1 Introduction

Bella was a beautiful young lady and she is turning 25 by the next full moon. Due to her failed love affairs, she locked up herself in their castle. Her witch mother obviously opposed it. She did not want Bella to continue living alone just because of some past mistakes.

Bella was deeply fascinated by the constellations and other heavenly bodies. She relied on the stars to guide the man that is meant for her. She crafted impossible challenges for those men who seek her to be their wife.

As the challengers started their quest for Bella's love, she was drawn towards a simple man. He did not participate in the challenges for Bella. He continued his life in the forest peacefully.

She wanted him, obviously. But things turned south. "I will take you down with me along with my calamitous love!", Bella screamed and stars fell on that one spot up the hill.

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