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Warhammer: The Beginning is the Crisis of Annihilation Chapter 1: doomsday crisis

Chapter 1 Doomsday Crisis

   "For humanity, for the Emperor."

  A captain transformed into a half-human, half-mechanical captain with the technology of the Mechanicus, growled hysterically.

  His prosthetic leg slammed on the console in front of him, looking at the power supervisor and the mechanical priest in charge of maintaining the power room, with red eyes.

   "Pile all the energy into the propulsion system, even if they die, I will pull them back."

   This battleship is finished.

  The void shield reactor was overloaded, explosions occurred in many places on the hull, and a few more rounds would bring it to an end.

  After giving the order, the captain showed a fanatical smile, and once again roared out the phrase that he had made the oath countless times.

   "For man, for the Emperor, onward, onward."

  Under the command of the captain, the tail of the warship that lost the protection of the void shield suddenly burst into intense light, and the speed of the warship also increased accordingly, rushing towards the flesh-and-blood Chaos ship, trying to die with the opponent.

  The universe and fate have one thing in common, that is, they are also ruthless and cruel.

  It is a pity that the courage of the captain and the crew did not receive any reward from fate.

   Lady Luck did not lower her gaze to this man of courage and sacrifice.

  As the chaotic ship released dazzling light spears, the huge battleship hull was directly pierced.

  The plasma reactor, which was at the pressure limit, was hit, setting off an explosion, and flames spewed down the pipes.

  The five-kilometer-long giant battleship was submerged in a sea of ​​flames and became fragmented in space.

  All of the more than 10,000 human crew members on board died, and none of them survived.

   "For mankind and the Emperor." In the sea of ​​fire, the captain shouted out his oath with all his might for the last time.

  The destruction of warships is insignificant in the magnificent space battlefield.

  In the vast space battlefield, thousands of warships are fighting.

  Countless light spears, plasma beams, container-sized torpedoes, and high-yield nuclear missiles have marked space as a deadly forbidden zone.

  The war has reached its most desperate moment.

  The imperial fleet launched counterattacks again and again, trying to regain control of the orbit of the planet Macragge in order to send support to the ground.

  They must send support before the ground forces are completely defeated, otherwise the horn of human doom will sound.

  The last day will surely come.

   Human beings, a tenacious race, will also go to destruction.

  The surface of Macragge is already in flames.

  All cities have been hit by unimaginable fire coverage.

  The low-earth orbit has been taken away, the artillery positions have fallen, and the tank clusters have been completely destroyed.

  The air fighters are still struggling to avoid being taken away by the demon vehicles for the final air supremacy.

  The powerful legionnaires were dispatched to guard the sanctuary.

   Only Macragge's Janissaries still fight desperately to defend the city and its civilians.

  The civilians shivered and hid behind the line of defense built by the wounded Guards soldiers,

   Men and women of the right age were all drawn into the battlefield.

The women and children waited desperately for the doomsday, silently praying that the Emperor would save them, and also pray that the Emperor would take their souls away after death, so that they would not be tortured in the terrible warp, and finally fell into for scary monsters.

  In the Sanctuary of the Ultramarines, the most tragic war also broke out.

  Here will determine the fate of this planet, and even the entire galaxy.

   "Stop them." The Chaos warrior wearing black armor exuding a strong smell of blood revealed cruelty and viciousness in his eyes.

  He swung the chainsaw sword that had stopped turning for a long time, and casually killed all the ordinary soldiers who tried to support them.

  Those ordinary soldiers were cut in two like weeds being harvested by a sharp sickle. The broken corpses fell to the ground, and the blood soaked the surface of the sanctuary.

   "For humanity, for the Emperor."

  The cruelty and bloodshed did not scare the soldiers behind. They chanted the only slogan that could give them courage, and rushed up with laser guns in their hands, trying to stop these shameful traitors from desecrating this sacred building.

  The Chaos Warrior didn't stop, he swung the chainsword in his hand, the broken limbs flew randomly, and the face under the helmet was excited by the killing.

   "Blood Sacrifice to the Blood God." After calling out his allegiance to the evil god, he rushed at the ordinary soldiers and recklessly harvested their lives.

  The soldiers came forward one after another, and their meaning was to fight for human beings to live under the watchful eyes of the emperor.

  The battle inside the Sanctuary is fierce and desperate.

  The remaining Ultramarines, Dark Templar, Death Army, and Battle Sisters have all been cornered.

  The white wings on the back of Saint-Celistine have been broken, and one hand has also been broken.

  The armor is broken, and sweet blood flows from the terrible wound.

   Those battle nuns and sisters were either disintegrated under the intensive attack of plasma cannons and bombs, or were torn apart by chaos warriors and demons.

   "Give me strength, give me victory, and I will serve you and walk in the world in your name."

  Ceristine's eye was bleeding, and she was still muttering the name of the Emperor in her heart.

   Chaos warriors and demons rushed forward in groups, but Celestine held the holy sword, but did not waver in the slightest.

   "For the Emperor, for humanity."

  As she shouted, a majestic golden light erupted, which was the emperor's blessing.

  Countless demons were blown away by her burst of golden light.

   But soon, more demons and Chaos warriors rushed up.

   On the chaotic battlefield, Calgar, the Chapter Master of the Ultramarines, roared.

  The azure power armor was extremely obvious in the chaotic battlefield, making him the target of siege.

  His explosive bombs have been exhausted, his battle sword has been broken, and only one power fist can still be used.


  An Ultramarine is blasted to pieces with a melta cannon by Chaos Warriors in front of him.

  The remaining limbs exude scorched, foul-smelling heat.


  Brother's death left Calgar stunned, roaring like an angry lion.

  Watching his comrades fall one by one, he also became crazy, waving his power fist to meet them.

   After tearing apart a Chaos Warrior, he turned his head to look at the dais.

  Beside the stationary stand, the mechanical priest Kaul and those **** aliens are still operating.

   "Is it still not working after all?"

   Calgar's heart was full of despair, they could not resurrect the father of genes, the great Primarch.

   Is it all over? ?

   Is this the end of the mission? ?

   Ten thousand years after the first ruler of the empire, the Emperor, sat on the golden throne, Abaddon, the second warmaster of the Chaos Gods, launched the thirteenth expedition.

  With the help of the Blackstone Fortress, he successfully destroyed the Cadia Fortress that contained the Eye of Terror, and let the chaos of the Great Rift sweep the entire galaxy.

  The era of the decline of the galaxy has come, and the scar of the curse has torn the entire galaxy.

  Innumerable monsters gushed out of the crack, and the only thing they passed was death and destruction.

  The nightmare of the old days and nights reappears in various worlds, bringing endless killing and cruel destruction.

  The power to destroy the world is gathered on an unprecedented scale in history, and there is no safe place to escape doom.

  Uncountable worlds fell, and countless mortals wailed and died under the ravages and torture of demons and scions of chaos.

  Humanity has ushered in the greatest crisis. Once they fail again, the eternal night will cover the entire galaxy.

  A magnificent decisive battle is coming, between good and evil, chaos and order. The war will tear apart the stars and destroy everything that people know and are familiar with.

  The psykers with the ability to predict have shown despair. This dark and cruel galaxy has no future for human beings.

  The world will fall into the abyss of despair, and human beings will become the playthings of the evil gods.

  Accompanied by the loud noise of the earth shaking and the mountains shaking, the sanctuary was hit violently again.

  The airdrop pods of the second wave of Chaos crashed into the sanctuary wrapped in flames.

  Accompanied by a strange sound, the airdrop pod opened, and hundreds of rebel space fighters rushed out and joined the battlefield.

   They were used as killer cards by the commander of the Chaos side.

   One-time fixed-point projectile onto the battlefield, completely defeating the defense of the loyalists.

   Despair completely enveloped all the soldiers.

   "For humanity, for the Emperor."

  They uttered their final battle cry of despair, faced death calmly, and vowed to take away the traitors who besieged the sanctuary as much as possible.

  Darkness has been completely shrouded, the horn of the end of mankind is about to sound, and the end of everything is coming.

  When the final life-and-death fight between the two sides is about to start.

  With the sound of a bell, a pure and clear note lights up.

  The automatic receiver made a sound like a melody, and opened its dome like some kind of giant piranha opening its petals.

  A tall, oppressive body appeared in front of everyone.

Sleeping for 10,000 years, the last light of redemption for mankind, the last hope of the empire, the thirteenth son of the emperor, representing loyalty, hope, and benevolent Primarch-Guilliman, in front of the two sides that are at war, opened his eyes.

  He looked at everything in front of him, his eyes revealing bewilderment and bewilderment.

   Isn't he playing games? ?

  How did you open your eyes, it's here? ?

  The flood of memories flooded him, making him instantly understand all of this.

   Suddenly, a hundred thousand muddy horses galloped past.

   Damn it!

   Damn it!

   Damn it!

   Can this **** happen? ?

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  (end of this chapter)