One Piece; A Marine Story!

The story talks about Raoul, a young man the same age as Luffy, and the events begin with his arrival at the headquarters of the new Marineford, aspiring to pass the promotion exam to become Vice Admiral. This event was the beginning of his story, full of confrontations with pirates. But could events develop into something greater? More Chapters; patreon.com/Ayaka0

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The Ambitious Cadet


• Everything told in this story is fictional.

• I have no right to write about One Piece, the series is known to be owned by Eiichiro Oda, this is just a fanfic.

[ Enjoy! ]


Chapter One: The Ambitious Cadet

Raoul stood at the bow of the navy ship, the cold winds of the North Blue ruffling his neatly pressed uniform. His heart pounded with excitement and determination as he watched the waves crash against the sturdy vessel. Today marked the beginning of his journey toward becoming a Vice Admiral, with dreams of one day rising to the rank of Admiral. His eyes, a steely blue, mirrored the vast ocean before him, filled with both danger and opportunity.

As the ship approached New Marineford, the towering fortress of justice came into view. The grandeur of the new headquarters, rebuilt after the tumultuous events that had reshaped the world, was awe-inspiring. Massive stone walls rose from the sea, encasing the fortress in a protective embrace. Atop the walls, cannons and other formidable defenses stood ready, a testament to the power and authority of the World Government.

Raoul could hardly contain his anticipation. He was not alone in this journey; several other aspiring officers stood beside him on the deck, their faces a mix of nerves and excitement. Each one had passed rigorous preliminary tests to earn the right to be here, but the true challenge was just beginning.

As the ship docked, Raoul and the other candidates were ushered off by stern-faced marines. The dock was bustling with activity: sailors loading supplies, officers shouting orders, and new recruits performing drills. The air was thick with the smell of saltwater and the faint scent of gunpowder, a constant reminder of the battles fought and won.

Entering the massive gates of Marineford, Raoul was struck by the sheer scale of the base. Towering buildings, each marked with the insignia of the Marines, lined the streets. Marines of all ranks moved with purpose, their disciplined strides echoing through the corridors. The flag of the Marines, a symbol of justice and order, fluttered proudly atop the central tower.

Raoul and his fellow examinees were led to a grand courtyard where they joined other hopefuls from all over the world. From the east blue, the west blue, the north blue, the south blue, the grand line, and from the new world. The courtyard was a vast open space, flanked by towering statues of legendary marines, their stony gazes fixed on the cadets. At the far end of the courtyard, a stage had been set up, adorned with banners and the insignia of the World Government.

High-ranking officers, including several Vice Admirals and even one Admiral, stood in a line, their uniforms immaculate and their expressions severe. The Admiral they were considering as an honored guest was Admiral Kizaru, who was about to fall asleep out of boredom.

The presence of these titans of the navy added a palpable tension to the air. Raoul's eyes were drawn to Admiral Kizaru, who stood with his usual air of relaxed confidence, his piercing gaze assessing the new recruits. Even if he was lazy and sleepy, he treated the recruits in front of him with sharp eyes.

"Welcome to New Marineford," a booming voice echoed across the courtyard. Vice Admiral Smoker, known for his unyielding sense of justice, stepped forward. His eyes, sharp and focused, scanned the crowd of hopeful faces. "You have all shown promise, but promise alone is not enough. Here, you will be tested. Your strength, your resolve, your commitment to justice—all will be pushed to their limits."

Raoul felt a surge of adrenaline. This was his moment, the first step toward achieving his dreams. He straightened his back, his resolve hardening. No matter the trials ahead, he was determined to prove himself worthy of the title he sought.

As the orientation continued, Raoul couldn't help but imagine his future. The path to becoming an Admiral would be fraught with danger and challenges, but he was ready. With New Marineford as his starting point, he was prepared to carve his name into the annals of marine history.

Raoul glanced around, taking in the faces of his future comrades and rivals. He was also proud to see some famous faces like Admiral Kizaru and Smoker. As this was the beginning of a new chapter, not just for him, but for the entire world of the Marines.