Once A Spy, Always A Spy Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Once A Spy, Always A Spy


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Could you choose between a country you’ve found and built a life for yourself in, or would you throw it away for love? Sent as a spy to discover and steal the plans of a secret weapon being developed to change the fate of the world, young adult Emma Cytes is in charge of bringing them back. But what if there’s a single person holding her back? A glare always stuck on his face, CEO Zhao An is in charge of leading the new project his company set out to make a reality in hopes of future development leaping by bounds. Henry Combs is an assistant assigned to help Emma with her mission. Sent undercover along with her, his relationship with his female partner is something to be left in the past and a fight waiting to erupt in the future. Feelings kept under the surface, it’s only a matter of time before he lets them go. Two different guys with opposite ways in nearly everything, and Emma still has a mission to complete. Driven by goals of her own, she vows to compete the mission, but can live really overpower the goals she once had? Could she give it all away for one? Or will she follow the goals her mind has set and maybe have a future with the other?


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