Omniscient Reader

Only I know the end of this world. One day our MC finds himself stuck in the world of his favorite webnovel. What does he do to survive? It is a world struck by catastrophe and danger all around. His edge? He knows the plot of the story to end. Because he was the sole reader that stuck with it. Read his story to see how he survives!

싱숑 · Urban
Not enough ratings
551 Chs

Episode 50 - Dokja’s Story (4)

A strong hand grabbed my shoulders. I reflexively turned my body and punched out. There was a thud and my fist was caught in a big hand.

「 (Oh, did you come to fight?) 」

The darkness was lifted and a white face was revealed.

「 (I saved you once before. You must've already forgotten.) 」

It was a face I knew. Even... it was someone I killed.

"Why are you here?"

「 (...Are you really asking because you don't know?) 」

It was an ambiguous face where it wasn't clear if the person was male or female. It gave me a feeling of incomprehensibility. This presence shouldn't be here.

"Nirvana Moebius."

A long time ago, he was eaten by the Fourth Wall.


What happened to the beings who were eaten by the Fourth Wall? I had this question from the first moment the Fourth Wall ate something.

「 (It is as you can see. This is what happened.) 」