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Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain

His Majesty the King

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This story defies the heavens with its humor. I seriously have laughed in real life more times than I can count while reading this. A very lighthearted cultivation story, with a shameless MC, a shameless master, a righteous sect that is actually righteous. It's all awesome, I cannot recommend this enough to those who like humorous stories.

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One of two truly original CN stories I'm aware of. It absolutely should be read once you are jaded veteran, to give you that extra bit of freshness. CNs are highy repetitive, riddled with plot holes and sloppy filler spouting on deadline. Once you truly feel that irritiation of reading same plot devices for nth time, it's time for Wang Lu, cultivator whose "cheat" actually interferes with cultivation, so he uses his brain intead of his fists. Watch him troll ******ton daoists till they don't know their own names.


This is one of the 4 novels I read in this site.This novel is super awesome and I am really enjoying reading this.It gives me some good laugh and I am really happy that it got translated by a good translator.


I don't always write reviews, but when I do, it's either because the novel is really good, or really bad. Despite all the positive reviews, in my opinion, this belongs in the latter. First of all, the positive. The world background is unique, and certainly above average. The relationship between characters is decent. Now, the bad things. The most important thing, the humor. While I did chuckled once in awhile, for the most part, it's just painful to read. The author tried too hard to force the comedy. The parts where it should be serious, the author still tried to add humor. All the Elders and Sect Leader acts like a bunch of 12 yearsold. There are certain situations where comedy comes from surprise or the suddenness of the situation. However, the way this novel is written completely take away the surprise part and ruin the humor. Most importantly, I don't know if it's the translator or the author, but using vulgarities to force the humor is just immature. Conversations between characters are completely devoid of witticism. Characters swore and cursed at each other is just...tasteless. Once in a blue moon, it sort of worked, but the rest of the time, it's just overdone and became vulgar instead. Sometimes, the vulgarities even ruined the part where it's actually funny. Let me give you an example, the MC were talking with a girl about how bad his Master was. The conversation were going just fine, then he dropped a sentence along the line "you might aswell tell me to masturbate over my Master getting gang raped".... It's not like i'm over sensitive, but it's just tasteless. That is just pure vulgarity, not comedy. If you want an actual humorous xanxia, try A Will Eternal. This novel is just a really bland and vulgar slapstick comedy.


Honestly, this novel should be one of the main novels in the site like where they do multiple releases in a day. Its an awesome novel with lots of comedy and intelligence. Not many cheat engine for cultivation like in other novels but here it's totally opposite(so for diehard fans for super-ultra speed cultivation this ain't for you). Except for super fast Cultivation powerup, here genuine effort and proper mind(and money) are used by MC. Don't say this is bad novel for some ****ty reasons


Love this story!!! I remembered this story from an anime that I watched once. It was as funny as then as it is now! Thanks! ;) -Monkey Elder


The male lead is amazing! His training is very slow, but he'll surely become very powerful in the future, and in the meantime, he has the wits and intelligence to make up for it!


Funny, interesting, smart, intriguing story. subudai11 doing great job translating this stroy updating stability was good mc was smart, brave and funny. its really good novel.


Hilariously addictive. Spirit Sword Mountain features an out-of-the-norm main character, who wants to cultivate inside the sect. However there are several twists, and they all come in very fun forms. The first arc is incredible and more than enough to get anyone hooked with this novel. Give it a try! It's super fun!


Good novel! Sure, it might be another MC rise-to-power, but hey, at least it's funny, and hey, at least it avoids some of the usual cliches in these type of stories. One of the actual martial arts training stories I can actually stand to read. Characters have depth, MC's clever scheming is fun to follow along, romance leads aren't obnoxious, you get a pass in my book.


Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain, is not your normal cultivation novel ie MC gets power up after power or beats other's 5 ranks above him etc as you'd normally see in this type of work, it has some great comical moments, excellent characters who will make you laugh and some of the dialog between the mc and his teach is great well worth a read


The worst story so far on this site. Shameless, raciste, oversmart MC that live in a cultivation world but has a gamer mentality. I don't recomand this story to anyone. There is much better in qidian.


I actually laugh out loud reading this novel~ High shameless master disciple work there. and for 140 characters i would add the good translator work! +10 points for giving translation and notes in the end of the champ ;)


This all started of fairly well with a seemingly interesting plot and an endearing main character. However after the Sect Test Arc reached the extra trial it finally revealed how garbage it truly was. The Sect Elders are all disabled overused cliche character tropes and unnecessarily small brained. It’s like a bunch of defective Korean Drama girls who try to act cute and tsundere-like, and a soft useless old man as a sect leader. The greedy 5th Martial Aunt has the same personality as a greedy rich young master type mixed in with a low-IQ, thinks she is smart, bossy girl. This has caused the novel to become straight and udder trash. It is simply unbearable. If the 5th Martial Aunt existed then I curse her whole family down nine generations to excruciating agony, unparalleled sorrow, and a life of extreme humiliation.


The story development is unique among all xianxia types I have read. These first chapters really piqued my curiosity,for example the main character seems reincarnated but it is only hinted,the author doesn't go at all into lengthy explanations how the mc only naturally could overcome this or that problem due to his past life or anything similar. The translation is also excellent but I have to add that personally as a Chinese language learner I would like an explanation of certain idioms or language intricacies. The characters are interesting full of common moral flaws that makes them more refreshing and easy to identify with.I have to point out that the main character seems a bit wise beyond his age,but that could be explained later on. The world has not been unveiled as of yet so I can't really judge it,the interrelation between different social statuses is as expected in a feudal way of governing. All in all I think it is an excellent read and I recommend it to all but younger audience.I especially appreciate the humor and feel it adds a lot to the enjoyment of the read but the jokes and perspective offered can be understood by more mature audience.


The flow of the story is neither slow nor fast. It takes the reader through different stages in a smooth manner and the story captivates the mind to the best. It is by far one of the best light novel I have been reading


No wonder the story felt somewhat familiar. It's turn out that I already read the manhua version for this novel. If you by chance found this page, that means you are fated to read this God-made novel


This story is good. All the stories translated by subudai have been in my favourite. Subudai if you read this i want to to know what will happen to another stories. I know it is not possible to bring those stories here but i think you should translate stories like the finest servant. I dont know if its qidian story or 17k. If its qidian please translate finest servant. Subudai best translator ever.


It's a good if you want to take a break from all the dramatic and exaggerated Chinese fantasy novels, however my only problem is that for some reason the translation quality regresses with each chapter. At time it really irritates me when the translator dosen't even know the difference between has,have and had


One of the best novels on this site. MC is intelligent, humorous and good at strategies. The side characters like the other elders from the sect are well developed, and world building is excellent. One caveat is that MC’s cultivation is slow and this can make readers impatient. From my perspective, having this aspect is great compared to many other novels where MC upgrades super-fast relying on random lucky encounters.