408 She Had To Be Brave

Lucy Braithwaite missed her mom. If she was under a sleeping curse, why hadn't her daddy woken her up yet? Was he not a prince? 

So when a man told her that she woke up and he was going to take her to see her, she went right away. That was a bad idea because he didn't take her there and left her somewhere by herself. 

She was scared and wanted Daddy. When she saw him again, it seemed like he was scared too. He had even called the police. She didn't like talking to the police. It was scary. 

Daddy didn't seem very happy with them around but he wasn't happy after they left either. He sat her down very seriously and put his hands on her shoulders. She blinked up at him nervously. This usually meant she was in trouble. 


"Baby, you know how Princess Aurora was in danger and her mom and dad sent her away with the fairies to be safe?"

"Yeah. So Maleficent wouldn't get her."


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