One Piece; A Marine Story!

The story talks about Raoul, a young man the same age as Luffy, and the events begin with his arrival at the headquarters of the new Marineford, aspiring to pass the promotion exam to become Vice Admiral. This event was the beginning of his story, full of confrontations with pirates. But could events develop into something greater? More Chapters; patreon.com/Ayaka0

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The Trials Begin

Chapter Two: The Trials Begin

The sun rose early over New Marineford, casting a golden hue over the fortress as the candidates assembled in the central training ground. The air was crisp, carrying a slight chill that hinted at the remnants of night. Raoul, along with dozens of other hopefuls, stood at attention, their faces set with determination. Today marked the beginning of their trials.

A group of stern-faced officers, led by Vice Admiral Smoker, stood before them. Smoker's presence was commanding, his sharp eyes scanning the recruits with a mixture of scrutiny and expectation. "Today, you will undergo a series of tests designed to push you to your limits. These tests will measure your physical prowess, endurance, and determination. Only those who excel will move forward."

The first test was a grueling series of physical exercises, starting with one hundred push-ups. The recruits dropped to the ground in unison, the sound of their exertion filling the air. Raoul felt the strain in his muscles almost immediately, but he pushed through, his mind focused on the goal. Beside him, some recruits began to falter, their arms trembling and giving way under the pressure.

Next came the sprint. The recruits lined up at the starting line, hearts pounding with anticipation. "On my mark," called one of the officers. "Three, two, one, go!" They exploded forward, feet pounding against the dirt track. Raoul's legs burned with the effort, but he pushed harder, determined to outpace his competitors. The faster runners surged ahead, while those less prepared fell behind, gasping for breath.

Following the sprint was the long jump. Each candidate took their turn, sprinting down the runway before launching themselves into the air. Raoul watched as some soared gracefully, while others stumbled and fell short. His turn came, and he took a deep breath, visualizing his success. He ran with all his might and leaped, feeling the brief thrill of flight before landing in the sand pit, farther than many but still shy of the top performers.

The sun climbed higher, beating down on the recruits, adding to the physical strain. Raoul's uniform was soaked with sweat, and his muscles ached, but he refused to give in. Around him, the faces of his fellow recruits mirrored his exhaustion and determination. Some were visibly struggling, their bodies pushed to the breaking point. The officers watched closely, taking notes and whispering among themselves.

Finally, the physical tests came to an end. The recruits were given a short break, during which they gulped down water and tried to catch their breath. Raoul stood apart, stretching his sore muscles and mentally preparing for what was next. He knew the hardest part was still to come.

As the recruits gathered once more, Vice Admiral Smoker addressed them. "You have all shown commendable effort so far, but now we come to the final and most important test: combat. You will face each other one-on-one. This is not just about victory; it's about demonstrating your skills, strategy, and resolve."

The recruits were paired off, each match drawing eager anticipation from the crowd. Raoul's heart raced as he was called forward. His opponent: Coby, the pink-haired Marine who had risen through the ranks with incredible speed. Raoul had heard stories of Coby's growth and strength, and now he would face him directly.

Coby stood across from Raoul, his posture relaxed but his eyes sharp and focused. The pink hair that had once seemed out of place now marked him as someone distinct and formidable. His expression was calm, but there was a determined intensity in his gaze that Raoul couldn't ignore. It was clear that Coby was ready for whatever came next.

The officers gave them a moment to prepare, and Raoul took a deep breath, centering himself. He glanced around at the other recruits, many of whom were watching with keen interest. This fight was his chance to prove himself, not just to the officers, but to his peers as well.

Coby stretched and rotated his shoulders, his movements fluid and confident. "Let's give them a good show," he said, a slight smile on his lips. Raoul nodded, feeling a surge of respect for his opponent. This was no ordinary recruit; Coby was someone who had earned his place through hard work and tenacity.

As the signal was given, Raoul and Coby squared off, the tension between them palpable. The recruits and officers watched in hushed anticipation, knowing that this fight would be a decisive moment for both combatants.

Raoul's mind raced, strategizing his approach. He knew he had to balance aggression with caution, leveraging his strengths while remaining mindful of Coby's abilities. The next few minutes would be critical, a test of everything he had trained for.