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Once A CEO Wife


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How bad was it like to be separated from the wife he really loved just because she had accomplished her job to free him from that horrible syndrome he had suffered? That was what Mahendra, the sole heir of Wenceslas, exactly felt. He had just recovered from his post traumatic syndrome disorder. All of sudden he had to face the reality that his wife was taken back by her family forcefully, a daughter of a former aide of his family. She was not only taken back home, but there were a lot of mysteries lie behind the leaving of the girl he had married with a tight prenuptial agreement. Didn’t they always say; Miss Aruna would be the bet. Had he lost the bet? But, love had pierced deep in his heart. How to get her back? When he knew the fact that Aruna might face very bad luck if she was going back to him, he was estimating his steps if he needed to make sure to destroy the enemies of Wenceslas before taking her back. Behind his doubts and tiresome, that man was about to give up. shockingly Aruna came to him on her own will and proposed him an offer, she would be back to his arms on certain time limit. “I don’t need others. You often lift me up and then put me down. I’m tired of being treated that way. If you really want to come back to me, please love me completely”. Hendra smoothened her dress. That cute and beautiful girl left without turning back, leaving him her seductive scent. “Wait! Two months, alright?”. “Yes….”. she turned back and looked at him “Will I get something I never have as a husband for you?” Mahendra looked at her intensely. She nodded. “Come here and prove it?!”. Would Hendra be able to be a perfect husband for her when he was given a second chance for two months? Instead of trying to prove that he was a good man, he had different plans He chose to make that girl pregnant sooner before the time was over. Would he be able to chain that girl once again by making her pregnant? Or would she go back home for good? Enjoy the track record of Mahendra Hadyan Wenceslas, the new CEO of Wenceslas Group ____________________________ *** Follow My Book Dear ^^ *** Tale Of The Half-Blood Wizard The Half-Blood Wizard: Thief Of Time Stealing The Wife's First Kiss Once A CEO Wife Mr CEO's Beloved Wife Mr CEO’s Pregnant Wife ************************ Updates every day at (GMT+8) 07.00 AM ************************ #Meet me on Instagram: bluehadyan #Discord: bluehadyan#7481 #Translator: Lia

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