6 No traces of her left

"I can't believe that my family is doing this, am not ready for anything like marriage or relationship not unless she is a woman I picked by myself," Edward said.

"Hahaha, son this one must pass if you can't marry this genius woman I will stay in my room and will not come out forever," Mrs. Gray said.

"Mother, why can't Edmond marry her instead?" He asked.

"Oooh, no son, such a outstanding woman a young lady at that, what do you think your brother will be bullied for I know, do you think you can find such a powerful woman anywhere? And why has she been hiding? Where is she from? These things no matter how we looked at them in the past we couldn't trace this goddess of studies so I think your soul mate is here for you" His mother said.

"Yes brother I don't like her for a wife, I will be doing injustice to her she needs an outstanding man like you, you can protect her no matter what and her being my sister-in-law, brother ladies will fear you," Edmond said.

"Hehe, I will be going," Edward said.

"Brother I will be going with you, I want to find out who occupied my dream house you know, I felt heartbroken when Edmond told me the house has been occupied, " his sister said.

"I don't know what's special about the house, " Edward said.

"That's because you are blind that house is unique, and cool the designer must be one of the best in the imperial city," his sister said.

"Are you saying that there is a designer out there that hasn't joined our Gray Corporation?" Edwards' father asked.

"That is what we also realized, when that house was constructed to make matters worse we could contact either the engineer or the designer," Edmond said.

"Yes Dad I can't believe it too," he said.

"But when I did some background check I realized that the engineer and the designer are one person from Blue Wills corporation, after that, I couldn't bring myself to go any further, since we all know that this company is not our rival, and has always avoided us whenever our businesses are going to cross paths," Edward said.

"Yes that's true, but who is the boss? This company has grown to be one of the top companies in the imperial city within 5 years and even though it's at the top this person hasn't shown up, what do you think?" Edwards' father asked.

"I think this person is waiting for the right time to pull us down when we can't realize it," Edmond said.

"No..! Brother, I don't think so, just last year I can recall there was a contract worth 50 billion. This contract issued by the government was the right time for this person or group to be at its peak and surpass us, but what happened despite his 100% proposal plan this person backed down and let the 5 families take part in the project, therefore this person is not targeting us" said the sister.

"I think this person is not from the imperial city and he is avoiding problems with us, to stay safe in the industry he rather do other things than cross the line with the five families," Mrs. Gray said.

"Then why is this person not showing up, it is only the third assistant in his company that always attends the meetings, and this is the first company where everyone a guard is qualified to attend business meetings and they always do their best more than the business moguls, who is the CEO?" Old Master Gray asked.

"If we wanna know let's stick a business deal with this group where a profit will be 60/40, they take 60 we take 40, who can miss this in the business world when we the Gray offer this?" Mrs. Gray asked.

"I think we should start on this, " Edward said without hesitation. He too wanted to know who was this person. He can recall this person also once saved him from the Italian Mafia that wanted to kill him, so who was he?

"Okay everyone let's see each other some other time and stay safe," old Master Gray said.

"Don't forget I will be going to the university in the afternoon " Mrs. Gray said.

"We the elders shall go there, " the Old master said.

"Suit yourself," Edward said.

"Aaah? Is that my brother smiling all over?" Eller asked.

"Has he fallen for this mysterious woman?" Edmond joked.

"Then we won't have a hard time," Eller said.

The three siblings walked out and to their cars and drove straight to a seven-star restaurant that is under the Gray, Their crazy friends were all waiting for them to have lunch together, though this master from a rich family in the imperial city seemed to be lazy, they work more than anyone. All thanks to them, their families are unbeatable.

"Welcome the Gray siblings," said Lee.

"What a boring lunch! " Cheeped in Eller.

"There is nothing cool in your eyes Eller when will you grow up?" Carl asked.

"When I don't meet you in this life," Eller said rolling her eyes.

"Aaah..! Then stop coming to our gatherings, that way you will not bother about seeing me, and don't tell me that you have your eyes on me?" Carl never joked but when it comes to Eller he can't restrain himself.

"In your dreams," Eller said.

"Guys we didn't come here to listen to your dialogue please when you want to strengthen your love bond please take it somewhere else like the bedroom," Lee said, he is known for his shamelessness so no one bothered to talk back at him.

After a few minutes...

"How is the progress, Ghost location?" Edward asked.

"You can't believe this brother," Drake said.

"Aaah, you found him?" Edmond asked.

"We checked everywhere, but no traces of a suspicious man, but the only passenger whose identity is suspicious is a woman with a dark face and has different heights within the photos captured by the cameras, PHELICITY ADAMS, Another thing, this lecture at the imperial university has no records within the country and has no records of traveling within the city, not even her place of residence, everything about her is unknown except for recently recruited lecturer at imperial university. This PHELICITY too has no records and no actual face just like Jessy Williams..." Carl said.

"I did the same research, about Phelicity Adams, no actual face not even a trace of her fingerprints, same goes for Jessy Williams, I think this is not her actual face," Drake said.

"Wow....." Eller said.

"Have just realized that am a stupid brother I have to work hard?" she said.

"Are you realizing that today Eller?" Carl asked.

"Nobody will complain if you don't open your mouth " Eller rebuked.

"Find out who this Jessy Williams is, the Ghost on hold," Edward said.

Meanwhile, the three elders drove to Imperial University, the university was quiet though students were moving from one direction to another, and lectures were attending their afternoon classes, they didn't care about it they came only for one purpose to see who

*Jessy Williams is and is the information about her real*

The administration received the news of the sudden visit of this powerful family and the owner of the university and rushed to welcome them.

"Sorry we didn't know of your visit," the chairman said.

"Ooh it's no problem, we have come to see the new lecture first her profile, and assess her lessons," Old Master Gray said.

"Oooh, then welcome masters," he said with lots of respect.

"I saw the three masters come to the university," one of the lecturers asked.

"Yes they are here for I think Doctor Jessy"

"As expected of a young genius, I wish she could be my sister-in-law, but that would be an injustice, " one of the lecturers said.

She likes this lady, she doesn't show off even though she is a genius.

"What's so important about her, she is just young with capabilities so what?" In this lecture Lewinsky is Known for her bad attitude and competitive nature, she thought that the genius student was an old woman but after seeing her, she got jealous of her beauty and brain.

"Jealous human " the lectures scoffed.

Meanwhile, the grays are going through Jessy's profile.

"I can't believe that it's real so she is only 18 years? " Mrs. Gray asked.

"Father, husband we must make sure our son gets her, she is 12 years younger than our son, therefore I don't see any problem " she added.

"She is beautiful Our family genes will be the greatest if she marries our Edward " old Master Gray said.

"I want her as my daughter-in-law," said Mr. Gray.

The chairman and the dean stared at them in disbelief, are they running mad? Lecture Jessy is innocent why must they pair him with their ice-cold and arrogant, dangerous son, the tycoon business mogul, are they killing this child?

"Aaah, " the chairman struggled with words but nothing came out of his mouth.

"Take us to her we want to see her," old Master Gray said.

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