{Life play's a very strange game. It is difficult to understand when and how a deep relationship is formed with whom.}

Not very tall but not so short either.A strange height where she sometimes looks short and sometimes tall. Her long hair is dancing in the air and looks kinda fuzzy-wuzzy but surprisingly it gives an alluring vibe to her studenthood look. She looks like a kid but if anybody tries to give a deep glance they would notice maturity in her sharp bright eyes. She is running, pushing the crowd in the busy path of the road. She is breathing heavily but for the sake of her classes, as she is running, like her life depends on it, she is nervous and mumbling by herself repeating her words, "I'm late I'm late I'm late I'm late I'm late..."

{In this whole busy life most of us have a certain person whom we admire for no reason. Whether its friendship or love}

She took a break in front of her department building to support her lungs, slightly leaning her shoulders, masses with hands on her knees while complaining, "Ahh!! Why my classes are so far!!"

While dashing in the hallway towards the classroom she bumps into someone but without noticing that person she speaks her mind, "Oh I'm so sorry--"

She stops in the middle of her sentence looking at her childhood friend in front of her and screams with joy, "Junie!!!"

June also didn't notice her until then. But her scream made her notice. She said, "Yo-...Ohh!! Olivia!!"

Her eyes filled with joy. They hugged each other while June said, "Ohh, Olivia how have you been?"

Olivia replied pouting her fishy lips, "Good..but you don't even text me. I'm so mad with you."

While releasing each other after a long hug June answered, "I'm so sorry. A lot of things have happened and I also wanted to meet you. Shall we go somewhere else?"

Olivia certainly can't refuse her admirer, can she? A pair of deep brownish eyes in mocha brown hair with a leading introverted personality, always makes Olivia listen to whatever she says without any second thoughts. Olivia's heart was flattered but along with that, she was confused.

{I know it seems like June and I are close but actually, she is so vitreous speaking her mind or feelings. We are friends since kindergarten but still, I feel there's a lot more to know about her.}

{I'll rather give my puppy eyes to Edward for giving my attendance this semester. He likes me anyway. Because ignoring June is not even in the options.}

However, they went to a student's cafe. June started their conversations, "So how's your relationship with Dian?"

"We broke up last year," said Olivia.

"What?!!!" June was amazed. "But it was four years of you guys, wasn't it?"

"Yeah," Olivia answers. "But you know... it's better to leave the person than to lose yourself."

She replied those phrasal words with a grinning on the corner of her lips which was enough to make June wonder.

[1 year ago]

"Why are you making a scene for nothing?" A handsome young man was screaming. "She is my family friend how can I just refuse to help her?"

As he was trying to prove he was innocent while Olivia was sobbing. For a moment she tried to control her emotions and sneered. "Yeah right, Dian," She said. "Let's forget this and say what were you doing last week, darling?"

The person who was blasting his eagerness is suddenly lost for his words and started mumbling, "I-I was in-"

She didn't let him finish and completed the sentence for him, "A party?"

He was astonished by her words but continued, "I wasn't going to do anything for her birthday. But there were a lot of friends we had and she was having a-"

She interrupts and again completed the sentence for him using a romantic voice, "Dear, it isn't about you celebrating her birthday or spending the new year together it's just..."

She stops her words and looked at him for a while. Then she turned back and broke into her tears. Although she tried her best, in the end, she couldn't help but burst into tears.

She continued with her vulnerable tone, "You never even had the thought to appraise me. What's the point of having this relationship for more than 3 years when I hardly even know your friends and you know about my feelings?"

"Olivia....." He softened his voice to convince this already smashed heart but she didn't bring it.

Instead, she throws her word knife toward him,

"Let's break up."

Dian got shocked. "What???" he said. "Olivia, please calm down. I....."


"I didn't feel like even listening to him," said Olivia. "He would feel sad but I know I was just a burden to him. When I was walking out of there ignoring his words I prayed for him to realise his true feelings for that girl and stop getting hurt by others."

Olivia was smiling but without realising Olivia's tears dropped and rolled by her cheek symbolising her veridical love for Dian and making June speechless.

_________To be continued_________