Once the Crown Prince Joins In

Before his rebirth, Shang Junyan's view of Su Xinyi: Despicable and shameless, cunning and deceitful, cruel and ruthless. He dreams of divorcing her. After his rebirth, Shang Junyan's view of Su Xinyi: Beautiful and kind-hearted, open and upright, full of righteousness. He dreams of marrying her. Before her rebirth, Su Xinyi's view of Shang Junyan: Generous and understanding, steady and dependable, a true gentleman, worth marrying. After her rebirth, Su Xinyi's view of Shang Junyan: Petty-minded, pretentious, a real scoundrel, won't marry him even if she dies. In her previous life, Su Xinyi had a difficult life. She jumped from a countryside girl to the only daughter of the fourth family in Qi Country Duke's Mansion. She lived cautiously and carefully. The other three families of the Duke Mansion coveted her family's property and regarded her, who had returned to her ancestry, as a thorn in their eyes, hating her and wanting her gone. After getting married, her husband disliked her, her mother-in-law was unhappy, and they forced her to die so that her husband could marry a noble woman. Su Xinyi burned down the Pingjing Prince Mansion, so they could all die together. After her rebirth, Su Xinyi fears nothing. First, she destroys her own marriage, then she dutifully serves her birth mother, hoping she lives a hundred years. Finally, she repays the Crown Prince's help in her previous life, praising him as a good and generous person whenever she meets someone, helping the poor and uplifting the needy, a great man indeed. The great Crown Prince: I heard someone is spreading the word that I am a good person. The Crown Prince, praised into his role, finds out that the little girl who has been praising him is actually meeting someone else for a blind date, a little liar telling lies! His heart, once black as coal, gradually gains warmth because of her. In the end, the little liar marries the very successful Crown Prince whom she praised, and her scumbag ex-husband becomes the Crown Prince's servant.

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008: Su Xinyi Becomes Famous After One Battle

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"Nonsense! I never said such things!" Xu Yurong was astounded, as she really had never said those words! "Lady Jiang, Princess Dongli, don't believe her! I never said those things. How could I be so brazen and disrespectful? It's all Su Xinyi's plot to frame me!"

Su Xinyi casually replied, "Miss Xu, you claim I'm framing you, but if you hadn't told me these things, how would I know? You see, in the first statement, you warned me that your marriage with Young Master Jiang was just waiting for the right time, and that you would be his rightful wife, able to lecture me openly.

The second statement was to remind me that Princess Dongli despises concubines who come from Prince Dongli Village, so even if I fell into the water in the Duke's Mansion, Princess Dongli wouldn't stand up for me due to my rural upbringing. Both matters are related to Young Master Jiang. I returned to the capital not long ago and have no friends. Who would tell me such private matters?"

What does it mean to be unable to refute?

For the first time in her life, Xu Yurong experienced it. She had always used this tactic to deal with others, only to face it herself today.

Forth Mrs. Su's face was so terrible that she couldn't hide it, staring at Duchess An and saying, "Duke An Mansion has such good family rules. They pushed my daughter into the water and dared to threaten her with speech. Such audacity and recklessness! The young ladies of the capital have never seen such behavior!"

Lady Jiang's heart thumped with anger, and after hearing this, she didn't want to offend the Qi Country Duke's Mansion either. She quickly said, "Duchess An, you did propose your daughter's marriage to my son earlier, but I made it clear to you that we would only discuss the marriage after my son's examinations. We did not agree to betroth Miss Xu. Please explain this matter."

Today's events were simply one shocking revelation after another, leaving everyone speechless.

Xu Yurong's reputation had been excellent. Everyone praised her highly when talking about her.

But today's events were beyond their imagination, and they believed Su Xinyi's words.

Because Su Xinyi was right in saying that she had just returned to the capital, and who in their right mind would share such private matters with a stranger?

Xu Yurong saw the look on everyone's faces and her vision went black. She truly fainted this time.

For years, she had carefully cultivated her reputation, only for it to be ruined by Su Xinyi today.

Su Xinyi gained fame in one fight!

Xu Yurong had indeed said those words before, but only in her previous life.

Su Xinyi had been tricked by her several times, all because she didn't know the situation in the capital when she first arrived, and Xu Yurong took advantage of her.

Later, Su Xinyi studied the family trees of the capital and figured out their relationships. Xu Yurong couldn't trap her anymore, and Su Xinyi could even dig traps for her in return.

But the first mistake Su Xinyi made cost her dearly. She had to take revenge for this grudge, even if she was reborn again.

Forth Mrs. Su coldly looked at the fainted Xu Yurong and sneered, "Miss Xu really fainted at a convenient time, Duchess An. I'm waiting for your mansion to explain today's events. Xin Yi, let's go home!"

Forth Mrs. Su left without even saying goodbye to Princess Dongli, angering her to the point of having a dark and green face. She had to hurry and swallow her pride to see them off.

As soon as they left, everyone else in the room quickly got up and departed, having witnessed quite the spectacle today.

Who would have thought that Miss Xu would have such a disposition? If other young ladies were in her place, they might have been outsmarted by Xu Yurong's schemes.

Duchess An faced the ambiguous glances from everyone, wishing she could faint too. Lady Jiang, who left last, looked at Duchess An and said, "Marquis's wife, I hope I don't hear your daughter spreading false rumors about a marriage contract with my son again. After all, it's not true, right?"

"Lady Jiang, this is entirely a misunderstanding, please listen to me..."