In a world where destiny weaves its intricate threads, Ross finds himself entangled in a web of fate beyond comprehension. Once a mafia enforcer in his past life, he meets his demise shielding his brother, the reigning mafia king, from a fatal betrayal. But as death claims him, another door opens. Transcending realms, Ross is reborn into the vibrant world of One Piece, armed with the memories of his former life and the knowledge of its canon. However, fate has a cunning twist in store. He awakens within the body of young Rosinante, a noble-hearted soul entwined in the dark machinations of piracy and government corruption. As Ross grapples with this new existence, a tragic turn of events leads to Rosinante's demise, allowing Ross's soul to seamlessly merge with his. Now, armed with his past experiences and the vessel of Rosinante, Ross embraces his chance at redemption and empowerment. Driven by a newfound purpose, Ross sets his sights on aiding his brother, the infamous Donquxote Doflamingo, in his quest to become the true ruler of the One Piece world. Amidst the turbulent seas and the clash of titanic powers, Ross navigates the treacherous waters of politics, betrayal, and warfare. Together with his brother Doffy, Ross/Rosinante must unravel the mysteries of the Grand Line, face off against formidable adversaries, and forge alliances that will shape the very fabric of the world. But as they ascend towards their ultimate goal, shadows from the past loom ominously, threatening to unravel everything he holds dear. In "One Piece : Brotherhood," embark on an epic journey where alliances are tested, loyalties are challenged, and destinies are rewritten. Will Ross help his brother carve his legacy into the annals of history, or will the specters of the past consume him whole? Or does Destiny have something entirely different in play for Ross that he might not even have imagined in his wildest dreams? *************************************************************************************************** Disclaimer: One Piece is a copyrighted work of Eiichiro Oda. This fanfiction is a creative work by Silent_stiele and is not officially affiliated with the One Piece franchise. For exclusive access to advance chapters and more, visit the author's Patreon page at https://www.patreon.com/Silent_stiele. Visit my Discord server for updates on the fanfic https://discord.gg/DecNeDpY

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Chapter 25

"Clang!" Garp effortlessly caught the Haki-clad club with his own Haki-coated arm, leaving Kaido bewildered. However, in a split second, Kaido shifted to his hybrid form and unleashed a full-powered energy beam, "Boro Blast," at close range.


A massive detonation ensued, shrouding the area in dust and smoke. "Hahahaha, Garp, you've grown too rusty to fall for such an attack. I am a Dragon that soars the sky, destined to become the King of this World," Kaido boasted, flexing despite the uncertainty of Garp's status.


Observing the situation with my Observation Haki, I knew Kaido wouldn't be so relaxed if he were concentrating on his own Observation.


"BOOM!" Garp's fist, coated in hardening, and Conqueror's haki slammed into Kaido's chest. Had Garp released the club, Kaido would have been launched back hundreds of meters. From the shockwave, I could estimate the tremendous force behind the punch. Kaido spat out blood as Garp's attack caused internal damage, proving Haki's supremacy regardless of Devil Fruit's abilities.


"Remember this lesson well, Kaido Brat. Regardless of your Devil Fruit, Haki always reigns supreme," Garp declared, rushing forward and relinquishing Kaido's club. Anticipating the threat with his Observation Haki, Kaido hardened his entire body with "Busoshoku: Koka."


"Meteorite!" Garp's blazing fist struck Kaido's chest, leaving a visible dent on the Haki-clad hybrid form. Realizing Garp's superiority, Kaido attempted to transform into a full-fledged dragon and take to the air.


However, Garp, a veteran of aerial battles against the likes of Shiki, effortlessly intercepted Kaido's attempt. With three Geppo steps, Garp closed the distance and unleashed a ferocious downward punch. Since the attack on Marineford, Garp has yet to vent his frustration properly, having failed to confront powerhouses like Roger, Whitebeard, and Shiki in the New World.


When Garp saw Kaido targeting his own ship, he resolved to impart a lesson Kaido would never forget.

"Blue Hole!" The impact sent Kaido crashing towards the hill in the center of the island. Garp wasted no time, immediately pursuing the fallen Dragon.


As Garp and Kaido made their way toward the island's center, the remaining marines and pirates, still standing after the Conqueror's Haki onslaught, prepared to confront each other. With Kitetsu drawn, I awaited Bogard's command to launch the attack on the remaining pirates. My target was already chosen: King, the future King of Conflagration and an All-Star of the Beast Pirates.


Bogard simply waved his hand, signaling the remaining marines to descend upon the pirates like a tide. "Bogard-san, please allow me to face that man." I directed my request towards Bogard, indicating King, who was attempting to collect himself from Garp's Conqueror's Haki pressure. After observing King briefly, Bogard nodded at me, granting consent to confront my chosen enemy. My primary reason for seeking Bogard's approval was to ensure that the Rear Admiral wouldn't interfere once the fight began.


I closely scrutinized my target. King stood as a towering figure, boasting a well-muscled, broad-shouldered frame and long limbs. As a Lunarian, he bore the distinctive features of his race: large, black-feathered wings sprouting from his back, extending down to knee length, a brown complexion, and silver-white hair. His hair was shaved on the sides but left long on top, mostly drawn back and bound at King's occiput before cascading freely down past his nape. Several sidelocks hung on the right side of King's face, reaching his collarbone, including a thin braid.

"Soru!" I flickered at lightning-fast speed towards King, who stood ready to face the incoming Marines. Sensing my threat, he quickly kicked out with his long limbs. However, with my high mastery of observation, King's attack was easy to detect, and I dodged it swiftly, swinging Kitetsu at him.




King drew his own sword to deflect my attack. As our blades clashed, sparks flew in all directions, illuminating the battlefield with flashes of light. King's swordsmanship was formidable; each of his strikes was delivered with precision and power. I parried his blows with Kitetsu, feeling the force behind each impact reverberate through my arms.


With a swift twist of his wrist, King aimed a diagonal slash towards my midsection, but I anticipated his move and sidestepped just in time. Seizing the opportunity, I countered with a rapid series of strikes, aiming for the gaps in his defense. However, King was no easy opponent; he expertly parried each blow, and his movements were fluid and calculated.


The clash of our swords echoed across the island as we danced in a deadly dance of steel. I could feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins, heightening my senses and sharpening my focus. Every move I made was calculated, and every strike was aimed with precision.


King's attacks grew more aggressive, his strikes coming faster and with greater force. I responded in kind, matching his intensity with my own ferocity. We traded blows with blistering speed, each strike threatening to land a fatal blow.


But amidst the chaos of battle, I remained calm and focused. With a sudden burst of speed, I launched myself into the air, somersaulting over King's head and landing behind him in a fluid motion. Before he could react, I lunged forward, driving Kitetsu towards his back with all my strength, completely cladding my blade with Haki.

However, just before my blade could pierce through, I sensed a sudden threat and swiftly retreated a dozen meters. There, I saw a large mass of flames engulfing King's back, a trait of his Lunarian heritage.


"Tch, you're lucky to have detected my flames," King remarked as he turned to face me once more.


"Hahaha, you think I'd fall for such a trick, Alber?" I replied confidently, sensing my upper hand in the battle. From my estimation, King had only recently joined Kaido's ranks.


My words seemed to shock King, his eyes widening in disbelief. "Who are you? How do you know my name? Are you with the World Government?" He questioned with a threatening tone, but I ignored his queries, intentionally using his name to unsettle him.

"Alber, oh Alber, you rushed into joining Kaido. You could have chosen better," I taunted, further provoking his anger.


"What do you know, kid? Kaido-sama will become the King of this world and bring down the World Government," King retorted, his hatred for the World Government evident.

"I may be a kid, but I know Kaido will never ascend the throne. At best, he'll be an infamous pirate in the New World, and you, his right-hand man, Kaido, really wasted a mythical Zoan fruit by consuming it." I mocked, further infuriating King; it was also because Kaido's devil fruit was something I would have consumed if I had gotten it, but now it was too late.


A gunshot suddenly echoed across the battlefield, but I swiftly swung my Kitetsu, cleanly slicing the sea stone bullet in half. I had detected another assailant targeting me, whom I recognized as Queen, a former MADS member and future All-Star of the Beast Pirates.


Aware that the sea stone bullet held a sinister secret, I remained vigilant. Before Queen could launch another attack, Bogard intervened, moving swiftly toward him with a drawn blade, ensuring no interference in our confrontation.

As Bogard engaged Queen, I refocused my attention on King, readying myself for the impending clash. With a determined expression, King unleashed the full power of his devil fruit, transforming into a formidable Pteranodon and taking to the skies.


Hovering above me, King let out a deafening screech, his wings beating against the air with powerful strokes. I watched as he descended upon me, his sharp talons poised to strike with deadly precision.


With a swift motion, I raised Kitetsu to parry King's attack, the clash of blade and claw ringing out across the battlefield. As we locked in combat, I could feel the heat radiating from his flaming wings, intensifying the tension of our confrontation.


King's aerial maneuvers were swift and unpredictable, his agility in the air making it difficult for me to land a decisive blow. But I remained vigilant, analyzing his movements and searching for an opportunity to gain the upper hand.


With each exchange, sparks flew as our weapons clashed, the intensity of our duel escalating with every passing moment. Despite King's ferocious assault, I refused to back down, determined to stand my ground and emerge victorious.


As the battle raged on, I focused on exploiting any weaknesses in King's defense, probing for openings to deliver a decisive strike. With every movement, I remained agile and alert, ready to counter any attack with precision and skill.


In his Pteranodon form, King unleashed a barrage of fire projectiles aimed at burying me beneath a series of explosions. With swift precision, I deflected each incoming flaming projectile with my sword, refusing to yield to his relentless assault.


As the air crackled with fiery chaos, I swiftly assumed a sword draw stance, channeling Armament Haki to imbue my blade with added strength. With a resolute swing, I unleashed a flying slash towards King, slicing through the incoming projectiles and connecting with his airborne form.


A deafening screech echoed through the battlefield as my attack left a deep gash on King's side, despite his attempt to defend himself with Haki. Enraged by the blow, King prepared to retaliate, but I refused to give him the chance.


Utilizing the advanced techniques of Geppo and Soru, I moved with unparalleled speed, darting towards the towering form of King with lightning-fast agility. With a decisive downward slice, I brought Kitetsu crashing down upon him, the force of the blow sending his massive form hurtling towards the ground below.


As King's colossal body collided with the earth, a cloud of dust and debris engulfed the area, its impact reverberating through the battlefield. With King momentarily subdued, I stood ready, prepared to face whatever challenges lay ahead in our fierce battle.

After landing a few meters away from where King had crashed, I flicked away the bloodstain on my blade and kept my gaze fixed on the crater where King had landed. Amidst the swirling dust and smoke, I observed as King emerged, his human form bearing a large wound on his shoulder, almost severing one of his arms. Despite his injuries, he stepped forward to face me once again, his determination unwavering.

"Kid, you sure are quite strong. I did not know the Marines were hiding such a monster. Tell me, what kind of glorious story did the Marines use to make you the World Government's lapdog? Yes, kid, you heard me right. That's all you are—the World Government's dog," King remarked, despite his pain, maintaining a smirk on his face with a teasing smile.


"Is that supposed to irk me? Hahahaha, King, you sure are naive. You are the last living relic of a now-fallen race, and you still have the time to tease me, a child who you couldn't beat in single combat," I retorted, not falling for his words. I had never considered myself a Marine, so no matter how much he tried to insult me, it was not going to work.


"Kid, this is just a scratch. Don't think you have won. As long as Kaido-sama is here, the Marines can do nothing to us," King boasted about Kaido. Right when he wanted to continue, a strong boom resounded, shaking the entire island to its core.


"Galaxy Impact!"

Garp launched his most powerful blow towards Kaido, who was crushed beneath the attack with no chance of resistance.


"Hahaha, Alber, is that the man you think will ascend the throne in the future? He is only alive because of his Devil Fruit. He never had the resolve or determination needed to conquer the world." I couldn't help but shake my head in disappointment. I coated my blade again with Haki to restart the fight with King. My Observation Haki already detected that the huge island was slowly sinking from Garp's last blow. With a few more attacks of such intensity and power, the island would be buried beneath the sea.

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