96 No consequences

The drink flushed down my throat, entering my digestive system all at once. 

Given how I suspected it to be tapped, it was a pretty wild move, wasn't it? 

But in reality, I downed it all in one go exactly for that reason. 

If the potential poison was posed to act slowly and gradually, I wouldn't be able to feel a thing by drinking bit by bit. 

On the other hand, if the added content to the drink was supposed to act quickly, it didn't matter whether I downed it all or if I sipped it sip by sip. After all, my digestive system would require time to absorb a greater quantity of the potential poison. 

That's why going all-in on my bet wasn't something that I did out of impulse but a calculated action. 

When my throat dried up, I raised my head and waited. For a few moments, I waited, making only the small moves to be able to notice any problems with my perception and sense of balance. 

But nothing really happened. 


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