In a world where destiny weaves its intricate threads, Ross finds himself entangled in a web of fate beyond comprehension. Once a mafia enforcer in his past life, he meets his demise shielding his brother, the reigning mafia king, from a fatal betrayal. But as death claims him, another door opens. Transcending realms, Ross is reborn into the vibrant world of One Piece, armed with the memories of his former life and the knowledge of its canon. However, fate has a cunning twist in store. He awakens within the body of young Rosinante, a noble-hearted soul entwined in the dark machinations of piracy and government corruption. As Ross grapples with this new existence, a tragic turn of events leads to Rosinante's demise, allowing Ross's soul to seamlessly merge with his. Now, armed with his past experiences and the vessel of Rosinante, Ross embraces his chance at redemption and empowerment. Driven by a newfound purpose, Ross sets his sights on aiding his brother, the infamous Donquxote Doflamingo, in his quest to become the true ruler of the One Piece world. Amidst the turbulent seas and the clash of titanic powers, Ross navigates the treacherous waters of politics, betrayal, and warfare. Together with his brother Doffy, Ross/Rosinante must unravel the mysteries of the Grand Line, face off against formidable adversaries, and forge alliances that will shape the very fabric of the world. But as they ascend towards their ultimate goal, shadows from the past loom ominously, threatening to unravel everything he holds dear. In "One Piece : Brotherhood," embark on an epic journey where alliances are tested, loyalties are challenged, and destinies are rewritten. Will Ross help his brother carve his legacy into the annals of history, or will the specters of the past consume him whole? Or does Destiny have something entirely different in play for Ross that he might not even have imagined in his wildest dreams? *************************************************************************************************** Disclaimer: One Piece is a copyrighted work of Eiichiro Oda. This fanfiction is a creative work by Silent_stiele and is not officially affiliated with the One Piece franchise. For exclusive access to advance chapters and more, visit the author's Patreon page at https://www.patreon.com/Silent_stiele. Visit my Discord server for updates on the fanfic https://discord.gg/DecNeDpY

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Chapter 24

I knew that if Garp had stayed back, the Cipher Pol would have surely intervened to prevent the attack. Perhaps they would have devised an alternative plan to undermine Zephyr's prestige.


As I mentioned the collusion between Marines and pirates, I witnessed a flicker of shame in Garp's eyes. A man known for his unwavering resolve in the face of adversity couldn't help but sag in shame at the thought of how far the Marines had fallen.

"Ross, that's enough. This is not the time," Kuzan interjected firmly, redirecting the conversation. "We need to address your recent behavior first."


Garp, frustration etched on his features, turned to us with a questioning gaze, seeking an explanation. Kuzan began to outline my recent actions, but I remained silent. I refused to deny who I was or compromise my principles, even in the face of scrutiny.


"Ross, I hope you have a good explanation for why you killed a fellow Marine," Garp questioned, disapproval evident in his tone.


"Tell me, Garp-sensei, do you still consider them Marines?" I retorted, a hint of defiance coloring my words. "Why don't you go and tell the eight hundred families who lost loved ones that their deaths were at the hands of fellow Marines? Dying for a cause is one thing, but being betrayed is another. The moment they turned on their comrades, they forfeited their humanity. All I did was rid the world of vermin, and if I have to do it again, I won't lose a moment's sleep over it."


My words hung heavy in the air, a stark reminder of the harsh realities of war and betrayal. Garp's expression softened slightly, perhaps begrudgingly acknowledging the validity of my stance, even if he couldn't fully condone my actions.


"Perhaps Kuzan-san isn't fully aware of the truth yet, but you, Garp-san, should know better," I asserted, taking a step forward. With resolve in my heart, I began my own training regimen, unleashing blows upon another battered warship, leaving Garp and Kuzan to ponder my words in silence.


Days passed, and Vergo made a full recovery from his injuries. Under Kong's orders, Marineford's defenses underwent a complete restructuring. Determined to prevent a recurrence of the recent tragedy, Kong orchestrated a massive overhaul despite the World Government's reluctance to allocate sufficient funds. Through resourcefulness and determination, Kong managed to redirect funds, ensuring the extensive modifications to Marineford were carried out swiftly and effectively.

After ensuring that Marineford was back on track, Garp felt the pull of the open sea, yearning to hunt pirates to soothe his restless heart. He made the decision to depart from Marineford, leaving behind Kuzan to pursue enrollment in the elite academy and graduate alongside the finest Marines. Though Zephyr extended the offer for me to join the elite academy as well, a privilege rarely granted at such a young age, I declined, opting instead to remain under Garp's mentorship.

Meanwhile, Dragon, now promoted to Vice Admiral, received a new assignment. He was reassigned to lead his own Marine division and was stationed at the G5 Marine Base in the New World, ready to face the challenges that awaited him in the treacherous seas.


As for Vergo, under Zephyr's guidance, he joined the Marines to begin his journey from the ground up. With Zephyr's tutelage, Vergo would lay a solid foundation upon which he would eventually be admitted to the elite academy, poised to become one of the Marine's finest.


As the Marine ship cruised through the turbulent waters of the New World, it had been more than three months since our return to these treacherous seas. Perched at the forefront of the vessel, I sat with an old violin nestled in my arms, the wood warmed by the glow of the setting sun.


With a gentle sway of the ship, I drew the bow across the strings, summoning forth the familiar tune of "Binks' Sake," which I had recently mastered after receiving the said score from a pirate group that we destroyed. The melody carried a bittersweet echo, reflecting the passage of time and the trials we had faced since our return to these turbulent waters.


"Why is the kid playing a pirate song on a Marine ship?" One of the newly joined Marine soldiers couldn't help but inquire. Garp had assigned some of his veteran soldiers to Dragon's division with Kong's assistance, aiming to provide support for his new posting. As I often avoided wearing my uniform, many of the newcomers knew me simply as a kid under Garp's training, unaware of my lieutenant rank.

"Shhhh, music has no language, no boundaries, and no barriers," Bogard, leaning against the main mast, interjected. "It transcends all borders and brings the whole world together. So what if it's a song favored by pirates? Just enjoy it."

I remained focused on the music, tuning out the comments and immersing myself in the melody.

I hadn't slacked on my training for even a day, and with each passing day, I could feel myself growing stronger. I had reached a decent level of control using the Voice of All Things, and through repeated high-intensity battles, I had gained a rudimentary grasp of emission. I understood that frequent battles, especially those teetering on the brink of life and death, were the most effective way to hone my Haki skills.


As for Kitetsu, I noticed a gradual transformation occurring within the blade. With each infusion of Haki, the Sandai Kitetsu took on a darker shade, inching closer to becoming a black blade. Perhaps the blade had already been honed by previous users, and my Haki was accelerating its transformation. Even Bogard was taken aback when he witnessed Kitetsu turning into a black blade; despite years of nurturing his own blade, it had yet to darken.


I considered myself fortunate to wield such a high-grade blade. With each drop of blood shed in battle, the bond between Kitetsu and me grew stronger, solidifying our connection and enhancing its power.


As I was engrossed in my music, I was interrupted by an intriguing message from the shoal of fish. A smirk tugged at my lips as I realized that dumb pirates were targeting the warship with Garp aboard. Curiosity piqued, I wondered who could be foolish enough to attempt such a feat. The pirate ship utilized the cover provided by the treacherous climate of the New World Seas to catch us off guard. Perhaps our recent loss of the ship's figurehead in battle had emboldened them to target us.


With a calm demeanor, I rose to my feet and utilized my Observation Haki to probe the incoming danger. Bogard, noticing my actions, approached me, eager to understand the situation.

"Bogard-san, pirates are approaching from our rear. There are three ships incoming, but they are currently out of my observation range," I explained to Bogard, who swiftly relayed the information and commands, including notifying Garp, who was resting within the ship.


Bogard didn't question the authenticity of my information; maybe he was already aware of some of my secrets because he was Garp's most trusted confidant, and my range of Observation Haki, had long surpassed his. The only person who could surpass my range on this ship was Garp himself.


Bogard ordered the ship's navigator to turn in the direction of the nearest island. Fighting with solid ground under our feet seemed like a better option than battling on turbulent seas, especially in the unpredictable waters of the New World.


A minute or two later, Garp emerged on deck, fully adorned in his Marine attire, a commanding presence that needed no words to convey urgency.


"Three pirate ships are quickly approaching our position. It feels like someone who can surpass my range of observation; I'm pretty sure they have a decent bounty," I relayed to Garp, still attempting to extend my range of observation to glean more information.


Sensing Garp's swift retraction of his aura to its maximum, I marveled at his expertise in concealing himself from Observation Haki. While I couldn't detect him solely through Observation, his vitality shone brightly when I tapped into the Voice of All Things.


"Kid, unleash your Haki to the maximum. Let them believe you're the strongest fighter aboard. Increase the ship's speed to the maximum; make them think we're attempting to flee," Garp commanded, shedding his Marine coat and rolling up his sleeves in preparation for the impending battle.


The entire ship buzzed with activity as we awaited the arrival of the three pirate ships. It took another ten minutes for them to come within visual range, their Jolly Roger flags waving ominously in the wind. When I recognized the emblem, a laugh escaped my lips involuntarily—it was the Beast Pirates. There, amidst their ranks, I could already discern the imposing figure of a young Kaido, swinging his club aggressively as if to threaten the very integrity of our marine vessel.


Kaido held a special place in my mind; perhaps it was petty, but from my canon knowledge, I understood that while he was in an alliance with Doflamingo, it was more akin to Doflamingo being subservient due to the vast difference in their strength. Kaido was someone I aspired to surpass in the future, though with my current abilities, the user of the Mythical Dragon Fruit was undoubtedly out of my league. However, for Garp, the current Kaido posed no challenge at all.

Kaido had a history of targeting Marines multiple times for plundering, but it seemed he had chosen the wrong target this time. The current Kaidou had yet to set his sights on Wano Country.


As our Marine ship approached a large inhabited island, the Beast Pirates closed in within cannon range. Sensing their confidence, Garp ordered the Marines to fire the cannons haphazardly, creating chaos and confusion among the pirates who believed they had the upper hand, pushing us toward the island's shores with aggressive maneuvers.

"Boom! Boom!... Boom!" The thunderous roar of cannon shots closed off the retreat routes of the marine ship. Quickly disembarking, the Marines hastened toward the island, followed closely by the Beast Pirates, who ensured there was no avenue of escape for their quarry.


"Hahahaha, you pathetic Marines! Quite the runners you all are! I originally only wanted to plunder everything you guys were worth, but then you made me chase all of you for so long. So, I've decided to send you all to hell," Kaido bellowed, his imposing form radiating Conqueror's Haki to incapacitate as many Marines as possible.


I seized the opportunity to hone my own Conqueror's Haki, releasing it with all my might. Lightning surged from both sides: Kaido's Haoshoku manifested as purple lightning, while mine crackled with pitch-black energy tinged with gold. The initial clash highlighted the disparity between our abilities, yet I held my ground. Curiously, Kaido observed me as if I were some sort of treasure.


"Hahaha, kid, you're quite interesting. Such control of Haoshoku at such a tender age. Join me, and I'll spare your life. If not, I'll bury you here with the rest of the Marines," Kaido challenged, releasing his Conqueror's Haki with full intensity in an attempt to intimidate me.


Undeterred, I gritted my teeth and summoned my willpower. Though Kaido's Conqueror's Haki was overwhelming, I refused to back down. Just when it seemed I might falter, a surge of Conqueror's Haki erupted from the Marines' side, overpowering Kaido and forcing him to his knees.


"Who's there? Come out, you coward!" Kaido roared in anger, seeking the source of his disadvantage.

"Clank, clank, clank." The clash of lightning produced an eerie noise as the Marines parted like the tide, revealing Garp walking majestically forward, closely followed by Bogard. With each step, Garp exerted pressure on Kaido, causing him to sink lower into the ground.


"GARP!" Kaido and the remaining Beast Pirates stood in disbelief, realizing their grave mistake. With most of their crew incapacitated, they couldn't make a swift retreat.

"Kaido, brat, it seems I should have dealt with you back in God Valley. You've become quite the menace in recent years," Garp declared nonchalantly, advancing toward Kaido with measured steps, his gaze briefly pausing on a sweating teen with black wings behind his back, struggling to withstand the force of Garp's Conqueror's Haki.

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