97 Wano Kuni

A few days later,

[New World, Wano -- Onigashima],

"Kaido-san, we just got a report that Ashen's ship just arrived near Wano's waterfall" King informed Kaido who was busy drinking from his massive bottle of alcohol.

"*Gulp*-*Gulp*…Blah!…So you have finally come Demon" Kaido muttered to himself before he smash the bottle in his hand.

"There is actually some else with him" King stated.

"Someone else?"

"Shiki the Golden Lion"

"What the hell does that old man doing with him? He should've stayed hidden after all this time…Let them come, I'm sick of these brats…Akagami, Ashen, I'll smash their heads!"

[Water near Wano],

As the sea spray dances in the air, a magnificent waterfall cascades from towering cliffs, creating a natural spectacle that dominates the landscape.

A pirate ship flying the Ashen Pirates Jolly Roger, approached the waterfall's embrace.

"Remined why I'm also here?" Shiki asked while he was standing beside Ashen near the ship's prow.

"To use your devil fruit power and fly us directly to Onigashima" Ashen casually replied.

"Right…I wonder how strong that brat Kaido became? I still remember him as a shitty rookie on Rocks ship" Shiki stated.

"I'll be the one fighting him anyway, you just stay back and smoke your cigar…me and my crew we'll handle this"

"Don't tell me what to do brat" Shiki said as he proceeded to touch the ship with his palm, before it started floating in the air, then he made it fly upwards towards the top of the waterfall.

As they ascended the colossal waterfall and reached the summit, a breathtaking vista unfolded before their eyes. Wano, the Land of Samurai, revealed itself in all its majestic glory. Lush green mountains stretched as far as the eye can see, adorned with vibrant cherry blossom trees that scatter delicate petals upon the breeze. The air is thick with a sense of ancient traditions and untamed beauty.

Before them lied a sprawling landscape of picturesque villages, their quaint thatched-roof houses nestled amidst terraced rice fields that cascade down the hillsides. The fields shimmer with emerald hues, reflecting the sunlight that filters through the verdant canopy above.

In the distance, the grandeur of Wano's capital, the legendary Flower Capital, comes into view. Its towering pagodas and intricately designed architecture stand as testaments to the country's rich heritage. Cherry blossom petals danced in the air, painting the surroundings with a dreamlike ambiance, while the rhythmic beat of taiko drums resonates through the streets, symbolizing the indomitable spirit of the samurai.

"So, this is Wano…It looks so much better in real life" Ashen remarked while enjoying the breath-taking view in front of him.

"We're not here to sightsee, are we?" Moria asked with a serious expression, for him this was more than just a mission to steal the Road Poneglyph, it was a chance to payback Kaido for slaughtering his crew.

"Relax, being hasty won't do us any good"

The ship gracefully soared through the open skies, leaving behind the roaring cascade of the waterfall, it made its way towards Kuri.

As the ship glides over the Flower Capital, the residents below gazed in awe, pointing skyward with wonder. The bustling streets and vibrant rooftops become a mosaic of color, a vibrant tapestry against the backdrop of Wano's ancient architecture.

The plan was to drop Enel, Franky and Ken in Kuri Castle, so they could sneak into the basement, find Kozuki Sukiyaki's secret room and get a copy of the Poneglyph. However, neither Ashen nor anyone else expect the Kozuki Family themselves knows where exactly it is so it might take some time to do so, that's why Ashen and the rest will keep Kaido entertained in the meanwhile.

"Alright, you know the plan? Make sure to be quick, we don't have all day…contact us with the Den Den Mushi when you're done" Ashen said to Enel. The latter nodded in understanding.

"Don't worry boss we get this done!" Ken assured him.

"Now, off you go!"

"Hey, how the hell do you know it's there anyway?" Shiki asked, curious about how Ashen found out about all this when it's his first-time visiting Wano.

"I told you before, I just know things that normal people don't that's all. Let's just leave it at that"

"You're going to have to get used to that while dealing with him" Calvin said to Shiki, he was with Ashen from the beginning of the journey, and he already grew accustomed to that.

Onwards the ship ventured, towards the enigmatic Onigashima. The sky above transformed into a swirling cauldron of clouds, tinged with hues of purple and gold.

Onigashima, the island fortress of chaos and power, emerged from the mist like a foreboding silhouette against the twilight sky. its centerpiece, the Skull Dome, stands as a sinister symbol of dominance and tyranny. The colossal structure, resembling a massive skull, exudes an aura of foreboding power. Its eye sockets, hollow and empty.


As the ship drew near Torii, a small fortress located at sea, right in front of Onigashima and with an actual, gigantic torii gate towering over it. Heavily armed and with dozens of Beasts Pirates, there was a moment of complete silent on the ship before Shiki spoke.

"…something is coming…"

As the ship approached, all of a sudden, a giant, serpentine, blue-scaled dragon appeared from Onigashima flying towards the Sword of Xebec.

"A dragon?!" Urouge exclaimed.


"Worororo!...I've been waiting for you Demon!" With a thunderous laugh reverberating through the heavens, Kaido's exclamation echoed across the skies. In an awe-inspiring display of power, he took on his formidable dragon form, soaring upwards until he reached the same lofty altitude as the ship,

"I don't know what brought you here, you and that old bastard Shiki!...but, don't think you're going to leave that easily!" Kaido proceeded to gather fire inside his mouth before breathing it out into a huge, conical blast towards the Sword of Xebec.

"Bolo Breath!"

"He's not wasting any time, that bastard!" Moria said, gritting his teeth from anger as bad memories from their last encounter surged into his mind.

"Shit! That will turn the ship to ashes if it hit us!" Urouge exclaimed, nervously looking at the massive blast flying towards them.

"Jihahaha! Looks like the kid got himself a nice devil fruit!" Shiki remarked, looking unworried.

"Don't even dare to use fire in my presence" Ashen immediately jumped towards the edge of the figurehead in the ship's prow before he amassed fire inside his body, and then expelled it from his mouth into a gigantic blast, covering even wider range than Kaido's.

<Katon Gouka Mekkyaku>

*BOOOM* As the two attacks met each other, they caused a gigantic explosion illuminating the sky.

Kaido immediately turned to his human form after that and landed on Onigashima's ground, grasping his Kanabo tightly with one hand.

The rest of the Beast Pirates also appeared, including Kaido's top commanders the three All-Stars. (Jack won't be included since he's only 12 years old at this timeline, even though he's already part of the crew)

Ashen proceeded to jump out of the ship and flew downwards as thick black lightning and purple flames wrapped his right arm.

"Hoi, you guys should get out of the way before you get hurt…" Kaido said to his subordinates with a serious expression.


"WRAAAA!!!" Kaido let out a loud battle cry ready to meet Ashen's attack head on but to his shock the latter didn't bother with that and emitted his attack from the sky.

With an awe-inspiring display of strength, Ashen channeled his power into his right arm, infusing it with a potent combination of Advanced Conqueror's Haki and Ryou. Purple flames danced around his clenched fist, blazing with an intensity that seemed to consume the very air. Simultaneously, he harnessed the raw energy of Hasshoken, further amplifying his might. In a single, decisive motion, he unleashed his devastating attack. The force of his punch rippled through the atmosphere, creating a colossal sphere of crackling Haki that pulsed with a destructive energy. The shockwave surged downwards, obliterating everything in its path, leaving naught but awe-stricken witnesses and a trail of devastation in its wake.

"Cosmic Annihilation!!!"



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