One Piece; A Marine Story!

The story talks about Raoul, a young man the same age as Luffy, and the events begin with his arrival at the headquarters of the new Marineford, aspiring to pass the promotion exam to become Vice Admiral. This event was the beginning of his story, full of confrontations with pirates. But could events develop into something greater? More Chapters; patreon.com/Ayaka0

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Coby Vs Raoul

The place fell into silence and calm seconds after the fight between Coby and Raoul began, as both took their time to size each other up.

About five seconds later, Coby gritted his teeth and started running, enveloping his arms with Armament Haki. Upon seeing the Armament Haki, a serious look appeared on Raoul's face, and he remarked, "So, he's not just a novice after all."

Coby was younger than Raoul, which was evident from their appearances. However, both of them were still quite young. When the distance between Coby and Raoul narrowed to about three meters, Raoul raised his arms like a boxer, thinking, 'All I need to do is dodge his punch and counterattack him. This will make things easier for me and end the fight quickly.'

Coby, understanding Raoul's intentions by looking into his eyes, also adopted a serious expression.


Coby leaped—or rather, lunged forward at an incredible speed, reaching Raoul's back in the blink of an eye. Naturally, Raoul was surprised by this speed, akin to the techniques used by CP9, showcasing superhuman abilities.

Coby launched a direct punch to Raoul's cheek, but Raoul had already used Armament Haki on the left side of his face to protect himself. This made Coby think in that split second, 'His reaction is too fast! I thought this punch would end the fight... No, I have to make it end the fight! That's what Garp-san would do!'


Despite Raoul covering half his face with Haki, Coby aimed to break through that Haki and win the fight, sending Raoul flying. As Raoul was airborne, he looked at the blue sky with a smile, thinking, 'How impressive. He has remarkable speed, Also, his punch has a kind of sharpness and strength. Who is the person who trained this boy? But this makes me want to take the fight a bit more seriously!'


Coby was tracking Raoul with his eyes, as were all the Marines watching. However, Raoul suddenly vanished from the spot instead of falling to the ground. All that remained in the air was the dust from Raoul's swift movement.

As Coby scanned the area left and right for Raoul, he saw white stars, tinged with yellow, surrounding him. Coby couldn't understand what was happening until those white-yellow stars multiplied in front of him, forming into Raoul.

A serious look appeared on Coby's face as he thought in that critical moment, 'This isn't an ordinary skill, it's a Devil Fruit! Is it a Logia type? No, this is not the time to think about it. I have to dodge now!'

Coby enveloped his foot with Haki and kicked at the white-yellow stars in front of him, but Raoul, with his blonde hair, was behind Coby, grabbing him tightly by the waist, saying, "You have impressive Observation Haki, but you're still bad at using it."


Raoul flipped Coby upside down, like a famous wrestling move, almost knocking Coby unconscious when his head hit the ground. However, the light returned to Coby's eyes as he gritted his teeth and attempted to kick Raoul in the air. Yet, Coby's kick only met thin air, touching nothing but white stars.

At that moment, Coby jumped back three times, retreating from the battlefield. With a serious expression and his pink hair swaying left and right, a bead of sweat slid down his cheek and flew off due to his swift backward movement. He thought, 'This is impossible! Isn't his fruit a Logia type? Armament Haki should affect his body!'

As Coby retreated, he saw small stars twinkling in front of him. Soon, Raoul appeared beside Coby's right side, and as Coby looked on in terror, Raoul said, "Unfortunately, you lost the fight when you assumed my fruit was a Logia type. No... you lost the fight from the start because I am your opponent!"


Raoul struck Coby's face with his Haki-covered hand, sending Coby flying out of the arena. At that moment, the person in charge of observing the fight, Vice Admiral Smoker, ordered them to stop, declaring Raoul the winner.

Looks of shock were on the faces of all the other recruits who were watching this fight, and even some of the higher-ranking Marines were interested in what happened in this fight. Coby was not defeated or in much pain, as he sat down after he was on the ground because of the last hit, and he put his elbow on his knee, like the sitting of a warrior who ended up with an unexpected defeat. But what Coby did not notice was that the other recruits were not only shocked by Raoul's strength, but they were also impressed by Coby's skill, speed, and strength. All the other recruits realized that if they had faced Coby, they would have lost, this was an above-par fight for them.


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