82 Chapter 82 - The Goa Kingdom 5.

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Third Person POV

Goa Kingdom, East Blue.



Goa, a place where peace reigned, and the concerns of the world seemed distant, despite its dark secrets; most people lived well here. But like many stories, calm precedes the storm, and on a day that would be etched in the annals of the island, the kingdom's tranquility was shattered.

Until that day, Goa remained untouched by the turbulence that often plagued other lands. Its nobles lived their lives amid luxuries, occasionally drawing the visit of a world noble, while the citizens enjoyed a simple and fulfilling existence.

However, after a direct order from the king himself, along with his top warriors, the kingdom plunged into a completely different state than it used to be. The king's order, to capture Shirahoshi, a mermaid in a pirate crew in East Blue at the request of a world noble approaching those waters, which should have been a simple capture order handled by trained soldiers who could deal with anyone in East Blue, turned into a unilateral massacre against them, leading to the death of almost the entire elite team when they realized how terrible the force of that crew was.

This reckless decision was also the spark that led Luffy to retaliate with an attack on the Goa kingdom. The captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, driven by his bond with the mermaid princess and his unwavering commitment to protect those he loves, unleashed an unprecedented and open attack on Goa. The king's decision provoked the pirate's wrath, marking the beginning of a revolt that would shake the foundations of established power in Goa, ending all the tranquility that existed in this place.

The arrival of a figure like Luffy was marked as a day that would be engraved in the annals of history. Monkey D. Luffy, the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, brought not only the promise of retaliation but also the end of the current regime. He entered the kingdom without anyone being able to stop him, leaving a path of destruction and reaching the king himself without anyone being able to stop him. The story of how this pirate walked to the palace and entered the throne room would be a tale for all the inhabitants of Goa to remember until the end of their lives and pass on to the next generations.

Not only would this leave the kingdom shaken, but neighboring places would look on in fright, for a pirate invaded a kingdom and killed its monarch; the world would react to this with shock.

Now, with the surrender of the soldiers of the Goa Kingdom and Luffy emptying the national treasury, the atmosphere of this country was laden with tension and uncertainty. The throne room, now under Luffy's control, witnessed the rise of the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and the fall of the previous regime. Meanwhile, the castle corridors were filled with disoriented nobles and soldiers who surrendered before the overwhelming force of the pirates, eagerly awaiting the next actions of the invading group.

In the port, previously hit by the deafening roars of cannons and explosions, chaos had given way to a tense calm as some members of the group waited on the fearsome pirate ship, strongly guarded by the members who remained there.

The local residents across the city watched with a mix of fear and disbelief, witnessing the audacity of the pirates who revealed the destruction left by their attack. The booms of cannons and the turmoil now transformed into an unstable calm, even with flames and smoke rising to the skies. The anchored vessels rocked violently, many displaying irreparable damages from the initial assault.

From a distance, on one of the mountains surrounding the kingdom city and the Foosha village, Dadan and his gang of bandits, with their shrewd eyes, witnessed the smoke rising in the city observed from that distance. A mix of concern and curiosity colored their faces as they closely watched the unfolding events, wondering who could make such an attack.

Back in the tranquil Foosha village, the inhabitants were alarmed and scared at the distant sounds of explosions and cannons. Panic spread like a trail of gunpowder among the villagers as they fearfully watched the horizon, where smoke rose as a sign of disturbance.

News of a pirate attack on the heart of the kingdom spread like a wave of uncertainty, leaving everyone in the village anxious about the future of their kingdom and their own lives.

Dadan, like the other inhabitants of Foosha, shared the apprehension in the face of the unknown. The restlessness in the air was palpable, yet they were still unaware that the epicenter of this revolt was led by someone they knew well—their former energetic troublemaker, Luffy, and now the feared Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates.



Meanwhile, back in the throne room of the kingdom.

With the throne room once again under Luffy's control, the Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates seated himself on the imposing throne of Goa for the second time after robbing the treasury to finalize his orders.

His eyes swept across the room, observing the nobles and soldiers who witnessed the entire scene of his cruelty and those recovering from the impact of the Haoshoku Haki. The atmosphere was still tense, but Luffy wanted to make his plans clear for this kingdom before leaving the city.

"Listen up!" Luffy raised his voice, projecting an authority that immediately silenced the room. "We're not here to destroy this kingdom. Our grievances are with the old regime and its actions against my people. Now that Sterry is out of the way, I want peace and prosperity here."

The nobles, still fearful, listened attentively. Yamato, Lami, Reiju, and Nami stood by Luffy's side, while Shirahoshi continued to sit in Luffy's lap, her tail swaying like a cat receiving affection. Zoro stood apart with a bored look, not wanting to get involved in politics.

"Ministers, you now answer to me. I want a peaceful transition to a new government. Free from an arrogant king. I intend to bring in an ideal candidate to lead this country, where everyone can live in peace." Luffy spoke with conviction, and his words echoed in the throne room.

The ministers looked lost, some still uncertain, but Luffy's message was clear: change was coming. However, some expressed their discontent.

Noble 1: "Wait a moment! A pirate wanting to put a new king in Goa? This is absurd!"

Noble 2: "How can we trust you? Pirates have no morals or loyalty!"

Luffy: "It's not about me being king. It's about bringing peace and a strong, fair government. I won't stay here ruling over you. I want someone reliable to lead."

Noble 3: "Who can guarantee that the new leader won't be as bad as the previous one?"

Luffy: "I'll bring in someone powerful, someone with a Devil Fruit, and who is native to this kingdom. She may not be a noble from a prestigious family like the old monarchs, but she will certainly have power and a good head on her shoulders."

The room buzzed with murmurs upon hearing this. The idea of a pirate appointing a leader for Goa, even if he promised not to rule directly, generated suspicion. Who would this chosen one be, and what was the true intention behind this plan of radical change? It was evident that this pirate wanted to put a puppet on the throne. The future of Goa remained uncertain.

Luffy didn't care about the skeptical expressions of the nobles. Dealing with politics and the subtleties of government wasn't something he enjoyed, but he recognized the necessity. If his goal was to dominate the seas and bring an era of freedom in his way, he understood that taking on a leadership role was essential and being a political role model. He couldn't simply proclaim a world where everyone was free, as the original Luffy used to say. Now, his words carried the complexity of someone who understood that, to eradicate chaos, some form of order needed to be established. It wouldn't be a tyrannical system but governance that balanced freedom with responsibility.

"I appoint the former prime minister to take command of the kingdom temporarily and establish order to calm the population. I believe the losses were low, correct?" Luffy inquired, seeking to ensure that the chaos that had ensued hadn't caused irreparable damage.

His group didn't go around killing people indiscriminately. Although cannon shots caused some casualties, Lami and Reiju avoided shedding blood inside the castle.

"You honor me. Only a few soldiers, your excellency, Luffy." The middle-aged man bowed his head, aware that he had no choice but to accept the demands of the feared pirate.

"That's good. I'll leave the center of the kingdom temporarily and plan to spend a few days in Foosha village to find the next monarch. I'll be back with him in the next few days," Luffy announced, lifting the mermaid in his arms as he prepared to leave, the stunned eyes of the room following his movements.

'Was that it? He comes here, causes chaos, kills our king, steals the entire national treasury, says he'll usurp the throne with a new puppet monarch, gives us orders, and simply leaves?' The words resonated in everyone's minds as Luffy exited the room with unsettling calm, leaving behind nobles bewildered by the whirlwind of events that had just unfolded.

Luffy, accompanied by his group, left the throne room, leaving behind perplexed nobles and a kingdom on the verge of transformation. As they walked through the castle corridors, each group member shared their impressions of the situation.

"Are you really going to take the throne?" Lami asked, curious.

"Yes, I've already decided that and other things," Luffy spoke mysteriously, arousing everyone's curiosity.

"Decided what?" Nami looked suspiciously at him.

"I plan to make Goa my territory, just like Cocoyasi Village and Syrup Village in this sea." Luffy declared, revealing his greedy plans.

"You're saying..." Nami couldn't contain her astonishment.

"Yes, I intend to create my own kingdoms and territories in these places," Luffy announced, noting the surprised reaction of some, as two of these places were just ordinary villages, but Luffy had a plan to establish countries.

"Luffy, you understand how absurd this idea is," Reiju spoke as she lit a cigarette.

"Not to mention that the Marines and the World Government will never let this happen," Zoro commented, expressing concern.

"Hahaha, look, I have queens on my ship and a king. Of course, everything will be fine, and even if there is retaliation, we can fight against it!" Luffy said, showing his unwavering confidence.

"Queens and king?" Shirahoshi was a bit confused.

"Of course, Nami and Nojiko are my queens of Cocoyasi. I plan to make Usopp the king of the kingdom that will be created in Syrup, with Kaya by his side. I also have Shirahoshi as the ruler of Fish-Man Island and Yamato as the future shogun of Wano!" Luffy announced, not caring about the impact of these words. Although he could have Goa as his own territory, he made it clear that the monarch wouldn't be on his ship.

"Shogun of Wano!?" Yamato couldn't help but exclaim.

As they left the castle, the eyes of fallen soldiers and some recovering from their attack turned back in fear to Luffy's group, but no one tried to interrupt their path, knowing they had already lost the battle. The future of Goa was now in the hands of the Straw Hat Pirates, and the journey to establish their own kingdoms was just beginning.

Luffy looked at his companions, realizing the surprise stamped on their faces. Before anyone could react, he initiated his transformation. His hair grew rapidly, and wings emerged from his back, giving him a majestic and imposing appearance. He simply uttered a few words.

"I'll go ahead, meet me in Foosha Village as soon as I fetch some people." Luffy announced, revealing his audacious intentions. In the blink of an eye, he grabbed Yamato with surprise and flew off, leaving his group stunned by their captain's sudden metamorphosis and flying away with Yamato screaming. The sky witnessed the celestial figure of Monkey D. Luffy.


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