

"Don't worry about it so much, just run!"

"Go, or we will all be killed by him..."

After clearly seeing the skull flag on the pirate ship, no matter if it is a ship of pirates, a marine warship disguised as a pirate ship, or other forces, all of them panicked.

Many pirate ships put down their sails again and left here at the fastest speed after their ship became stable.

It seems that they are afraid that if they are slower, they will be buried in the sea!!

There's a reason why they're so scared...

World Pirates captain Byrnndi World is known as the 'World Destroyer' by the World because this guy is a complete lunatic.

As long as there's a ship in front of him, whether it is a pirate, a marine warship, a world Government ship, or even a Celestial Dragons ship, this guy will sink it without hesitation.

"It's World. What does this guy want?"

Kaishu's eyes narrowed slightly while looking at the approaching pirate ship coldly.

"World, are you here to make trouble?"

Kaido looks at the pirate ship that is getting closer and then at the figure standing at the ship's bow.

Byrnndi World is almost four meters tall, with green hair and a beard, a pair of fierce eyes with a scar on his left, and an aura that wants to destroy everything.

"Barorororo, it's really lively here!"

"Just two brats can attract so many pirates. What a bunch of useless bastards..."

"It's just right, I'll get rid of you all at once!"

Byrnndi World's fierce eyes swept over Kaishu and Kaido, and then he looked at the deserted island full of pirates.

Looking at the group of bloody pirates standing still there, his eyes had a cold, murderous look.

"Wo ro ro ro ro, World, what are you doing..."

Seeing that Waldo ignored his question, Kaido smiled angrily, and his killing intent burst out.

Then he faced the sky while roaring, and instantly, he turned into a majestic green dragon flying around the clouds!

"Looking for death!!"

"Heat breath!!

The terrifying conical flames sprayed out, and the high temperature instantly changed Byrnndi World's expression.

"That...that is Azure Dragon, Kaido!!"

"A Mythical Zoan Fruit is even rarer than Logia!"

"It's so scary, despite standing here. You can still feel the terrifying coercion from him."

"He's only the vice-captain..."

"Is this our future pirate group?"

At the same time, looking up at Kaido, who was exuding strong coercion at this moment.

All the pirates on the island suddenly have an impulse to worship him, and their desire to join the Beast Pirates even gets stronger!!

"This brat!!"

Byrnndi World's pupils shrank, and his expression instantly became more solemn.

He quickly raised the giant cannon on the bow with both hands and roared while grinning: "More-More Hundredfold Cannon!"


A cannonball shot out, and then it continuously expanded on the way, about a hundred times as large as before.


The deafening explosion sounded again, and the dazzling flames illuminated everyone's faces.

The shock waves generated by the explosion caused the sea surface to rage, and the waves surged one after another.

However, Kaido's heat breath is obviously a continuous output, although the explosion dispersed a large section of flames in the front.

But the conical flames in the back broke through the explosion and headed towards Byrnndi World's ship.

"More-More Hundredfold Chop!"

Byrnndi World enlarges the scythe to 100 times its original size and slashes forward.


The conical flame was split in two by Byrnndi World's sword and flowed from both sides of the ship.

I don't know if it's because of the high temperature or because of the confrontation just now. But Byrnndi World's forehead was dripping with sweat.

The way he looks at Kaido also changes from tyranny and contempt at the beginning to solemnity!

However, the ferocious aura on his body has not diminished in the slightest.

"Azure Dragon Kaido, you kid has such power."

"The group of trash from Marines still underestimated you."

Byrnndi World looked up at the dragon above him while speaking ferociously.

"Tell me your purpose, World!"

Kaido looked down at Byrnndi World and said in a condescending tone.

Obviously, Kaido also didn't take Byrnndi World seriously.

It should be said that apart from Kaishu, Kaido didn't take anyone seriously.

"Then, needless to say..."

Byrnndi World smiled ferociously while speaking: "Of course, to thank you for bringing so many pirates together."

"And giving me a chance to... kill all of you!!"


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