10 After Flirting, You Have to Take Responsibility

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When Chen Yan left room 888, he was running helter-skelter.

It had been just too embarrassing.

Yu Huizhen had sent Chen Yan a photo of his blind date last night.

However, having not slept for two days and one night, he had gone to sleep straight after eating. How could he be bothered to look at the photo?

In room 88, Chen Yan immediately apologized as soon as he entered, "Sorry, so very sorry!".

This was the first time Chen Yan was late for a blind date after going on a hundred of them.

"There was an accident just now. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting!"

Ling Yutong looked at the man who rushed in with some surprise.

She was actually very angry that she had been left waiting there for more than half an hour on her first blind date.

The reason why she hadn't left yet was to see if the other party was really as handsome as the photo that her second aunt sent her.

Then, she planned on scolding the other party before ending the first and last blind date of her life.

In the end, when she laid eyes on Chen Yan who had just rushed in, her initial anger instantly disappeared.

"Oh, oh... It's fine. I just arrived not too long ago either," Ling Yutong could feel that she was stammering.

It couldn't be helped though, the man was just too handsome!

"Wow, my second aunt is indeed biological, she knows my heart very well. Hehe..." A little person was cheering and jumping for joy in Ling Yutong's heart now.

To be able to meet such a top-notch handsome man on her first blind date, a girl who loved to laugh would indeed be luckier.

Chen Yan was quite surprised that the girl's temper was so good, "Miss Ling, I'm really sorry. I went to the wrong room just now. I'm very sorry for wasting your time."

"Oh right... what was the name of the lady just now... I've sinned!" When he suddenly recalled his actions in room 888 just now, Chen Yan's face flushed a little. He still didn't know what her name was.

"You must be Chen Yan. It's fine, I'm on break today, so I have plenty of time. What would you like to eat?" Ling Yutong handed over the menu. Her smile was impeccable like a porcelain doll.

At this moment, Chen Yan finally saw Ling Yutong's face clearly.

Her large eyes were like sapphire, reminding Chen Yan of a Persian cat.

Her eyelashes were especially long like butterflies fluttering. She had a typical Loli face that was slightly chubby, and her skin was fair and delicate.

Her hair was tied into two ponytails that drooped down casually, like a pretty soldier sailor moon who had walked out of a manga.

If the goddess in room 888 was seductive, then the beauty before him now was a piece of honey so sweet one's tooth would ache.

Since he had made her wait for half an hour for no reason, he could no longer fool around as he did just now.

Chen Yan took the menu, just like he had done in the previous one hundred blind dates... No, not the hundredth time.

Just like the previous ninety-nine blind dates, he started chatting with the girl.

Fortunately, Ling Yutong was lively and her crisp laughter never stopped.

Unlike the pretty soldier sailor moon who was giggling, Shen Yunyi, who was in room 888, was frowning slightly at this moment. She rested her chin on her hands, apparently deep in thought.

She was twenty-seven this year.

She was the CEO of her father's company and was one of the super-rich second generations in Lian City.

Her good upbringing, beautiful looks, and outstanding abilities made her have extremely high standards.

All these years, although the number of people who have pursued her could probably surround the coastline of the city, Shen Yunyi did not like any of them.

This was especially so after Shen Yunyi took over her father's company. Her pursuers were not only aiming for her, but even more so for the Shen Family's huge family business behind her.

Therefore, Shen Yunyi had stayed single all these years.

Though she was not in a hurry, her mother was.

Every day, her mother would hope that her precious daughter would bring a son-in-law back for her.

Every time she saw Shen Yunyi, she would pressure her into getting married as soon as possible.

Although Old Shen hadn't said anything out loud, he had been scheming with Shen Yunyi's mother behind the scenes. He had also found many young talents to wander around Shen Yunyi's office.

Her parents' actions in pressuring her to get married were so intense that Shen Yunyi didn't even dare to go home now.

However, Chen Yan whom she had met today had made her eyes brighten.

His looks were the least of his perks, the guy was just too handsome, to the point he could even be described as simply eye-candy.

Moreover, from his behavior and words just now, it was obvious that he did not want a girlfriend. He must have been forced by his family to go on a blind date as well.

Most importantly, he said that he was a police officer...

It was said that the police officers serviced the people. Now that the "people" was in trouble, it was only right for her to ask the police for help.

Therefore, Shen Yunyi had agreed to Chen Yan's ridiculous conditions just now.

Yet after he had flirted with her and she had even agreed to buy a house and a car for him, he ran away just like that?

"Humph! Running away after flirting with me? In your dreams! Chen Yan, right... Room 88, right..."


"Chen Yan, my second aunt said that you're a policeman," Ling Yutong's big eyes curved into a beautiful moon shape when she smiled, and her voice was sweet and soft. "Then, will you be in danger when you go out on missions? If we get married and you work overtime every day to go out on missions, what about me who's at home?"

Chen Yan:"..."

What the Hell? Marriage?

Had they even known each other for five minutes?

"Ahem..." After clearing his throat twice, Chen Yan smacked his lips and said, "This... Umm... Our work..."


The sound of the private room's door suddenly opening interrupted Chen Yan's words.

"Chen Yan!" Shen Yunyi strode in with her slender legs, looking at the two people in the private room with a half-smile, "Put 200 square meter house in the city center under your name and buy you a car with a million dollars. I've agreed to both conditions, so why did you run away?"

Chen Yan widened his eyes and looked at the graceful goddess, "... You... Why are you here?"

Ling Yutong blinked her sapphire eyes and said with an inexplicable hostility, "... Who... Are you?"

"Hm? You want to run away after flirting with me?" The corners of Shen Yunyi's mouth curled up slightly. She came to Chen Yan's side and glanced at Ling Yutong. "You're not being obedient. You just flirted with me and now you want to fool this little girl as well?"

Chen Yan, "..."

Who flirted with her? He really just went to the wrong room.

"Big sister, we're eating. If there's nothing else, please leave!" Ling Yutong's big eyes flickered. Although she didn't understand what was going on, she couldn't let the piece of meat that was by her mouth fly away.

Especially since the lady that had just barged in was a little too beautiful.

However, it seemed that she was older than her, so she had an advantage in this aspect.

Shen Yunyi ignored the little Loli and looked at Chen Yan with a sweet smile, "Chen Yan, even if you're a police officer, you can't just casually flirt with people, right? Your words back to you, you'd better learn to appreciate it!"

After saying that, she turned around and left.

Chen Yan, "..."

The pretty soldier sailor moon, "..."

"Umm..." Chen Yan stood up helplessly and looked at Ling Yutong, "Miss Ling, I have something I need to take care of. How about this... I'll treat you to a meal when I have the chance next time as an apology."

After saying that, Chen Yan couldn't care less about Ling Yutong and hurriedly left the private room, going after Shen Yunyi.

He had no choice. He was in the wrong, after all.

Putting oneself in her shoes, if one was waiting in a private room for the meal to be served, and a retard rushed in, then demanded one to buy him a house and a car, what would one feel?

To be honest, if it had been Chen Yan, he would have slapped the other party a long time ago.

Besides, what if the person had been waiting for their boyfriend?

Or even their husband?

He would be lucky if he wasn't beaten to death.

In the private room, the little Loli watched as the handsome man was "kidnapped", and bulged her cheeks with anger, "Hmph! So you want to run from me? I'm afraid it's not that easy!"


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