On your knees, my love Book

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On your knees, my love


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“You will be mine,” Yixing declared to himself, smirking. It just wasn’t in his character to let someone leave him like this. The Vermilion Dragon Book #2 When Zhang Huobai’s knee was hurting out of nowhere, his life changed to the total opposite. He kept to himself, and playing games became his favorite pastime. Then, he met Li Yixing. A person who was always cheerful and acting stupid despite everything that happened. And without even trying, he allured him. However, Huobai wanted to distance himself from everyone, including Yixing, who would not stop and seduce Huobai every minute of his life. But Yixing’s family will become the biggest hurdle in his life. Will he succeed in his seduction and win Huobai’s heart, or will the Li family destroy everything? Let’s go together and find out who will end up on their knees!


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