Omniversal Travel

A young man with a terminal illness dies and is reincarnated in the world of The Witcher as Vilgefortz Of Roggeveen,knowing the fate that awaits him,a new ambition is born within him,to unravel the mysteries of the Omniverse. The protagonist is someone who would do anything to achieve his goals,although he is serene and kind most of the time. This is my first fanfic and there will be no harem. sorry for the bad spelling but english is not my first language. Disclaimer:Most of the characters and stories do not belong to me. The various images are from official websites.

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32 Chs

Chapter 7:Evil Eye

Desmont, seeing that the spectral knights were gone, sighed and commented: "That group of witchers looked very fierce, who would have thought they would meet their end at the hands of the wild hunt."

Viltz, seeing Ivar's bloodied corpse lying on the ground, suddenly asked, "Can you help me remove their eyes?"

The old man looked at him quizzically and asked, "Why do you want their eyes?"

Viltz looked at Ivar's corpse again and answered: "My grandfather told me many stories about the witchers, he told me that they had cat's eyes that allowed them to see in the dark, I want to investigate the mutations of their eyes."

Desmont arched an eyebrow and asked doubtfully, "Research?Aren't you too young for these things?You haven't even started studying at the academy and you already want to start researching?"

"I'm just curious,they're already dead anyway. "Viltz replied unfazed by the old man's scrutiny.

"Since this is the first time you've asked me for something,I'll do you the favor."

The old man approached the corpses and began to take out their eyes one by one, putting them in a bottle filled with a green liquid,when he approached Ivar's corpse,he looked at the completely purple left eye with strangeness,but did not give it any more importance,putting it together with the other eyes.

"You're lucky I brought this nourishing liquid with me,it keeps the ingredients fresh,I was planning to put the flower inside.With this you can preserve those eyes for a year before they start to rot."

He passed the bottle with the eyes inside to Viltz,who grabbed it carefully,keeping it in his leather pouch,then approached the corpse of one of the warlocks,untying the sheathed sword he had strapped to his back,tying it to himself.

Desmont, seeing his actions, asked with an arched eyebrow: "What do you want to do with that sword, young man? Are you interested in fencing or something?"

"I just want to keep it as a souvenir," replied Viltz.

Seeing that it was already dark, the old man opened a portal and they returned to the inn.

Viltz, now alone in his room, went through his belongings, placing them one by one on the bed.

"Let's see,there's my diary,the notebook grandfather gave me,this silver sword,and lastly there's this."

He grabbed a bottle with a green liquid inside,inside the liquid were floating a pile of amber eyes,but he paid no attention to them,his gaze fixed on a sickly purple eye,looking at him with a big smile.

After admiring the eye for a while, he took out his journal and began to write.

"Today I obtained Ivar Evil Eye's mutated eye,which possesses the ability to show its user visions of other nearby worlds.

With this ability,Ivar Evil Eye was able to see a large number of worlds,where he saw how the wild hunt,an army of spectral knights,broke into these worlds to kidnap people to turn them into slaves,making him obsessed with them.

Ivar's obsession with these led him to confront them whenever he came across them, as had just happened this afternoon."

Viltz obviously wouldn't tell about the eye's abilities to Desmont,as the latter would surely take it from him if he knew how valuable it was.That's why he made up the excuse that he was interested in the warlock's eyes,using the other eyes as a cover so the old man wouldn't notice anything.

"When I enter the Ban ard academy,I plan to ask some experienced sorcerer to implant it in my left eye.If my guess is correct,if I use my magical powers I will be able to control the power of the eye,and it will not show me simple visions of random worlds like it did to Ivar.

If I manage to get hold of the Elder Blood in the future,I can use the power of this eye to focus on a specific world and then use the power of the Elder Blood to open a portal to that world,unlike Ciri,who could only open portals blindly without knowing if she would end up in a dangerous world.

But for now is not the time to think about how to obtain the Elder Blood,now the first thing I must do is to concentrate on my magical studies and absorb all the knowledge I can from Ban Ard.

In the meantime I will try to gain as much influence as I can among the new wizards."

With his plan now detailed,Viltz closed the journal, tidied up the bed and finally fell asleep.

The next morning, after breakfast, Desmont opened a portal leading to the place where they had been the day before.

As he examined the surroundings,he noticed that the bodies of the witchers had already disappeared,leaving as evidence of their deaths only dried bloodstains scattered on the ground.

"It looks like someone or something took the corpses of those witchers. "Desmont commented lightly.

"They must be monsters,if they were bandits they would simply take everything they had on them and leave the bodies on the ground. "Viltz analyzed.

"Very insightful,that means there is a monster near this place."

"But whatever,if he dares to appear before me I will simply kill him."

Then they headed north of the river to continue the search for the flower.

Hours continued to pass without finding anything, until suddenly Desmont saw out of the corner of his eye the outline of a flower near the river bank.

He exclaimed in jubilation and ran straight to the flower.

As he bent down to pick it up, a shadow came out of the river at an astonishing speed, pouncing on the old man.

Viltz, seeing this, exclaimed, "Watch out!"

The creature suddenly felt that it was frozen in place,unable to move.

The old man,as if not noticing anything,carefully picked up the flower and put it into a bottle with a green liquid.

When he finished, he raised his head calmly, looking at the creature with a mocking look and commented: "A little drowner dares to try to attack me? Look at you, a pathetic creature controlled by your instincts, I still don't understand why you creatures brought by the conjunction of the spheres are all so unpleasant to look at, you are all ugly, stink worse than dragon droppings and have less cognitive abilities than pigs."

The old man suddenly pulled a small dagger from his pocket and swung it at the drowner, making a circular cut across his skull.

Then he waved his hand,causing the drowner's upper half to split,revealing a gray-colored brain.

Desmont pursed his lips and said, "Look kid,it's like I said,it's got a rotten brain,that's why it acts like a mindless beast."

Viltz was speechless at the old man's behavior, not expecting him to act so eccentrically.

He could only nod his head stiffly.

The old man quickly got bored and waved his hand, sending the drowner flying back to the river.

As the old man and the young man disappeared from the portal, the pained roars of a beast in the river could be heard.