51 Chapter 51 : O' Sweet Revenge [2]

'.... Loli.. isn't that the Minor Healing Elixir I have in my freaking storage?'


' %&$#?@! Why didn't you tell me from the very beginning?'

You didn't ask..

'*Sigh* Then why is the name different...Those in my storage are called Minor Healing Elixir while this one is Rebirth Elixir, despite them looking exactly the same...'

Each operating system personally chooses the name of the item, usually, they all use the same but there are some....exceptions..your previous system had a lot of abnormalities..

Arthur really wanted to roar right now, for more than a month, he has been searching for the goddam cure for the little girl but the ironic thing is that he had it with him, and not just one or two but thousands of them, however, how could he know it's the same, it was called 'MINOR' while there was the miraculous potion, one would obviously use the better one rather the bad right?

Arthur repressed anger and breathed some fresh air then talked to Loli yet again

'THEN DO YOUR JOB! Change the names back to their original if there are some others like this...why are you so useless'

All he got in response was a cold snort for the annoying system, he really preferred the last one even though it was malfunctioning.

After pondering for a moment, he felt relief and joy, since he already had the cure, then there is no need to buy the one on stage, he was really excited about this matter, just imagining little Saly regaining her eyesight and walking properly made him unconsciously smile under his metal mask.

Albeit his excitement, he didn't leave yet, there is still unfinished business here.

Just to be sure, Arthur checked the Minor Healing Elixir he had in his storage, and they were indeed exactly like the one on the stage, the most confusing thing is that he had Medium and Advanced Healing Elixirs, but he never used them, he only used the miraculous one, kind of dumb but he never bothered to test the others.

The healing Elixirs and Potions are a bit different, the latter's effect is instantaneous. The Elixir's effect is over time, it may take years just like it may take a few seconds, it's just not as instant as potions which is exactly why Arthur didn't pay the ones in his storage any heed, he deemed them useless compared to the Miraculous Healing Potions.

It seems even though the Loli system snorted and ignored Arthur, she still did her job and changed a lot of the names in his storage, but for some reason, she kept the names of the healing potions and Elixirs, maybe it was to annoy Arthur or some other odd reason? He was in no mood to argue with her so just ignored that and waited for the biding to begin.

Almost all present participants looked at the black Elixir with awe and greed, their eyes were burning from the desire to get it, for them, this could save a life or cure blindness, deafness and so on, so how could they not want it?

Bunnie smiled at the crowd, she obviously saw their dumbfounded state but stayed silent to let them observe the Elixir for a while then she softly spoke with her melodic voice

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the most precious item our auction will sell tonight, due to its rarity, the beginning price would be 5 Million gold coins"

It was a huge sum, even for those present, this price was really high, however, it was reasonable, the Elixir is known for its extraordinary healing so they kind of expected a price like this.

Just as the cute Bunnie finished speaking, half of the participants started raising their numbers and shouting prices, in mere seconds the price already escalated to 25 million gold coins.

Arthur silently observed without caring that much, first, he was going to compete, but it was needless right now, he was only gazing at Veronica who was sitting in front of him.

She surprisingly didn't raise her hand to bid, which confused him a little but he soon shrugged that off, her getting the Elixir or not wasn't of his concern, he was just a bit curious as to why she didn't bid.

The answer to his question soon came as many of the silent people who didn't bid at first started bidding when the price reached a whopping 80 million gold coins.

No matter how much someone's fortune is, not all of them can have this big amount of money, some were hoping the price wouldn't increase beyond their budget but it was hopeless.

All the big figures started bidding, which included Klaud and Veronica.

5 minutes after the bid began, there were only 4 people left still bidding, it was 2 masked people, Veronica and Klaud.

The price already reached 156 million gold coins but it started to increase little by little unlike previously.

The 2 masked people soon withdrew and the only ones left are that annoying woman and Klaud, Arthur was quite delighted to see the struggle between the two, if he was participating, he would have bid 200 million to just let them feel despair and give up, ohh he really wanted to see the look on their faces if that happened.

"Miss, give me some face please, I really need this Elixir."

Klaud used the same trick again but he was sure it would not work, he already knew the identity of the woman as he had many spies inserted in several places, so how could he not know her? Albeit that, he still wanted to get the Elixir, his status was no lower than hers, so even if a fight broke out, he would not be losing.

It's true he's far weaker than her, but he had hidden powerful bodyguards outside just in case so he wasn't that afraid of her or anyone else.

Veronica just snorted and ignored the youth, she raised her number and said

"I bid 170 million gold coins."

Unexpectedly, she raised the bid by a lot this time, contrary to earlier when she only added 1 million per bid, it was obvious she wanted to get her hands on the Elixir.

As for Klaud, he gritted his teeth and slowly raised his number while speaking in a somewhat angry tone

"I bid 180 million."

"200 million"

Veronica didn't leave him the time to feel proud as she bid again increasing the price by a lot yet again.

Klaud's face was already red from anger, he amassed a lot of money to get this Elixir, he suffered internal injuries last year and some of them didn't heal because of a strange curse, only this Elixir can heal him so he wanted to get it no matter the cost.

He gave up on trying to save some money and bid all his money not caring about anything anymore.

"270 million gold coins!"

Veronica, who was ready to raise her number to bid, was stunned and sat there motionless for a couple of seconds before slowly putting her hand down, unfortunately for her, she didn't have that much money to bid more than him, she could only suppress her anger and gaze maliciously at the youth who was grinning back at her as if showing off his victory.

Bunnie was also a bit astonished by the price, but she soon came back to her senses and waited a bit more to see if there were anyone who would bid but there was none so she said

"270 million gold coins going once.... twice.... thrice, the item 'Rebirth Elixir' is sold to the Sir Klaud, congratulations!"

The youth nodded at the beautiful bunny girl then looked excitedly at the black Elixir, he couldn't hide his excitement as he grinned to himself and seemed lost in thought.

The Rebirth Elixir was the last item, so everybody depressingly got up from their seats and left the room after bidding farewell to some of their friends.


Arthur was only focused on Veronica's figure, she angrily left the room, one could see she was enraged and wasn't happy with the outcome.

She didn't think that this bastard Klaud would come and compete with her, if she knew that, she would've asked her grandfather for more money.

In fact, you can also bid treasures, but bidding money is better and more suitable, so it was very rare when someone bids a treasure or another item.

It's been 5 minutes or so since Veronica left so Arthur decided it was time for him to leave as well, he left the room and exited the building, finding himself in the dark alley.

Even though she went ahead, with his speed, he can find her in a matter of seconds, furthermore, he already knew the route she took to come here.

With but a thought, he disappeared from the dark alley and teleported a few times until he found Veronica in a small alley.

She took off her mask and angrily stomped her feet, just like a little girl, however, it didn't seem cute, her face looked ugly as she showed her angry expressions.

Arthur smirked and thought that this small alley seemed like the right place.

With one final teleport, he appeared a couple of meters in front of the angry Veronica, who didn't notice his presence until a dozen seconds passed.

Although she was startled by his appearance, she didn't feel alert, moreover, she wanted to vent her anger on something and a target appeared, it was as if the heavens were blessing her after cursing her with some bad luck.

Arthur didn't take off his mask, so when Veronica saw him, she didn't recognize him, even when he spoke earlier, he already altered his voice a little, there was a lot of skills that allowed him to do so, it's too bad there are none that change appearances, although he read about illusion magic which is good to trick people.

The atmosphere was awkward as neither talked, but that didn't last long as Arthur slowly took off his mask while coldly saying

"We meet at last...Veronica"

Veronica, who was just going to shout at Arthur then attack him on the pretext of a dumb excuse, was petrified as she heard the voice and saw two blood red eyes shining, the alley was dark with only some light, and that only made his eyes more terrifying.

She only knew two people with similar eyes, seeing the face of Arthur, her body shuddered, she stood there motionless as if still not believing what he saw seeing.

"Ha ha ha, What's up? Did the cat eat your tongue? You were talking just seconds ago...."

Arthur then slowly walked towards as his killing intent exploded, he was still evilly smirking at her.

"You don't even know how much for the day I meet you..or any other who betrayed me..."

Veronica who was silent finally opened her trembling mouth as her eyes were wide open staring at him in disbelief


"Hm? How? You mean how am I alive? None of that matters right now, don't you think?"

Although, she was afraid of him as in the past he was already stronger than her, no matter how much she tried to deny that, it was a fact that he was stronger, plus she is injured now so her winning against him is impossible.

Seeing him slowly come toward her, Veronica turned around attempted to flee at top speed, the only way to get away from him is to lure him near her house, that way, her grandfather can save her, she didn't think Arthur is stronger than her grandfather.

But to her surprise, just as she was going to turn her body, she couldn't, it definitely was not because of fear but it was something else restraining her, even with her injuries, she shouldn't be this powerless against him, her look transformed from surprise and fear to horror, it was as if she was seeing the devil himself.

Just the matter of him being still alive confused her and made her feel afraid, how could he survive against Yamak? Supposedly he managed to defeat Yamak, then how could he escape the fire from that cannon, its range is huge, no one should be able to escape.

"O'ho ho ho ho, it's funny seeing you trying to flee, it's like seeing a little rabbit trying to flee from a tiger, truly pathetic..."

Arthur finally arrived in front of the petrified Veronica, from the very beginning she didn't utter many words, she was still not believing what's happening, as if she was in some sort of nightmare.

Arthur coldly stared at the shivering woman in front him, however, he didn't felt hesitation or pity like Mary, she didn't even apologize like Mary, she just stared at him with fear.

He retrieved a talisman and threw it to a nearby wall, very soon, a light emanated from the rune and a notification came, Arthur ignored it and asked Veronica

"I think you know why I'm here...right?"

Although she was very afraid of him, the thought of apologizing never crossed her mind, she gritted her teeth and replied

"Screw you, do y..."

Unfortunately, before she could finish the sentence, blood splattered all over the alley, it took her several seconds that her right arm has been ripped off and blood splashed endlessly from her shoulder, it was literally like a fountain, the pain soon followed, it was so agonizing that she screamed loudly.


Veronica wasn't used to this amount of pain which came surprisingly, her screams were deafening, however, no one came or heard her screams except Arthur.

The talisman he used before was used to stop any sound from leaking out from a specific range, he made it specifically for this situation, there were thousands of spells in Zodiak's books, but all of them were ruthless so he only picked the useful ones and made them, then he imprinted them into talismans.

"Yes, scream, scream louder! That's what I felt when that attack hit me! Ha ha ha...You must think I'm crazy and a monster, right? Well, I definitely am, but at least, I never betrayed anyone, unlike you people..."


You gained a new title : Psychopath : Each time you brutally kill someone +15% stats increase for 10 minutes.

If you kill another person brutally when the buff is on, the timer will reset.

Arthur ignored the notifications and looked at the wailing woman, still not feeling sympathy of pity.


While she was screaming, Veronica tried her best to ask for help but to no avail, no one came, it's like they were isolated, and it's at that time that she realized that she's done for, she turned her head to look at Arthur who was looking back at her with cold and piercing eyes.

"Ahhh... I'm s-sorry.... shouldn't.... done... that.... ahhh... mistake.." Veronica couldn't talk properly as she was panting, the pain was just too much for her as she barely managed to let out these few words when she was suddenly interrupted by Arthur's voice

"It was a mistake you said... but the cruel thing was, it felt like the mistake was mine, for trusting you or any other from that damned academy....."

Veronica shivered as she stopped struggling, she couldn't even hold her arm to stop the bleeding, the only way for her to stay alive is to beg.

"P-Please ahhh..... have mercy.... don't be cruel... We.. I really regret...that."

Arthur burst out in laughter for a couple of seconds before he shouted with frightful vehemence, stamping his foot, and groaning in a sudden paroxysm of ungovernable passion

"Cruel? Me? Hahaha, You say I'm cruel when you don't even know how cruel what you have done is...ha ha ha"

He laughed for a while before his killing intent exploded yet again, enveloping all the alley, his blood red eyes turned jet black and his voice sounded like the devil itself

"You teach me how cruel you've been..cruel or false, why did you and the others betray me? I didn't do anything for you to despise me...yet you have done the unspeakable...for you Veronica..I have no word of comfort. You deserve this. You have killed yourself. Yes, you may beg, cry or even call for help, but all of these will only blight you...they'll damn you..curse you! What right did you have to betray me? ANSWER ME! Just because a simple order comes from above, you are just like dogs who obey without thinking....You know...be it misery, degradation or even death itself, I can accept all of them, but betrayal is the thing I despise the most...you and the others did it, on your own will....yet even after that...you still live comfortably knowing what you have done...."

Veronica couldn't even talk as she heard that, even though she was frozen by the ancient threads, her body shivered non-stop and she even forgot about the pain, facing Arthur made her fall into a bottomless abyss, especially when she looked at those black eyes.

"It's truly a pity....to see an elf act like that.....If it were not for your appearance, I could've sworn you are human as you behave exactly like them....I'm sure one day..you would betray your family if an opportunity arise...it's just what people like you do...now then it's time to meet your maker..if he exists that is...rot in hell or whatever the place you are going is"

With this last sentence, natural lightning entered her body and killed her on the spot, her eyes became lifeless and the low groaning stopped, the alley became silent, and the killing intent subdued a little.

Even when he killed her, he wasn't completely satisfied, however, there's nothing he could do now.

He promised Mary to investigate first, but he didn't know if he could control himself if he saw Sonia, hopefully, he could.

He really wants to rip her to shreds, but she may really have been forced or tricked, anyways, whoever made that order would surely die by his hands, that's for sure.

Arthur didn't linger off and returned to the inn after storing Veronica's body.

His eyes returned to normal not too long after she died and when he arrived at their room, he surprisingly found Saly and Lucy awake this late at night.

Lucy was gently brushing the little girl's hair, who was silently enjoying that and humming a song.

The sudden appearance of Arthur didn't startle Lucy, and Saly who was blind couldn't see so she didn't know, only when Arthur talked did she know.

Arthur went next to the little girl and patted her head.

"Naughty girl, still awake this late at night?"

Although he was pretending to scold her, he was patting her small head with extreme gentleness.

"I-I wanted to wait for A-Arthur to return...sorry"

The little lass dropped her head down as if she committed a grave crime. Arthur merely laughed and replied

"Don't worry....by the way, I got a gift for you"

As he said that, he retrieved that Minor Healing Elixir from his storage and held it in his hand, even the calm Lucy looked at him with surprise, she immediately guessed what that was and softly smiled.


Arthur would always give her things but he never once said it was a gift, so hearing this, Saly felt overjoyed and excited at the same time.

He put the small bottle in her petite hands and softly spoke

"Drink it, okay?"

Naturally, Saly had complete trust for Arthur and Lucy, for her, they were her sole family and she felt grateful towards them, if they didn't save her, she would have died or would be still suffering from the beatings of her master.

She didn't hesitate and gulped the whole bottle, although it was very bitter, she endured it and finished it all. She was very cute as she displayed her reaction to the bitter taste.

"Now, relax for a bit, alright?"

As he said that, Arthur stretched both of his arms and put the little girl on his lap as he sat on the bed. He didn't know when will the Elixir take effect, so all he could do now is wait with her.

Following what he said, the little girl leaned on Arthur and enjoyed the warm sensation. A minute has passed and finally, something happened.

Saly began to emanate some light and Arthur noticed the scars on her neck and arms began to disappear very quickly, he also felt a fluffy feeling in his leg, so he guessed it to be her tail as he learned from her that it was cut in the past.

The light lasted for half a minute before it disappeared, Arthur clearly felt the change in Saly, part of the malfunctioning ear was restored and all the scars seemed to have disappeared.

The little girl was still unable to comprehend what just happened, she felt her tail moving non-stop as she was not used to it, and she surprisingly could hear with both ears, it was very clear and comfortable feeling, however, what came next astonished her even more.

Her two closed eyes were unconsciously opened by her, she saw things for the first time, it was blurry for a couple of seconds before it became clear.

She didn't know what people looked like, she only had a rough idea, but when she saw the red-eyed man looking at her while smiling, tears flowed from her eyes non-stop, she didn't know what this liquid was so she touched it in a confused manner.

"Fool, those are tears" (Arthur)

He smiled at her while stroking her brown hair, she was still dumbfounded and couldn't react, her eyes were fixed on him contemplating his appearance, she soon turned her head to see a silver-haired person also smiling at her, Lucy already stretched her hand and held Saly's little hand to reassure her.

" *hik* thank *hik you.."

Saly cried while thanking both of them, she really couldn't believe what was happening, everything happened too fast and it felt like a dream, seeing both of them acting so affectionate and caring towards her and being able to see them, furthermore, she no longer felt pain from her internal injuries, how could she not feel happy?

It was literally the happiest moment in her life, tears flowed endlessly as she cried her heart out that night until she fell asleep in his arms, her eyes were swollen and her breathing was heavy but Lucy and Arthur knew that this little girl was overjoyed, they didn't wake her up and merely looked at her sleeping face, which seemed very peaceful.

Arthur already told Lucy what happened without leaving any details, however, he didn't put Saly into the bed and let her sleep in his arms as she seemed to like that, plus, it's not he disliked that either.


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