1 The 100th Blind Date

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Lian City, Liao Province, Hua Country.

Standing in front of Xingke Cafe's door, Chen Yan had a look of... despair.

As a person who had lived two lifetimes, he and blind dates were probably huge nemeses.

Forget about his previous life, it was already in the past anyway.

To think he was forced to go on blind dates again in this life just after he had graduated and entered the workforce.

This was the 100th blind date!

For him to be able to go on 100 blind dates, Chen Yan thought his mother's connections were seriously amazing.

But when he thought about the activation conditions of the system, he had no choice but to endure it.

That's right, Chen Yan was a transmigrator.

In his previous life, his dream was to be a police officer, but due to his health, his dream couldn't come true.

Later on in life, he became a detective and participated in many important cases.

As a result, he lost his life in a revenge attack by a drug dealer. He was only 29 years old.

With the regret of not having been a real police officer, Chen Yan closed his eyes.

When he opened his eyes again, he found that he had transmigrated.

On top of that, he had become an intern police officer!

To think his long-cherished dream that he could not fulfill for many years could come true after transmigrating, Chen Yan felt that God was treating him well.

Especially because the world he transmigrated into wasn't too different from his original world.

At least, there didn't seem to be much difference between the two worlds now.

His parents were still his parents, and his friends were still his friends.

It was just that some of the once-familiar names of places had changed.

At the same time, having transmigrated, Chen Yan had obtained a system.

The Strongest Police Simulation System!

Unfortunately, there was a condition he had to fulfill to activate the system -- to go on 100 blind dates.

Chen Yan had no idea why becoming a policeman was related to going on blind dates, but rules were rules and he had no choice but to abide by them.

Fortunately, he had a good mother who wanted to have a grandson as soon as possible. In less than a month, she had arranged 99 blind dates for Chen Yan.

Truly, his real mother.

Today was the 100th blind date.

It was also the last blind date that he needed to go on just to activate the Strongest Police Simulation System.


After walking into Xingke Cafe. he noticed a man and a woman at a table near the door who were introducing themselves to each other.

Looking further in, there were 15 tables, 8 of which were occupied, each seated with a man and a woman.

Don't ask Chen Yan why he knew that there were 15 tables just by a glance.

Anyone who had gone on 99 blind dates in the same place would know that place like the back of their hand.

"Hello, Mr. Chen. Table six has been reserved for you," At this point, the waiter had long known Chen Yan.

As this was his 100th blind date, Chen Yan had broken the record for having the most blind dates in Xingke Cafe.

Chen Yan nodded. "Thank you, the same, please."

The waiter knew that he meant he wanted a cup of mocha.

Table six was near the French window. It was in the corner and quieter, making it Chen Yan's favorite spot.

6:30 pm.

"May I ask if you are Mr. Chen Yan?" Chen Yan was drinking his coffee when he was interrupted by a slightly sweet voice.

The lady was wearing 10cm high heels, shiny black leather pants, a laced black shirt, and a white down jacket.

She was holding the latest iPhone in one hand and a purple LV handbag in the other.

Her hair was long and chestnut-colored, while she wore slightly heavy makeup.

She was about 1.6 meters tall, with nicely-curved eyebrows and an oval face.

Chen Yan, who had already seen the other party's photo, recognized the beauty in front of him.

"Hello, I'm Chen Yan," He stood up and smiled politely, "You must be Miss Song Zi. Please have a seat. What would you like to drink?"

Song Zi looked at Chen Yan in surprise, and her eyes lit up.

She had seen his photo before and knew that he was very handsome.

However, only after meeting him did she realize that not only was this man handsome, but he even made her feel lust.

He was about 1.83 meters tall, with fair skin, sharp eyebrows, and bright eyes. He had a long waist and broad back.

Song Zi took the initiative to reach out her hand. "Vanilla coffee, thank you."

After saying that, she sat opposite Chen Yan.

Chen Yan gently shook the pretty girl's petite hand, "Miss Song, please wait a moment... Waiter, a cup of vanilla coffee, please."

After telling the order to the waiter who was passing by, Chen Yan sat down as well.

"Mr. Chen, since it's a blind date, let's get straight to the point. What do you think?" Song Zi placed her phone and LV bag on the table and looked straight at Chen Yan.

This routine... Chen Yan was already used to it.

After a hundred blind dates, was there any type of person that he had not met before?

Song Zi could be considered very normal among the others.

Seeing Chen Yan nod, Song Zi continued, "What do you do? Do you have a stable job? How much is your monthly salary? Do you have a house? If you do, how big is it? Do you have a car? What car?"

Chen Yan nodded again. These were the standard questions for a blind date, and his answers were also his standard answers. "I just got a job. I'm a police officer, which should be quite stable. My salary is 4,800 yuan per month. My family bought me a house the year before last, it's 89 square meters. I don't have a car yet."

"A police officer?" Song Zi was slightly stunned, "Your salary is only 5,000 yuan?"

Chen Yan nodded helplessly, "The salary for being police is indeed not high, but we do have a year-end bonus of about 10,000 yuan."

He was still a trainee police officer. He had only been in the job for a month and was only told that there would be a year-end bonus. He had never received the exact amount yet, but there should be at least 10,000 yuan.

Song Zi frowned slightly. "Your salary is too low, and the house is too small... To be honest, if it weren't for your good looks, our blind date would've ended here."

Chen Yan was stunned. He knew that there were many people who coveted his body after experiencing a hundred blind dates, but Song Zi was the first one to say it out loud.

After a long while, Song Zi seemed to have made a decision. She looked at Chen Yan and continued, "How about this? Put the name under my house, and get your family to buy a car that costs 500,000 yuan. Then, we can get to know each other."

However, Chen Yan was a little hesitant and also quite confused.

Why should he put the house under her name? And also buy a car that costs 500,000 yuan?

"Hehe, why are you still hesitating when my requests are so easy?" Seeing Chen Yan's reaction, Song Zi suddenly sneered, "Sir, although my first impression of you is not bad, your financial ability is too poor. To think you're still hesitant to put the house under my name... A salary of 5,000 yuan a month isn't even enough for me to buy cosmetics."

Chen Yan was a little hurt.

Song Zi was speaking a little too truthfully.


The ringtone that suddenly sounded on the table eased Chen Yan's awkwardness.

"Miss Song, the coffee is ready. I'll go and get it."

Just then, Song Zi's phone that was on the table vibrated slightly as well. Hearing this, she nodded indifferently and picked up her phone.

Two minutes later, Chen Yan came back with the coffee.

At this moment, Song Zi was typing on the phone.

Perhaps it was because she heard Chen Yan's footsteps, but Song Zi pressed the power button on the phone, and the screen instantly turned pitch black.

Unfortunately for her, Chen Yan had long caught a glimpse of her screen.

Although due to the long-distance and small font of the text on the phone, it would've been impossible for anyone to see the text content under normal circumstances, Chen Yan was different.

Whether it was in this life or his previous life, he had a strange ability -- Freeze-Frame!

It was somewhat similar to having a photographic memory. With this ability, he could freeze everything before his eyes, just like taking a photo.

Then, he could zoom in on the photo and observe every detail carefully.

This was also one of the reasons why Chen Yan had been able to become a super detective in his previous life.

Therefore, he could clearly see the words that Song Zi had just typed into her phone.

"Room 3008, Tianhai Hotel, arrange for technician No. 88. 3888 yuan has been received."

"Room 908, Quanji Express Hotel on Kunlun Road, arrange for technician No. 12. 2888 yuan has been received."


This lady, no... Miss "leather pants" seems to have quite the story.

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