20 His tears of joy

"Miss Jessy am sorry for the mess earlier please forgive me, I did not know better, here is the contract you can read and then sign it," he said.

Though Mr. Coleman was very calm on the outside he was trembling on the inside.

"Why is she looking more like Master J? Did Master have a baby but did not tell us?"

Jessy was done and said.

"I hope for the future corporation and I hope together we will build an empire,

I will be using my alias Zero while staying here"

"That's okay, report to work while feeling okay," Mr. Coleman said.

Jessy drove back to her villa for a rest at the same time.

Her phone vibrated, and she took it out to check who was calling.

It was "Tasha"

She received the call.

"Hello, boss how is everything over there, the climate is okay? The baby are they safe? Please do not work yourself out, we are here we can head over there to help you" Tasha said.


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