One Piece: Almost Exposed That I Am Stronger Than Roger

In the first year, he did not reveal his strength, and was rewarded with Conqueror's Haki! In the second year, he did not reveal his strength, and was rewarded with a Zanpakuto! In the third year, he did not reveal his strength, and was rewarded with the Eight Gates! [Congratulations to the host for the first day of not revealing your strength, you’ll be rewarded for your great efforts!] As long as I hide deep, I won’t be discovered. Even if someone finds out that I have the strength of an Emperor, I shouldn’t reveal it, let alone the strength to conquer One Piece! Please give this novel 5 stars review and power stone ;) Read a few chapters ahead on readfanfic.com Read up to 30 chapters ahead on p atreon. https://www.p atreon.com/akiraninja99 Our community on discord: discord. gg /t66agbE

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Setting Sail

Chapter 11: Setting Sail!

"These guys..." Solo slumped on the seat, and casually threw the notification document on the table.

I thought this matter would end peacefully. Unexpectedly, Smoker and Katz would make such an unnecessary move. Not only did they report the whole incident to the headquarters, but they also affirmed my action.

"Do I want to go to Marineford for further training?"

Not to mention that Marineford has assembled the strongest combat power in the world. Just the route starting from Loguetown and arriving at Marineford is full of experts.

Crocodile in Alabasta.

The CP9 agents of Water 7.

Gecko Moria of the Thriller Bark.


Solo really wants nothing to do with them.

"But having said that, it's not all bad things to take advantage of this time to go to Marineford." Solo looked up at the ceiling.

With Smoker's temper, he will definitely ignore the orders of his superiors and go out to sea to hunt down Luffy. And Loguetown without Smoker is not Solo's first choice to hide his strength at all. Secondly, his shot this time caught Dragon's attention.

At that time, there might be a Revolutionary Army coming to investigate.

"If I go to Marineford now, I will be an ordinary marine at worst. If I perform negatively, I may be driven to other places." After some thought, Solo made up his mind. Go to Marineford for further study!

Thinking of this, Solo got up from his seat and walked towards the door. However, as soon as Solo came outside, he saw the marines walking out in a hurry.

"Warrant Officer Solo!" A marine noticed Solo, stopped quickly, and saluted Solo.

"What happened?" Solo asked casually.

The marine replied without thinking, "It's Captain Smoker, he's leaving Loguetown!"

Then, the marine left in a hurry.

"Sure enough, Smoker is leaving Loguetown." Solo's eyes narrowed slightly. In the original plot, Smoker left Loguetown at this time.

After thinking for a while, Solo followed in the footsteps of the marine all the way to the pier in Loguetown.

In any case, I have worked with Smoker for many years. If it weren't for him guarding the law and order in Loguetown, I wouldn't be able to hide so well.

After thinking about it, Solo felt that he should say goodbye to Smoker.


Soon, Smoke also recognized Solo in the crowd, and he motioned for other marines to board the ship first, while he came to Solo.

"You should have obtained the notification document from the headquarters, right?" Smoker asked directly.

"Yes." Solo nodded, "Are you really going to capture the Straw Hat Pirates?" Solo did not persuade Smoker to stay.

On the one hand, with Smoker's personality, even the orders of his superiors are difficult to control, so how can he listen to his own words? On the other hand, the Alabasta incident is also an opportunity for Smoker.

Not only can Smoker be recognized by the World Government, but it also allows him to get promoted. Although that was not Smoker's original intention.

"Solo, it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go to the headquarters for further study. You must take good care of it." Smoker patted Solo on the shoulder.

Although he always looks like he is not motivated, and he is the first one to leave every time he gets off work, his righteous heart is stronger than anyone else.

In the past few years, no matter how powerful the pirates were, Solo never flinched. The only regret is that Solo has been weak since he was a child, and he is not strong enough, so going to the headquarters this time might be a turning point in Solo's life.

After explaining some trivial matters and some words of encouragement to Solo. Smoker took half of the marine forces of Loguetown and set off from the pier to hunt down Straw Hat Luffy.

Because this is Smoker's willful thing. Naturally, the headquarters will not send others to take over Smoker's job. In the meantime, Solo became the Chief Executive of the branch.

In a few days.

"Warrant Officer Solo."

Katz led the ordinary marines to find Solo with a look of excitement. Although Solo was the only one who was notified to go to the headquarters for advanced studies, how could he go to sea alone?

Even the smallest patrol boat needs at least a dozen people to go to sea. In other words, Katz, can't wait to go to sea with Solo. Off to Marineford!

That's Marineford!

Countless marine dreams!

However, looking at the excited Katz, Solo couldn't help shaking his head. From the very beginning, he never planned to take Katz and others to sea.

The reason is simple, the Grand Line is not safe.

"Petty Officer Katz, you need to stay," Solo said righteously.

"Stay, stay?" Katz couldn't help but be startled. He always thought that he had a good relationship with Solo.


Seeing this, Solo deliberately sighed, "I originally planned to let you go out to sea with me, but you have also seen the current situation. Captain Smoker is not only going to capture the Straw Hat Pirates but he also took half of the marines here. If we leave Loguetown at this time then who is responsible for the security here?"

"This..." Katz opened his mouth, speechless.

This is indeed true.

"So, Petty Officer Katz, you stay in charge of the security of Logueown. As for going to sea, didn't you catch the pirates of the Buggy Pirates before?" Solo changed the subject.

Although he came to Logueown at first to hide his strength, he got along with him for nine years. It is obviously impossible to say that he has no relationship with Katz and others.

In order to hide his strength and not let the others die on Grand Line, Solo couldn't help but take the pirates. After much deliberation, it is better for him to take the pirates to sea together.

In case something happens, he'll let them fend for themselves. In addition, they are pirates, and they are all criminals. Even if they really died on the Grand Line, no one would feel any guilt.

On the contrary, Katz couldn't help but feel a little worried about him going together with a group of pirates, Solo might be in some danger.

"It's nothing to worry about, Katz."

Hearing this, Solo suggested, "Just select the weak and sickly candidates from among these pirates, and then put them in shackles so it won't endanger my safety and this is also for Loguetown. Today's Loguetown needs the marines more than I do." Solo spoke righteously as if he put his own life and death aside.

For a moment, Katz and others were stunned on the spot. Once again moved by Solo's spirit.

"For the sake of the law and order of Loguetown, Warrant Officer Solo did not hesitate to put himself in danger!"

Tears welled up in Katz's eyes, and grabbed Solo's hands, "Don't worry, Mr. Solo, we will definitely protect the laws and order in Loguetown!"

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