At dusk, a dilapidated and old pale yellow house car was traveling at a constant speed on a long and winding road.

For some unknown reason, despite being a road that usually had a fair amount of traffic, at this time, there was only one car on it.

Driving the car was a teenager of about sixteen years old.

The teenager had short deep blue hair and emerald green pupils, and although his features should have been very good-looking, he appeared emaciated due to malnutrition.


Suddenly, the old radio in the car started to play.

"It is reported that five days ago, the Guam coast was attacked by a mysterious marine creature, which kidnapped dozens of tourists and took them to the sea floor, but they were all rescued with the help of Aquaman."

"Three days ago, 24 bodies washed up in Gotham Bay. After the GCPD conducted an identity check on them, it was discovered that the deceased were from Bludhaven, and the masked vigilante Nightwing is suspected to be investigating the case."

"Last night in Gotham, as always, the Bat-Signal shone all night long. The only thing we know is that Batman and his assistant Robin destroyed seven gangs..."

"In Central City, former FBI agent Hunter Zolomon has made a major breakthrough in his investigation into the "Network." Does the legendary secret black market that has been hidden underground in Central City for many years really exist?"

"Furthermore, Star City... Boston.... San Francisco..."

"Two hours ago, the CEO of Metropolis' LexCorp, Mr. Luthor, once again expressed his concerns about Superman to the public. But we all know that Superman has saved countless lives and brought hope to this world, inspiring all of us..."

"Since the Justice League was formed three years ago, there has been no news of them recruiting new members."

"The above is a summary of this week's hot events. Thank you for watching and listening. The Daily Planet will continue to report for you."

"It really lives up to the legendary DC, there's no peace anywhere."

After the broadcast, Yuri couldn't help but sigh inwardly.

His full name was Yuri Sotos, to be exact, that was not his real name but the name of the body he inhabited.

This poor boy named Yuri was born in Keystone City, with extremely poor family conditions. His parents passed away when he was very young.

The only inheritance was this worn-out car produced in Gods-knows-when, which he didn't know how much longer he could drive.

For more than ten years, Yuri could only survive on meager relief money, barely avoiding starvation, and suffering from long-term malnutrition.

After his sixteenth birthday, Yuri immediately took the driving test and could earn a small amount of commission by occasionally helping to deliver goods to the ranch after that.

His mission today was to transport a batch of milk to the neighboring central city, with a reward of about ten dollars, which would earn him about six dollars after deducting the fuel cost, just enough for his living expenses for about five days.

Until recently, a strange soul from another universe took over Yuri's body, and the two souls merged into one, resulting in the current Yuri.

Unfortunately, Yuri in his previous life was not a fan of DC comics. He had barely read any of the comics and had no interest in TV dramas. He had only watched a few movies by Zack Snyder. But this was obviously not the movie universe.

Besides the movie plot and the information he read online from other people boasting, Yuri knew very little about this world.

The so-called future knowledge of a transmigrator did not exist at all for him.

Regardless of whether it's the movie adaptations or the boasting of online fans, they all indicate the same thing: the DC universe is extremely dangerous!

And from the countless news reports that Yuri heard after getting over to this world, and from what little he can remember; the destruction of Metropolis, the complete devastation of Bludhaven, and the massacre in Coast City were all a possibility. Who knows when he might be suddenly swept up in a great war.

Some even say that in this world, you might suddenly experience a flashpoint reboot while walking down the street and disappear without a trace.

It took Yuri several days to reluctantly accept reality. He couldn't refuse it even if he wanted to. He was here now and he couldn't go back. He didn't even know how he got here in the first place.

Life must go on, fortunately Yuri is a resident of Keystone City, adjacent to Central City. As one of the safest cities in the United States, and with the protection of the Flash. He shouldn't have too many problems living a peaceful life.

As long as someone doesn't cause trouble...well...it should be...probably...okay?

Yuri ended his wild thoughts and glanced back through the rearview mirror. He was the only car on the road at the moment, so he didn't have to worry about being stopped and robbed.

Although there was nothing worth stealing on him, what if a female thief was attracted to him? What if she set her sights on his milk?

Thinking of this, Yuri couldn't help but shudder. It was too terrifying. This place was not suitable for a long stay. He had to hurry into the city.

Yuri wanted to step on the gas and speed up, but after seeing the sad amount of fuel left in the tank, he gave up on this immature idea.

After driving for a few minutes, he could vaguely see the silhouette of a bustling city in the distance. That was his destination - Central City.

As he got closer, the entire appearance of the city, known as the gem of the Midwest, gradually became clearer.

The sky was getting darker, and from Yuri's point of view, the sun was setting behind Central City.

The residual light of the setting sun shone straight down through the city's silhouette.

The light was not too strong, and Yuri could easily look directly at it, capturing the beauty of the sunset scene.

Even a tiny black spot on the surface of the sun could be seen clearly by Yuri. The black spot was probably a circular sunspot, and it was getting bigger and closer in Yuri's vision.

Wait a minute!


Yuri looked closely and realized that it wasn't a sunspot in the sky, but an unidentified object falling towards him!

Judging from the direction of the fall, the object would pass about ten meters above Yuri.

It was moving extremely fast. At first, it was just a small dot on the horizon, barely visible, but in a matter of seconds, it was only a few hundred meters away from Yuri.

However, just as the object was about to pass over the old car, and was even level with the front windshield, its flight path suddenly bent from straight ahead to straight down!


A normal person's reaction time was not fast enough to do anything at this moment. Yuri could only watch helplessly as the unidentified object smashed through the windshield and landed on the passenger seat.

Only then did Yuri's reaction catch up with the situation, and he instinctively slammed his foot on the brake.


After the harsh sound of the brakes, the old car stopped in the middle of the road.

Yuri checked the condition of the passenger seat, expecting the unidentified object to pierce through the entire car. But there was a hole in the seat where the object landed, revealing the structure of the old car's chassis below.

However, the seat was intact, with only a metallic, spherical object added to the cushion, well... it was metal...

Suddenly, the spherical object opened automatically, revealing the item inside.

A uniquely designed wristwatch.

The dial had a green hourglass symbol, with black filling on either side and four evenly spaced green dots on the edges. Below the dial was a green button.

Unlike a normal wristwatch, its band was much wider than the dial, entirely black, and with a white stripe on each side.

Looking at the watch, Yuri's pupils gradually dilated.

He wasn't familiar with DC, but he knew this thing!

It was the Omnitrix, a 20th-level technology from the "Ben 10" series.


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