90 The Sea in Turmoil (2)

A few days later…Somewhere in the new world…

A massive vessel that flies the Ashen Pirates Jolly Roger is sailing back from Elbaf to the newly taken Hachinosu. After Ashen defeated the Silver-Axe Pirates he contacted the rest of his crew that stayed at Elbaf guarding the prisoners from Big Mom pirates, since it was quite dangerous to leave them unguarded.

The ones that were taking that responsibly are, Calvin, Moria, Diana, Amber and Franky who are now transporting the prisoners back to Hachinosu, their Headquarters again.

"Man do I have a feeling something big is going to happen soon" Moria said, while standing near Calvin on the ship's deck.

"Only an emperor or the navy would dare to make a move on us now. But you are right, since we defeated Big Mom, the seas have been more chaotic than it ever was. I wouldn't be surprised if something happens" Calvin replied while enjoying the sea view "But don't worry, as long as I'm her I won't let anyone fuck up Ashen plans"

"Kishishi! Who said I'm worried? I'm just longing for a fight that's all, I can't afford to get satisfied with my power until I see that bastard Kaido taken down and to avenge my fallen comrades" Moria declared while clenching his fists "…or at least that is all I wanted when I first join in, as for now I want to help Ashen as well, to achieve his dream…What about you? Why are you following him?"

Calvin gasped for a second before he answered "Well, at first, I was just forced to join under certain circumstances, I didn't have any other choice, I did it because I wanted to become stronger and protect my daughter. But as I followed him throughout the years and saw his true power, I came to believe that he's someone who could change the world and I'm willing to help him do that" Calvin stopped for a second before he continued "When he manages to achieve his dream eventually, I wonder what kind of world he would create?"

"Yo guys! What's up?" Diana interrupted, while casually greeting them.

"Just chatting that's all" Calvin replied with a smile "Since we brought this subject…by the way, I never got to hear your story. I heard you mention your dad being a marine once, back in east blue when we wear fighting marines at Logue Town"

"Why the sudden interest?"

"You don't have to if you don't want"

"It's nothing important, my father used to be a Marine Lieutenant when I was a kid. Apparently, his superior was a douchbag who believed in absolute, he ordered his men to take down some criminals in one of their missions" she said, then she added "The problem is that those criminals had civilian hostages, including kids. My father couldn't bring himself to shoot them, along with some of his other colleagues they refused to do that, so they were all executed on the spot for refusing orders…One of his friends in the navy told us the story sometimes later"

"Sorry to hear that, I experienced a similar situation before with Ashen"

"Yeah, it was a long time ago, my mother is still alive though. I'm from Tsuki Village in Conomi Islands" she stated.

"Conomi Islands? I've been there once, nice place"

"Yeah, it is"

"Did you hate the navy? I mean you obviously do know that you are a pirate, but before that" Calvin asked her.

"I suppose you could say that. Although, if you look at it from another perspective, the world government, the navy, they are a necessary evil. Imagine if they didn't exist, the whole world would be in constant wars, everyone would be fighting for power…though it would better if it was a less corrupt government and does not support some filthy insects that call themselves gods" Diana stated.

"You have a point"

About a day later, Calvin and the others managed to get into contact and reunited with Urouge and Yamamoto who successfully retrieved the real Road Poneglyph from Toto Land, and they also captured Charlotte Brûlée so Ashen can use her to pressure Katakuri, before they made their way to Hachinosu.

[New World, Hachinosu – Rocky Port],

As Calvin and the others docked the ship, they found Ashen waiting for them at the port.

"You made it!" Ashen said, with a big smile and a welcoming gesture.

"Yo boss!" Urouge greeted him back.

"I see that you have taken back this place without a problem" Calvin commented, seeing dozens of pirates roaming the pirates, then he saw some buildings being repaired "I guess you didn't hold back either"

"Hahaha, there ain't no way I lose to some shitty old pirate" Ashen responded with a grin, before he shifted his gazed to the prisoners who just got off the ship. They were all chained, arms and feet with Seastone shackles "What's up Katakuri! Have you changed your mind yet?!" Ashen asked with a grin as he approached him.

Katakuri only responded with a hostile look, his forehead and arm veins bulging in anger.

"Don't try anything smartass" Diana said while aiming her gun at Brûlée's head.

"Big Bro Katakuri!!" Brûlée cried loudly.

"If you dare to hurt her, I will make you pay for it" Katakuri declared with a low yet menacing tone of voice.

"Don't be stupid, she's a hostage why would I kill her? Although I might torture her for a bit to get you in line" Ashen declared with a smirk. Hearing those words, Katakuri couldn't hold his anger and released a massive burst of Conqueror's Haki, knocking out a few of Ashen's men who were working around the port.

Ashen narrowed his eyes while his face had a serious expression. He quickly disappeared and reappeared in front of Katakuri, before he punched his injured chest so hard that the later fell on his knees from pain "Try that again, and your dear little sister will lose a finger…do you understand?"

"COUGH--COUGH!!..." Katakuri just stood silence in his place without uttering a word.

"I'll take that as yes…take them to the underground prison, don't let anyone get near them and do not under any circumstance hurt any of them without my permission" Ashen gave order, before he turned back and left.

A few weeks later…Ashen quickly made plans to take over Totto Land, Big Mom's territory and sent some of his crew there to take care of things. While he took the time to relax and enjoy himself.

In the meanwhile,…

"Huh? Who the hell is that?" said one of the guards near the port while looking at the sea with the spyglass.

A small raft appeared in Rocky Port. A black boat that resembles a coffin and has candles lit on the edges that burns with green fire. At the center is a mast that resembles a large crucifix, with black sails and a seat. Sitting on it, is a tall lean, and muscular man with black hair, a short beard, mustache and sideburns that point upwards.

"Let me check it out…" Another man took the spyglass from him and got a closer look "Shit!!!" When he recognized the one riding the boat, the man screamed in shock before he ordered the order guy to inform Ashen "Quickly, go tell the boss it's Hawk Eyes!!"

"O-Ok" The man hurriedly ran towards the skull building to inform Ashen. In the meanwhile, Mihawk calmly docked his raft and made his way out of the port, before he was stopped.

"H-Hawk Eyes! The hell do you want?!" Around two dozen of men surrounded him with their weapons drawn.

"Shut up, I have no business with you. Take me your boss" Mihawk responded calmly while gazing at the prominent skull building "For someone who likes to cause chaos, he's been pretty calm lately"

"Let him in!" Ashen's voice was loudly heard from the speaker across the island.

…On the top of the skull building…

Ashen was sitting on a big couch with a few girls lying beside him. He cracked a smile when he saw Mihawk.

"My boy Mihawk is here! Have a seat!" Ashen said pointing at the small couch in front of him "Want a drink?"

"I'm not here to play around Demon" Mihawk replied, still keeping his neutral facial expressions "Our last duel was interrupt"

"I see…straight to the point" Ashen quickly understood what he wanted "Though, you have some balls coming to an emperor's territory alone, but that's why I respect you…no crew, no ship, no devil fruit, nothing. Just a sword, a raft and your skills"

"I didn't expect you to take down Big Mom, I'm impressed. I heard you also defeated Akagami" Mihawk questioned, clearly wanting a confirmation.

"Ah, red hair boy. He crossed the line a little, so I had to teach him a lesson…no hard feelings though, we fought and survived together against Kuzan, we're still buddies, I guess. Although it seems that he still hasn't learned his lesson…we are pirates after all" Ashen said while taking a sip from his drink "Alright, let's cut the crap…You're here for a duel, I shall give you one" he said before he got on his feet and grabbed his sword "I hope you don't mind going in a little trip. As you can see, I'm still reconstructing the place, it took some damage from my last fight"

"I don't mind"

"Good, let's go then"

An uninhabited Island near Hachinosu…

"This place is good, there is nothing out here…so we can go all out" Ashen said as he unsheathed Shusui and blueish-purple flames engulfed him.

"Blue flames?" Mihawk got on guard, he quickly took out Yoru, a cruciform and well-ornated weapon with a curved, single-edged, black blade resembling an oversized kriegsmesser. He gripped his sword's hilt tightly as green aura enveloped his sword.

"Your Haki got stronger" Mihawk's comment made Ashen look at him in surprise as none of them have used any form of Haki yet, or so Ashen thought.

"Future sight?" Ashen smiled excitedly "It's about time I see the future as well!"

'I expect no less from the future world's strongest swordsman, I remember his Observation Haki to be extraordinary' Ashen thought to himself.

There was a moment of silent between the two of them before the loud sound of the two figures dashing at each other was heard, leaving a trail of destruction on their wake.


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