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Chosen to transmigrate as Luffy (OC) for the first episode of the work with wishes OP. I always wondered how Luffy's adventure would be with the most powerful and serious character, so I created this story. The story may start off nonsensical, but I wanted to incorporate these aspects from the beginning: Luffy Fruit: Moa Moa no mi, and Eikon Eikon No mi: Chaos Ifrit! Powerful body with your zoan from the start. Yamato, Shirahoshi, Kuina, and Trafalgar Lami from the beginning with Luffy! There will be a harem. This is an Alternate Universe (AU) with OC, so there will be some changes, such as OC -> Luffy, Law -> Lami, and Luffy (Original MC) -> Lucy. (#Genderbend) Got it! If there are elements of Final Fantasy 16 and the addition of Eikon as mythical Zoans, I'll keep that in mind, including the possibility of colossal battles. -------------------------------------------- This Fanfic's Schedule for the week, updates on: S Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. ---------------------------------------------- With gratitude and enthusiasm, Raccoon! And your raccoon welcomes you to the Raccoon League! An exploration across different universes, be prepared for adventure! With over 1 million words published! ---- Current explorations: One Piece: I am a Different Luffy! (7 Chapters/Week) Danmachi: Infinite Mana System! (3 Chapters/Week) Game of Thrones: The Legend of Jon Artica! (3 Chapters/Week) Naruto: Light Ninja! (3 Chapters/Week) Naruto: Minato Namikase SI! (3 Chapters/Week) The Witcher: As Uchiha Madara! (3 Chapters/Week) HP: Shadow Monarch! (3 Chapters/Week) Game of Thrones: DragonBorn! (1 Chapter/Week) ---- Explore the Unexplored! Become an exclusive supporter on Patreon and unlock advanced chapters -> RaccoonLeague | Patreon https://www.patreon.com/RaccoonLeague

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Chapter 74 - Shimotsuki Village 01.

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Third Person POV

Shimotsuki Village, East Blue.



As Black Pearl approached the picturesque island dock, an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement enveloped the crew. The sun, dipping on the horizon, cast its golden rays over the scene, adding a warm touch to the imminent reunion.

"We've finally arrived!" exclaimed Zoro, his face revealing the excitement overflowing from his eyes as he caught a glimpse of his old island.

Kuina, by his side, seemed a bit nervous, but Nami, in a friendly gesture, gently touched her shoulder. "Relax. I'm sure your father will be immensely happy to see you again."

"Yes, we'll soon see the master's face." Zoro displayed a confident smile, conveying reassurance to his childhood friend.

"I've always wanted to meet that uncle. Let's go!" Luffy spoke with enthusiasm, eager to explore the Dojo and find Zoro's legendary master.

The arrival of the pirate ship did not go unnoticed by the population of the small town. While the anime portrayed it as a village, here it was a developing town, adorned with a port attesting to its growth and participation in trade.

The crew's notoriety was evident as people pointed at the ship and hurried to witness the arrival. Luffy's name and his crew echoed throughout the East Blue, the worst recorded threat in this sea, as highlighted in the pages of newspapers.

Tension swept through the town like a gusty wind when words like "Pirates!" and "It's the Straw Hats!" echoed through the streets. The villagers, gripped by fear, instinctively sought refuge.

"Run, they're the worst pirates in this sea!" shouted a resident, echoing the widespread sentiment.

"Summon Master Koushirou!" cried another, seeking protection under the possible defense of the respected local master.

"Yes, he can defend us!" agreed a third, as urgency drove people toward the dojo in search of safety.

Chaos ensued as Luffy and his companions disembarked from the Black Pearl. The captain, with his typical indifference, shrank the ship and stored it in his pocket, an act that only increased the villagers' already stunned bewilderment.

As they walked through the town, the commotion around them was palpable. Shops were hastily closed, windows were locked, and people ran to take shelter in their homes.

"I guess it's a scene we should get used to..." Luffy murmured, observing the chaos unfolding around him. It was a new experience for the Straw Hats' captain, who, despite his pirate history, still marveled at people's reactions to his presence.

Kuina watched the city with complicated eyes, a sight that harked back to her old home of years ago, or rather, that persisted only in her memories. The short period from her death until now seemed like an eternity for the girl.

Surprise stamped her face as she witnessed the transformations and growth of the place. What was once a small village now expanded like a forming city. The passage of years since her death was evident, and anxiety grew as she approached the reunion with her father.

"What will he say when he sees me? He won't believe I'm his Kuina," she thought, uncertainty reflected in her thoughts.

As they roamed the city, it didn't take long for a group of sword-wielding individuals to enter the scene, blocking the group's path and spreading fear among the population.

"Straw Hat Pirates! How dare you come here! We'll arrest you!" exclaimed some young ones, approaching Zoro's age. Tension was created at this moment.

"Wait, Lyn, Master Koushirou said Zoro might be among them and told us to know their intentions before confronting them!" said another youth beside him, his tense face expressing concern.

Lyn hesitated for a moment, processing the information. "Yes, it's true, is Roronoa Zoro among the group?!" she shouted to them. Zoro stepped out from behind Luffy, displaying his three swords at his waist and a nostalgic smile.

The seaweed-haired swordsman quickly approached the small group. "It's only been a few months since we last saw each other, and you've changed so much!" Zoro said cheerfully, noting the surprised expressions of the swordsmen around.

"It's you! ZORO! Hahahahaha!" The small group of swordsmen laughed upon recognizing an old acquaintance.

"We're here to see the master. I have something very important to show him!" Zoro explained, his serious eyes indicating the urgency of the situation. The men exchanged glances, contemplating the best approach in the presence of the pirate crew at the dojo.

They also believed that, besides Zoro being with them, Master Koushirou could easily handle the group if they wanted to cause trouble.

"Come on, Zoro, the master is already waiting and is quite worried about you; you disappeared after taking the wrong path to your dojo!" One of them said, with a conspiratorial smile, and continued walking normally, unaware of the wide-eyed looks from Luffy and the others.

"WAIT A MOMENT!" Luffy quickly shouted, gaining everyone's attention.

"ARE YOU SAYING ZORO TOOK THE WRONG PATH TO THE DOJO AND ENDED UP IN THE SEA?!" Luffy couldn't believe it, as Zoro had claimed he went to the sea on his own. He knew his swordsman had some directional issues, but this was beyond human limits!

"That's right! We were worried for many days about Zoro's disappearance when we separated to meet at the dojo later. It was only after a week that he showed up in the newspaper as a new pirate hunter on a very distant island!" One of the youths said calmly, reminiscing about the events with casualness. Zoro's expression indicated a mix of embarrassment and resignation in the face of his navigational mishap.

"..." Luffy.

"..." Yamato.

"..." Shirahoshi.

"..." Megalo.

"..." Lami.

"..." Bepo.

"..." Chouchou.

"..." Usopp.

"..." Nami.

"..." Reiju.

"..." Hugo.

"..." Nojiko.

"..." Hachi.

Zoro could feel his face turning red at this moment, while Kuina, hidden from the other youths, looked astonished at her old friend, wondering what level of skill it took to get lost so grandiosely.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Luffy was the first to laugh in the midst of the silence that left everyone stunned.

"Bfff!! HAHAHAHAHA!" Yamato, with a wide smile and eyes shining with joy.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA" Nami, holding her stomach while laughing and winking at the others.

"Ehehehe" Lami, with an infectious laugh and sparkling eyes.

"SHISHISHISHI" Shirahoshi, laughing gently with her hands over her mouth.

"SHAR SHAR SHAR SHAR!" Megalo, showing his sharp teeth in a content expression.

"RARARARARARARA!" Usopp, with a mischievous smile and shoulders shaking with laughter.

"Zizizizizizizi!" Bepo, letting out an animated laugh and shaking his head.

"AU AU AU AU!" Chouchou, barking cheerfully and jumping around.

"HEHEHEHEHE" Reiju, with a sarcastic smile and an elegant laugh.

"AHAHAHA AHAHAHA!" Hugo, laughing loudly and clapping.

"HILARIOUS! AKAKAKAKAKAKAKA!" Nojiko, with restrained laughter but a glint of amusement in her eyes.

"Nee... Shishishishishi!" Hachi, emitting a soft laughter sound and shaking his tentacles.


"But you didn't even say goodbye to us!" One of the young and old acquaintances of Zoro protested in the front group, crossing his arms with a disapproving expression while laughing at the situation.

"HAHAHAHA. Zoro, I've never seen someone start their journey because they got lost. You're truly unique!" Luffy declared, releasing a contagious laugh and showing his broad smile.

"TSK!" Zoro tried to ignore the group, even those who didn't interact much, like Hachi, were laughing at him.

While they still laughed, the famous Dojo finally entered their views, leaving the town center, where Koushirou made sure to remain in a more secluded corner.

In front of the place, a few other members of the dojo were waiting for the group, looking cautiously at the arriving pirate group, as by now, everyone on the island knew that the mighty Monkey D. Luffy, the most formidable pirate in the current East Blue, had arrived at the island's port.

"You, why did you bring pirates with you?!" One of them demanded from the first group, pointing at Luffy and the others.

"Master's orders, and look there, it's Zoro! He's back!" One of them spoke, and the others saw Zoro with great surprise, some with expressions of disbelief and others with joy.

"ZORO, you really came back and became a pirate!" Some of them said, accusing the user of Santoryu, with surprised and disbelieving expressions.

"This is my new path, it's good to see you all, but can we talk to the master; I have something important for him?" Zoro asked, maintaining a serious expression, and they quickly cleared the path in the next moment, still processing the revelation about Zoro's new direction.

"Zoro and I will go in first; after that, I'll call Kuina." Luffy instructed, with a determined tone, as not everyone would be able to talk to Koushirou at this moment. Luffy decided to have an introductory conversation before revealing the bomb.

Luffy and Zoro entered the Dojo.

The Dojo's room exhibited an atmosphere of Japanese traditionalism, with tatami covering the floor and a serene environment. Rice paper walls allowed the entry of soft light, giving a natural calmness to the place. Decorative elements, such as paintings and scrolls with Japanese calligraphy, adorned the walls, recounting the history of that respectable Dojo.

In the center of the room, Koushirou was seated, kneeling on a futon, enjoying a cup of green tea. His posture revealed a harmony between strength and serenity, a characteristic image of an experienced master. In front of him, a small low table held the tea pot and a few bowls.

Luffy and Zoro entered the room, sensing the seriousness and history that permeated every corner. The subtle scent of incense floated in the air, contributing to an atmosphere of respect and concentration. The room was in total harmony with samurai tradition, providing a striking contrast to the bustle of the outside world.

Koushirou, with his eyes half-closed in meditation, emanated a calm and thoughtful presence. As he opened one of his eyes, revealing the depth of his analysis, the room seemed to respond to his control over it.

Luffy immediately identified Koushirou as Kuina's father, not only due to physical resemblance but also the aura he carried. It was evident that this place was more than just a dojo; it was a sanctuary of wisdom and skill, where tradition intertwined with the present.

"Zoro, it's good to finally see you, and quite a surprise. Your aura has improved a lot, and Wado Ichimonji seems much happier in its sheath since the last time we spoke, many months ago," he said, opening one eye and assessing his former apprentice, then looking at Luffy.

'This guy is very calm, just like the character I imagined. I'm not sure, but he has some connection to my dad and the revolutionaries, but I doubt he knows about the relationship between Dragon and me.' Luffy thought briefly, looking at the man curiously, maintaining his characteristic broad smile.

"It's good to see you again, master." Zoro smiled as he sat in front of him, displaying a mix of respect and camaraderie.

Luffy just nodded and sat next to his swordsman to drink the tea, his eyes shining with excitement as he awaited the stories that would be shared.

"Tell me about your adventures and how you became so strong," Koushirou said calmly, but he was curious, attentively observing his former pupils.

Zoro began recounting his adventures since leaving the island, becoming a pirate hunter to earn money for food, and how he met Luffy, omitting information about Kuina. He detailed the battles, challenges faced, and victories achieved. He described his adventure on a pirate ship to this island.

"So, you faced Mihawk... Interesting, although even I wouldn't recommend doing something so reckless. But you survived and grew stronger. That's good, just be more careful," Koushirou commented, maintaining a serene expression, but his eyes betrayed a mix of concern and pride.

"I promised never to lose again. I will surpass him and become the world's strongest swordsman," the swordsman declared confidently, displaying determination in his expression.

"I'm counting on that..." Koushirou smiled, conveying support to his former student, and turned his gaze to Zoro's captain, seeing the newcomer from the sea, the infamous Monkey D. Luffy.

Koushirou clearly perceived the formidable aura emanating from Luffy. The young pirate was more powerful than anything the sword master could imagine. The powerful aura of the group outside the dojo did not go unnoticed, surpassing even that of Zoro himself. If these groups were to clash, the island would be at the mercy of an imminent catastrophe. Fortunately, however, there was no perceptible hostility between them.

Furthermore, Koushirou sensed a strangely compassionate aura directed at him from the renowned pirate group outside. Although one of the more subtle auras, it was as if he felt the presence of a ghost in his heart. However, the sword master quickly pushed aside this thought, knowing it was too painful a matter to address at that moment.

'Anyway, this pirate group is worth 90 million with their combined bounties, a big miscalculation by the Marines...' Koushirou murmured internally, dispelling the last thought from his mind and the aura surrounding him.

"Now, my student said there was something important here; something tells me you're involved," Koushirou said, looking at Luffy with a penetrating focus.

"You could say that. First of all, nice to meet you, Kuina's father..." Luffy said calmly, causing an immediate somber expression on the sword master's face.

Luffy didn't want to waste any more time here after hearing Zoro narrate his complete story. He didn't interrupt them out of politeness, but he wouldn't drag out the main topic any longer.

The inside of the dojo remained in a tense silence as Luffy's words echoed. Koushirou, the sword master, stared at the captain of the Straw Hats with an expression that mixed disbelief and danger.

"Why mention my deceased daughter; I doubt you knew her over 11 years ago or before she was killed..." He spoke, with a dangerous tone, his features stiff, revealing the pain of remembering a painful past.

Luffy, maintaining his composure, responded with a neutral voice, "Maybe I didn't know her for more than 11 years, but I certainly spent time with her in the last few weeks. She's a good girl; you should be a proud father."

Luffy's words echoed like a gentle breeze in the silent atmosphere, contrasting with the tension on Koushirou's face. However, the displeasure of the sword master became evident as he directed his dissatisfaction towards Zoro.

"Zoro, I taught you better than to bring someone to make dark jokes..." Koushirou expressed his displeasure, emphasizing his disappointment with his former disciple.

"Calm down, master, he's not lying. I spent that time with her myself. My captain managed to bring her back. I know it's hard to explain, but she's out there. You can check for yourself." Zoro intervened, trying to ease the situation.

The man stared at Zoro as if he had grown a second head. Not wasting any more time, Koushirou stood up, swearing that both Zoro and his captain would pay for this mockery. It was evident that he never expected such an unexpected turn of events from his trusted swordsman.

The dojo corridor was bathed in the soft light filtering through the windows, creating a calm and tranquil atmosphere. The muffled sound of footsteps echoed as Koushirou walked down the passage, unaware of the revelations that awaited him.

Upon reaching the dojo entrance, his eyes met with a group of stunned students, lying on the floor as if they had witnessed a supernatural phenomenon. In the center, an adult woman, with a mixture of nervousness and youth in her eyes, stared at the sword master. She appeared to be 22 years old, but her posture and expressions betrayed the uncertainty of someone younger, an 11-year-old girl.

"Kuina?!" Koushirou's voice almost faltered as he pronounced his daughter's name. His eyes widened, and his face paled as if he had seen a ghost, a ghost from the past that should remain dead.

"Hello, father... it's been 11 years, hasn't it? Funny to find out that I was dead all this time, for me, it's only been a few weeks, strange, isn't it... hm?!" Kuina began speaking nervously, not daring to look directly at her father. Surprise and perplexity dominated her as she tried to articulate her words.

Koushirou, still dazed, observed every feature of Kuina's face. His mind struggled between reason and emotion, questioning whether he was seeing an illusion, a projection of his deepest desires.

The students, now aware of the incredible twist, watched in silence as the atmosphere in the corridor became dense with tension and anticipation. Koushirou's heart pounded as he tried to process the unexpected appearance of his long-lost daughter.

Koushirou's initially shocked gaze gradually transformed into recognition and emotion. His facial expression revealed a mixture of disbelief, joy, and relief. His previously rigid body relaxed as tears filled his eyes.

His father, now visibly older after a decade, ignored social conventions and enveloped his long-lost daughter in an emotional embrace.

"Kuina?! Is it really you? How is this possible? I truly feel like you're my girl!" Koushirou's usually calm voice overflowed with emotion as he hugged his long-lost daughter. The dojo was still immersed in the unbelieving silence of the students, but the scene before them was living proof of a miracle that defied time.

"It's a long story..." Kuina said awkwardly but let her emotions show with teary eyes.


Author's notes:

* I would appreciate your feedback on the spelling quality of the chapter; I am using Chargpt to improve spelling and correct some small errors that I don't have time for, so I need feedback if possible.

* Correct Lami's name to Trafalgar D. Lami, which is correct.

* I am considering whether Reiju will also have Conqueror's Haki...

* I have always had Zoro refer to Kuina's father as "old man," but I believe "master" is the more correct term.

* I turned the Shimotsuki Village into a small developing city; I like to see things change and develop, so I intend to make some small changes like this.

* I don't want to make Zoro a clown or anything, but I couldn't resist putting this kind of event here, getting lost on the way to the dojo and ending up lost at sea.

* I hope the Shimotsuki family reunion feels natural.


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