9 The jade pendant

"haha, am not just Nancy," she said.

"You are here, let me tell you when I was young I could not go to bed without listening to the instruments of this young soul, do you know that your music changed the life of many?" Eller asked.

"If you insist, but those were days when my mother could train me but since she died I decided to play the musical instruments for myself," she said.

"Oooh we are sorry, if you will excuse us we will have to go now thank you,

We hope to see you soon" Drake said.

"Haha, I will be traveling and I won't come back soon but my friend will always be around to welcome you guys," she said.

"Then say 'hi' to her when she comes back," Lee said.

She waved goodbye to them.

Meanwhile at Edwards' castle.

", There is something that's not adding up here," Carl said.

"Now is that young lady connected to the netherworld and Dark organization, the black-market technology is installed in her house, the three robots?

The scanning system?" Drake said.

"Live alone that, the construction design, it's very unique," Eller said.

"I think that she has something to do with them "

", These two technologies that she is holding were both developed by Ghost himself and he said that they were not for sale, these two robots whether the dark organization or the Netherworld both are from Ghost,

Ghost is in the imperial city, she suddenly occupied the house, I think the ghost is staying with her, or is she the ghost?" Edmond asked again.

"You get it, brother, it's either she's a ghost or his friend or assistant," Edward said.

They could not bring themselves to understand anything that was happening

The weekend ended cool and Jessy prepared herself for school as usual. She made friends with lectures and students loved her more, she was their destiny helper,

She was teaching them at the same time she was training them, medical students loved every bit of experiment.

The engineering department was no exception, mathematics was fantastic, and as the great student that she is, she was a great lecturer.

Eller Gray, could not help but come to the university, to pay a visit to this genius.

She wanted to have a look at this young lecture, therefore she enrolled herself in one of her classes which was the Mathematics department.

Even she couldn't help but praise this young girl.

Vero realized that Eller Gray had come back to the university and was now taking pure mathematics.

She was overwhelmed with happiness as she knew that this was the opportunity to strike and meet the man she had loved all her life.

They attended the same kindergarten and therefore she was sure that she was going to recognize her.

She made her way to the School of Education and Mathematics department.

"Wow, who is that beauty"

"I don't think she is coming from this school"

", Yes that is Veronica and she comes from the top ten rich families in the imperial city, she is always down to earth and not easy to recognize.

Most of her peers like her, and her sister is the opposite "This person knew her too well.

She made her way, to Eller's class

She went straight beside her and said.

"Excuse me Eller" her voice was sweet and innocent.

"Ooh, sorry I didn't see you as you can see I was having this problem," Eller said.

"As always Eller, you haven't changed, still taking her studies seriously and doing samples on things taught by the teacher" Vero joked and smiled at her.

"You seem to know me too well, tell me who are you?" Eller asked.

"Am Veronica Storms, once your classmate" she said.

"Okay I remember you know, I can't imagine that we met today and that again in my class," she said.

She was good at reading people and she could tell that Veronica was not being her true self.

"I will go straight to the point, I have been wanting to be your friend for so long, just that I have never found the opportunity, " Veronica said.

"Apart from wanting to be my friend what else do you want," she asked.

"Eller I need nothing just having someone straightforward as you are cool enough at least apart from my sister I will be having an extra friend," she said.

"Okay, we are friends but I do not like friends that will nug me to do what they want,

We are friends but only when we meet that's it, for now, I will leave, am going to look for my sister-in-law, I don't want to keep her waiting or else brother Edward will kill me when his little wife is kept waiting " she said.

"See you soon Veronica " Eller added and left.

"What did she just say?" She asked.

*And how did she know that am after his elder brother?" She asked.

"Veronica, that's because Eller learned psychology and therefore everyone with bad intentions will always get exposed right in front of her," one of the students said.

"And also we heard that the Grays have found a wife for Edward and he is married so stop daydreaming " the lady added.

"I hate two-faced ladies they always pretend like they know nothing and are innocent but look at her she couldn't wait to propose to Eller on friendship to see Edwards," another lady said.

This was quite humiliating, why did this bitch speak loud for the people around her to hear.

"Hey, guys just like everyone around I didn't know that this old man is married that's also cool, " she was trying to smoothen things she didn't realize that her language was not cool at all.

"Are you calling Master Edward Gray an old man? That man is only 30 years how does that mean he is old?" One of the socialites asked.

They have this soft spot for him how dare this woman call Edward old?

"Sorry guys sorry," she said and left before these crazy mathematicians started throwing harsh words towards her.

Meanwhile, Eller caught up will Jessy and greeted her.

"Good evening lecture Jessy, I admire you for sure, you are young yet you have accomplished so many things," Eller said, she was really sincere.

"Haha, thank you just call me Jessy after all you are my first friend ever since I was born," she said and this was true.

"Ooooh then am happy, my mother said that I should take you shopping I hope you can go with me then, after which we can either go to your place or my place what do you think?" Eller asked.

But she wanted to know where this tough lady lived.

"Okay, I won't reject my first-ever friend, and I will allow you to stay at my place after the shopping," she said.

"Okay then let's go" Eller was very happy

The two ladies drove out of school and into the most expensive mall in the imperial city, what Eller didn't know was that.

Jessy's times are as rich as hers, so the two ladies buy the latest models of clothes and to Eller's surprise Jessy buys only official clothes, this lady is too reserved for her age.

"Hey Jessy why are not buying so many official clothes you are a beautiful young lady you should be buying some elegant clothes, handbags, and heels," she said.

"I honestly don't care much about those things and where will I go putting on those clothes? Am a lecturer, not some sort of socialite and model you know, and my body hahaha, surely it's not as cool as yours you know " she said.

"Haha, hey lady give us all the most beautiful and elegant clothes that suit her perfectly," Eller said.

"You are still young 18 years you have to be smart that way you will find a handsome " Eller said.

"I don't know what I will do with someone like you," Jessy said.

After the shopping was brought to them, they bought items worth four million dollars.

Jessy took out her golden card, this card is in the imperial city only the Gray has it because of Edward,

Now that Eller was seeing the other card she was surprised, she swallowed her silver more than one hundred times.

She wrote a text to her mother.

"Mother at what amount of wealth should someone have to get the Golden card," she asked.

"Oooh dear, this person's wealth should be at par with your brothers and our whole family's wealth and this person has not been found," Mrs Gray said.

Feeling proud of her family and children.

"Haha, Mother I saw another real golden card this time round it has a white jade embedded on it," she wrote again.

"Who is that? This person must be from the royal family " Mrs Gray said.

"Mommy it's Jessy Williams, the lectures, we went shopping and she has just paid with this type of card," she said.

Mrs. Gray fainted after reading the text message from her daughter.

So that young lady is no simple lady at all? She also has a strong background.

"Jesus, my days are going to be long till I die," she said.

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