One Ability To Invincibility

Jason, youth in his twenties got three powerful abilities 1: dismantle (it allows him to break down something up to a molecular level) 2: evolve (which allows him to make something transcend it's original form, it can make everything a treasure) 3: Merge (it allows him to merge anything with whatever he desired) after he accidentally evolved his wrist band into the most powerful A. I technology in the world, he dismantled it and merged it with his Soul, that was the biggest mistake he made as he experienced headache, he accidentally poured water into electricity, and before he knew it, he found himself in a Martial Arts world, as if not enough, when he was looking at some information from ancient books, he bumped upon the words 'Way of Ascension to the cultivation world ' that was the beginning of the story! I'm still looking for the right profile picture, but the current one was AI generated. Reminder: the real thing is about cultivation, not martial arts The martial arts world is just giving me time for more preparations. Thanks:Grand VoidDaoist

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The Whole City Shook! City Lord Sendi!

Frost Hearts family!

In the family head's living quarters, in a separate room, Jason could be seen looking into the mirror, he was currently thinking about the guardian's last words,

'Keep her safe, not for your self, but for this crumbling small world '

The more he thought about it, and remembered the way Ashley would always stick around him, it was like they've applied glue on both of them.

"This is not going to work! I've just come to this world and here I'm, facing problem after problem!" Said Jason as he looked in the mirror, it seemed like he was talking to someone in it, this was the habit he developed from a young age.

Whenever he encountered something that he couldn't understand, he would look into the mirror and talk about it, if he didn't get a solution for it, then he would just leave it!

"It seems that I've got to go and get some information about Ashley from father, I can't be here and wait for whatever is going to come like a stupid sheep, the best way of defending one's self is attacking, I can't passively wait for death!"

After a few minutes, in the main hall, Jason could be seen sitting with his father, meanwhile Dasak was now looking at his son who came to look for information about Ashley!

"So, you have decided to make her my daughter in law?, as I expected, like father like son, how can my son be slow when I'm as speedy as a Lightning Eagle? ¹

Jason looked at his father who was enjoying this moment and felt angry, he just told this old man that he wanted to know everything about Ashley, and he already started thinking about something indecent? Was he that eager to get a grandchild?

" Father, this is not the time for jokes, just tell me everything you know about her"

Oh , did she ask you wether you know anything about her?, now you have come to do some research?"

Jason now had black lines in his face, it seemed like if he didn't tell his father about the encounter in the restaurant, then he won't take this seriously!

" Father, there's something wrong with Ashley, something very dangerous! " Said Jason as he tried to give his father some hints.

What Jason didn't expect was as soon as Dasak heard what he said, he started laughing..

"Hahahaha, you, my son are not as good as me, you have been shocke by the fact that she is the one going after you? That's not wrong at all, back in the days, I also had many girls that confessed to me, some of them are still looking out for me even now, don't be scared, just embrace whatever the world has offered to you, other than going for a fleeting cloud " said his father as he continued with his laughs

It was only at this moment did Jason know that his father's bragging disease has become worse, he was talking about something destructive here!

At this moment, Jason decided to tell his father about the guardian, because he believed that if he didn't tell him about this, then the old man won't take it seriously!

After five minutes, in the main hall, A dumbfounded Dasak could be seen, sitting on his chair, while looking at Jason with an indescribable expression

"Did you just say that you used that many spirit fragments for just a meal and some stupid soup?" Asked Dasak

"Sigh, young stars now days are becoming more and more unfathomable, back in the days, I just used three spirit fragments to buy a hairpin, and that old geezer made me write an apology that had 39999 words, and that was only after mother pleaded for me, and here you are multiplying my expenditure at that time in many times, and you have to be praised"

"And that Nothing whatever restaurant, I'll go there and see it for myself!, how dare they, be this black hearted! Dare to scheme against my son's hard earned spirit fragments! " Said Dasak as he quickly went out of the hall,after Jason saw this


The table was no were to be seen anymore as he used it as momentum for his run, only for it to be destroyed , leaving only ashes behind

"Father, don't go there...

" Stop this instant, don't bring more trouble for me.....

Shouted Jason as he ran out of the family head's living quarters,

Meanwhile out in the living quarters of other members of the family, many of them heard a shout coming from the family head's living quarters

Booom! Booom Booom!

Multiple blurry figures appeared quickly, as if were here all along, at first, it was only eight elders, but in no time, two other people quickly joined.

These were Jason's grandpa, (Jera) and the Supreme elder of the family, now, the number making up ten people, all releasing their Aura looked at Jason,

"Jason, what happened? Why did you have to shout that loud? Where's Dasak? " Asked Jera, at this moment, all the people around looked at him as if demanding answers.

" Grandpa, don't ask, quickly go and stop father, he will be killed if we don't reach there in time " said Jason as he quickly urged the elders that were in front of him to move away so that he could pass.

"Killed? Who dares to do that!!!?" Asked Jera as he quickly caught Jason'sbhand and quickly went after Dasak who went to ask for an explanation from the guardian, meanwhile after seeing the Jera gone, many elders also quickly followed , What Jason didn't expect was that what he had done, brought panic in all the people that lived in the city.

Currently in the city!

If one looked at the center of the city, he or she could see many roads leading to many directions, there were many people moving from one place to another, some went to the largest building that had the words [Market] on it, others went to the street stalls to buy whatever they wanted.

Others were sitting in buildings doing their own things, some ate food, others drunk tea, the city was overly peaceful, but all of a sudden.

Booom! Booom! Booom!

Continuous explosions could be heard, the buildings shook, stalls fell one after another, young children started crying because of the unknown shock, mothers started evaluating the place.

"Damn it, which mother fur**** is doing this?, how dare you ruin your father's things, I'm going to kill you today" said a staut man who had a dirty beard .

"Mommy, what's going on? Why is an earthquake happening all of a sudden?" Asked a little boy that held a candy in his hand.

Meanwhile the lady that was holding the child looked in the direction that the shaking came from and said

"I don't think that it's an earthquake baby, it's martial artists that are fighting"

"Martial artists? Then when I also practice like father said, will I be able to make the whole city shake like this ?"Asked the little boy

"Of course my love, you will be able to do even more than this because you are our little genius!" Said the lady as she quickly got the young boy in her arms and ran away ²

" Who the hell doesn't know that no fighting is allowed inside the city!! , I didn't even get the chance to sell anything and the day is gone because of some shi**ing fights if I catch who ever is responsible ill-----"before this person could finish his words , another man near him pointed in the direction where the sound came from and said

"Are you that eager to die? Don't you know which family owns that road? Can you do anything to them?"

After this man said this, all the people around distanced them selves from the man that was throwing out his life, meanwhile all of them looked in the same direction and wondered what was going on.

In the far distance, there's a place that had the words

[City Lord's Mansion]

In the city lord's mansion, sitting in the hall was a middle aged man who was reading a report about the recent things that have been happening in the city, he was reading it with carefulness, not to leave out any thing!

This was the City lord of the Frost Hearts City, Sendi Abraki, mostly known as City Lord Sendi. At this moment, as he was reading the report, the ground started trembling, all the flower pots in the hall fell down and broke, many other things were ruined.

As he was looking at all that was happening in confusion, a jade slip in his storage pouch started giving out signals, when he felt this, he quickly removed it from the pouch and listened to what was being reported,

After he heard whatever that was in the Jade slip, he hurriedly got another jade slip from his pouch and said

"Make all the people evaluate from the central {business} area as soon as possible!, I'll be there in a few seconds "

After he said this, he vanished from the place

1: Lightning Eagles are beasts with high speed in the Divine Martial World

2:Well, from a young age, it seems that ladies can find a way to brag and boast in every kind of situation,

Maulana, where did you go?

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