One click shinobi system in the world of one piece

My life was good, I had friends, a loving family, and a good job, I loved my life and my world, so why did God send me into this world filled with super-powered assholes, almost all corrupt marines, and noble assholes who all seem to be want my ass? - I have no taboos, which means that I will have no problem talking about things like gore, r*pe, torture, racism, and other things like that. That doesn't mean I condone those things. That's about all I wanted to say, so enjoy your reading. (No harem)

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Welcome to one piece

[Hello host]

"Huh? What? Where the hell am I?", Aiden asks as he lazily looks around, unconsciously ignoring the holographic interface in front of him.


As if the holographic interface had just taken offense, it disappears and reappears in front of him in the much larger, capitalized script.

Despite the sudden appearance of the interface in front of him, Aiden's face remains lazy, pondering the possibility of why he is in the middle of a forest when just seconds before he was on a plane.

"Could it be what they call meditation enlightenment?".

[No, the host died in a plane crash].

"Mmmm, that would explain why everyone was panicking and the wing of the plane was gone when I looked out the window." A few seconds pass before Aiden looks at the holographic interface with a lazy, impassive expression.

[You seem to be taking the fact that you're dead well.]

When the message appears in front of Aiden, his brain seems to realize something and a flash of surprise passes over his face.

[You just realized, didn't you?]

[Anyway, welcome to your new li....] "I don't want to" [Huh?] "Send me to heaven" [What? But you're going to live a new life in one piece and...] "Worse, it's full of scary characters, I don't want to" [But you'll have a powerful system to help you] "No"



[We're going to have a problem in this case, because I can't send you to heaven]

"Aren't you supposed to be a powerful system? Tch, what a scam"

[💢, any way you're stuck, so stop complaining and listen to me, of course, it's a dangerous world, but I'm here to help you through the "Shinobi one-click system", the system is simple, by doing certain actions, you can receive rewards from Naruto's world and no matter what reward you get, and it will be maximized immediately].

"Ok, so if I master the Fûinjutsu, I could travel to other dimensions?"




"Meh, I would have tried."


[I will first give you your basic abilities and rewards.

Your level in ninjutsu is maximized, and ninjutsu is available

Clone Jutsu: A Jutsu that creates an illusory clone.

Transformation Jutsu: An illusory jutsu that gives the appearance of another person or object.

Substitution Jutsu: Used to quickly replace your body with a nearby object.

Escape Rope Jutsu: Concentrates your chakra on the rope or object that binds you, causing the material to break or detach.

Your level of genjutsu is maximized, and genjutsu is available.

Devious Mind Effect Jutsu: A deceptive illusion that causes the target to spin around.

Demonic Illusion: Vision of Hell: An illusion that makes the target see a shocking scene.

Paralysis Technique: An illusion in which the target feels as if their entire body is paralyzed.

Your taijutsu level is maximized, and taijutsu is available.

Personal: Create your style of taijutsu with your knowledge of martial arts.

Your Bukijutsu level is maximized.

Your level in Fuinjutsu is maximized, Fuinjutsu is available

Personal: create your seals with your knowledge and imagination

Your level in Kenjutsu is maximized.

Your level in Medical Ninjutsu is maximized.

Your level in Shurikenjutsu is maximized.

Your chakra control is maximized

X1 ninjato

X50 shuriken

X5 storage scroll

X20 explosive scrolls

X5 kunai

X1 outfit

A jinchuriki chakra tail].

"That's a lot anyway, do I have to remember everything?"

[You can, but we'll use my method].

A flood of painful information crashes into Aiden's skull as a grunt of pain escapes his mouth.

"You could have warned me," he says in his annoyed, but also slightly irritated tone, having already pretty much figured out the personality of his system, Aiden prefers to focus on what he just learned, having already watched the Naruto anime, he is no stranger to the abilities he just acquired.

[Before you start, I suggest you practice getting used to your skills when you're ready, there's a boat waiting for you on the west side of the island].

Even though he is reluctant about his situation, Aiden is still a Naruto fan and is eager to test his new abilities.

[But the first host, get dressed]

At this very moment, Aiden finally realizes that he is as naked as the day he was born. "That's why I can feel every draft."

[I feel like this is going to be complicated]


A few hours later, a young man can be seen in a small boat, lounging around like his sloth.

[You're going to get killed]

"No, I've been practicing," he says in his lazy tone with a slightly confident smile.

[You've spent the last few hours sleeping, and for God's sake put your clothes on].

A grimace spreads across his face. "I don't feel like it, I feel freer this way, besides, you can't force me". In the next second, his body glows for a second before disappearing, her scowl deepening as she sees the white short sleeve shirt with black shorts and black shoes.

"It doesn't fit me." [You lie] "Fuck you."

[Well, since you won't work out, I'll have to force you] "Try me, bitch."

As a cocky smile spreads across Aiden's face, a pirate ship quickly approaches him.

[Required Quests:

Kill the pirate captain: Steel Arm Conrad

Kill the crew of Steel Arm


X3 Katon style justsu

Pirate Captain's Bounty]

"She makes wild pirates appear like in Pokémon, but she can't send me to heaven, what a scam!