One Ability To Invincibility

Jason, youth in his twenties got three powerful abilities 1: dismantle (it allows him to break down something up to a molecular level) 2: evolve (which allows him to make something transcend it's original form, it can make everything a treasure) 3: Merge (it allows him to merge anything with whatever he desired) after he accidentally evolved his wrist band into the most powerful A. I technology in the world, he dismantled it and merged it with his Soul, that was the biggest mistake he made as he experienced headache, he accidentally poured water into electricity, and before he knew it, he found himself in a Martial Arts world, as if not enough, when he was looking at some information from ancient books, he bumped upon the words 'Way of Ascension to the cultivation world ' that was the beginning of the story! I'm still looking for the right profile picture, but the current one was AI generated. Reminder: the real thing is about cultivation, not martial arts The martial arts world is just giving me time for more preparations. Thanks:Grand VoidDaoist

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Family Head Cuckolded? Unacceptable!!

In the Frost Hearts City,the commotion has died down,if one didn't see the destroyed things around the Central part of the city,it would be very difficult for one to know about the commotion that happened earlier

In the eastern part of the city, there's a building that has a name [Nothing Sweet Restaurant]on it, currently, all the Frost hearts family elders, the family head, and one of their hidden elders were all looking at the young man that appeared in front of them.

Just after the young man appeared, he looked at them and asked

"Why are you yelling Infront of my building all of a sudden? Do you want to die early that much?"

Asked the guardian as soon as he appeared out side, all the elders looked at the young man, then looked at their family head, all wondering what did this young man do?. And as always, the ninth elder, who's thoughts are as 'broad' as heaven started thinking of many things.

Did this young man cuckold their family head? But he didn't have a wife, wait wait, did the family head get a woman, but this young man took her away, now the family head has come to get his woman?


This is unacceptable! It's been so long since the family head had a woman, and now, he got one but was cuckold right away? They had to get her back at all costs!

At this moment, the ninth elder looked at all the elders, and started whispering to each of them

"Didn't you want to know the reason why the family head has come here?" Asked the ninth elder

As soon as the ninth elder asked this, all the elders looked at him, they all wondered what this big mouthed fellow was going to say.

"Ninth, what is it that you have got? We came all the way here without knowing a thing, yet you, who knew something didn't say anything? It seems that we, as the elders have to properly 'teach' you not to keep such important information to yourself " said the fourth elder, as always, all of them showed approving expressions on their faces.

This ninth elder wasn't that powerful among all the elders , but there was something strange about him, that was information, he always had access to all the information in the family, it is as if he has ears everywhere!

Now as they heard that he knew something, they had to use every way possible to get this information from him!.

Meanwhile as soon as the ninth elder heard what the fourth elder said, he got goosebumps all over his body, the so called teaching was a nightmare to him, whenever the word 'teach' was mentioned, he would be beaten up until he was purple!

There was one time when he had information about the first elder, and the people from family head's faction wanted to know it, but he refused to tell anyone about it, and that's when the word 'teach' into fray.

He was beaten until one of the elders from the first elder's faction came to his rescue, whenever he remembers this, he would give out all the information before being teached.

"It's like this, I think the family head got a woman without telling the family, do you remember what happened the last time?" Asked the ninth elder, at this moment, all the elders were attentively listening.

When they heard him ask about what happened last time, they remembered that it was when the family head brought a woman from back then, there was a conflict between the elders, and that was the beginning of the division of the elder's council!

"Yes of course, we all know about this, but what has it got it to do with the current situation?" Asked another elder

"Hehehe, you all didn't give it much thoughts, think about it, what if the family head brought a woman and the same thing happened again?" Asked the ninth elder

As the elders heard this, all of them wondered what was going on, but the ninth elder didn't give them the time to think about it and continued.

" Now I think you all have got it, what I think is that the family head got a woman, and hid her in the city, but this young man took her away, don't you think that it's possible?" Asked the ninth elder

At this moment, all the elders looked at the ninth elder, then looked at the guardian, and lastly Dasak, then one of the elders said

"Now that I think about it, only issues about women can make our 'Always steady ' family head become this angry, the last time, the family almost split, now, sigh! I pity this young man, why did he take the family head's woman of all women in the city? "

As all the elders were talking about this, the people around them heard everything clearly, and all wondered one thing 'What was going on here? '

After hearing the elder's conversation, each of them had his own thoughts.

Dasak, who had an angry expression looked at all the elders and wondered how they have been leading the family to prosperity all these years, did martial arts roast their brains out?.

As Jera heard what the elders said, as ironic as he is, he quickly looked at Dasak and wondered why this stupid son of he's always kept his women hidden, he was a family head! Why did he fear the elders?.

He just had to bring who ever he wanted, why was he not as good as his dear grandson? He had that young girl from the Salova Family wait for him in the family's house!

Meanwhile the guardian looked at all the people around him and couldn't understand, since when did he take someone's woman?, if he remembered very well, since he came to this world last week, he never looked at any of these mortal women in any kind of way.

Now, it seems that this mortal came to his building to get an explanation from him, and the reason is because of a woman? He didn't even have feelings for the beautiful women from the Divine Realm , how can he love a mortal?.

As all this was going on, there was someone left out, he just stood there as a spectator, that person was Jason, at this moment, Jason was conversing with Athena in order to get a solution for his father.

Even though Jason had just seen him for two days, he didn't know whether it was the memories of the previous owner of the body that were influencing him, but whenever he thought about the people around him, he would feel the familiarity inside him sprouting out, he didn't want them to have any kind of harm.

"Athena, what do you think is the best way to solve this kind of situation? If that guardian wants to kill us because he is angry, what should I do, this is all happening because of me after all" asked Jason as he looked at the situation at site.

[Master, I don't want to disappoint you but,according to the energy fluctuations that I felt around his body last time, there is nothing you can do if he wants to kill all of the people around] said Athena truthfully.

[The only thing I think is how are going to solve this conflict before it escalates , if this continues, then the 'Guardian ' will kill all of you for sure]

It was only this time did Jason remember that even though he transmigrated as the novels said, he didn't have the invincible strength that the others had, he didn't have the 'Systems' that others had, his background, even though good enough, when it came to the man in front of him, it was complete trash!

It was only now did he wake up from the arrogance that had started showing its fangs to his development, he understood that even though he had Athena, all 'she ' could do was analyze some things, and that was all, even though he could see the 'Panel' like existence,that was all, nothing more.

As his mood was continuing to die, he heard Athena's voice

[Master, I think that if we can get the correct usage of the three abilities, it would only be a matter of time before you become as powerful as him or even more , so your sole proprietor should be about how you survive, not to help others as you don't have the means to do that yet] said Athena.

At this time, Dasak looked at his family elders and angrily said.

"Second elder, make sure that when we go back, all the elders report whatever they have been doing all this while, it seems that some of you eve have the time to gossip around instead of doing your work "

After the second elder heard this, he looked at Dasak and said

" Family head, we came to do our job of protecting you from the enemy "

Just after he finished his words, Dasak looked at the guardian and said.

" You young boy, where is the black hearted owner of this building, did he run away after hearing me calling for him? "

Meanwhile after Jason heard what his father said, he knew that it was over, he was probably going to break the 'Trasmigrator's Genius Book of Records ' and become the one person to die as soon as he transmigrated!

This conversation happened between the Author and the MC so don't put that much thoughts about it

The Author: 'Jason, why do you always turn up to Athena for advice in everything you face, don't you have your own brain to use? '

The MC :' Senior Grand VoidDaoist, Didn't you create this overpowered Athena to help me in this kind of situation? Why don't you want me to use it?

The Author: '... '

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