199 It Had A Plan

'That seems like it could be interesting.' Perry sent the message trying to be supportive of its friend even while wanting to beg her not to leave the building. 

'I think so too. I'd have to get an associate degree before trying to get licensed but that's not the end of the world. With any luck, I'd be able to take my classes at night so I won't have to find another job in the process' Noelle replied. 

Perry did not want her to get another job in the process. But what if her classes were only available during work hours? 

'When would you do this?'

'I'd have to fill out applications and stuff so probably not until the fall' 

The fall. Perry had time to figure something out. But what? It knew that seeing Noelle outside of this building was impossible. It could not go where she went. Unless it learned how to hack devices from a distance such as her phone and laptop so it could see her through the cameras. 


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